Simply Be…

Waking up and breathing in the newly created day,
imagination runs wild with visions of possibility.
Aware of my own self and my part in this creation,
Moving with my own purpose at hand…
To be the best me I can be.

Doing what comes naturally, I simply am.
Many will read far to little, or far too much,
into that innocent notion.
And yet, I can’t help but wonder why?
We’ve have been told who we are from the beginning…

Many teach it a different way, causing doubt, fear,
desolation, and even the need for repentance.
I assure you, though, that is not it…
The way is vastly less complicated…
We’ve been told it’s more child-like…

So be who you are, there’s no need to fear…
Harming none, respecting all,
as the many great sages of old have taught.
Embrace your potential, Divine in your birth,
Glory and Honor await your recognition!


The love of my life…

Looking in your eyes today,
I saw baby staring back.
You are so grown up, now,
and such a joy to behold!

It seems like forever
since you were young, just a babe,
but there’s my little one
looking through your eyes…

Sometimes, I tend to forget,
because you are so grown,
how vulnerable you are.
How you still look up to me.

I would take your pain, if I could.
Protect you from sorrow and strife.
Make your life perfect, flawless.
Spectacular…but it’s not up to me.

You have to find the courage within,
to seek out your dreams.
Have faith in yourself…
because you are amazing!

I love you, my child, more than you will ever know.
All I can do is hope you learned something of value
during your time with me.
Something that can get you through your life here.
It isn’t always easy, but it can be you joy.
Only you can make those decisions…

But if I could…I would…

Love the “Doing”

The first words of a truly fantastic sentence, “I love the thought…” catch us all anticipating what it is we will “love.”  It’s magical!  We can ponder all kinds of lovely things…for example, we can love the thought of…

spending time with my children.
making a special dinner for friends.
staying in for dinner with my honey.
watching the stars.
relaxing in a hot bath.
sleeping late.

Or maybe something a little different…

planting a garden in spring.
a swim in the hottest part of Summer.
making snow angels in the yard.
bicycling, walking, running or dancing…something active…
taking pictures of those trees as they turn magnificent colors in the Fall.

Or maybe something extreme…

moving to a warmer/cooler climate.
running a marathon.
bicycling cross-country.
hiking the Grand Canyon.
backpacking through Europe.
taking a trip to Fiji…

I think you get the idea.  There are literally thousands of things you could “love the thought of,” but what about actually DOING them?  Yes, these seem like simple things, but how many times do we make excuses for not taking action on our simple, lovely thoughts?  Truth be told, when we make excuses, we are wasting our lives…there is SO much we could do…but to do it, we actually have to get out there and just DO it…(Reminds me of the old Nike slogan!).

What are we seeking to do when we “love the thought” of something?  Usually, we feel bogged down, in a rut, overworked, under-appreciated…drained…depressed.  I heard a wonderful teaching by Trevor Isley that pointed out when we are depressed, we are “low in spirit.”  So, again, what are we seeking when we “love the thought” of something?  To feed our spirit!  AND, if you can find something “fun,” you can rejuvenate!

Most of the things that would feed our spirit, thereby supporting our soul, don’t cost much, if anything…And, the things that you want to do that do cost money, well…start saving for it…Plan ahead for the big things, but learn to be spontaneous for the little things!

At the very least, don’t waste any more of your life just loving the thought of something…Make your journey spectacular!  Live your life!  Make time to love DOING the things that make you truly happy!

Learning something new…

For whatever reason, I’ve been called to my computer, logged into this account and am searching for the words to say.  Usually when I am called to the computer to write, the words are pretty much already there.  One of the things I have found about blogging is that it is extremely therapeutic…and I get answers from what I write.

Before I had first-hand experience with the spiritual, I was a professional picture framer.  I loved my job and I was good at it.  When I first got started, I was self taught, and a bit young.  I would not tell someone I didn’t know how to do what they wanted me to do for them, but about 3 days before the project would be due, I would dream about how to do it, and viola!  I would be able to do the job perfectly!  This happened to me MANY times, during the first of my career.  After a while, the Great Spirit had trained my brain, while I was asleep, to just think in that way, and I never had a problem.  It was amazing, really!

Picture framing was all I knew, as I had done it for 20 years, literally my entire adult life.  My husband, who was in the music business (for an  independent label), had delved into the world of alternative media, and desperately wanted to try his hand at producing a radio program.  A producer’s spot came open with one of the shows he listened to and he took the job.  That meant leaving the comfort of our friends and family, and a job I had done all my life, and moving to an unknown town and situation…we prayed about it first, and got our sign…so we went.

The experience was humbling for me.  I had to find a new job.  The town was very small and there was a frame shop in it, but it was not busy enough to warrant hiring someone, even with the skill level I possessed.  So, I started looking elsewhere.  I applied at grocery stores, banks, even Wal-mart, but no job.  Up to then, I had never applied for a job and not been offered it…NEVER!  I was in a weird place.

One day, I was driving around looking for places, looking for that “sign,” just talking to Our Creator about my job hunt…Not complaining, mind you, just talking, and I drove past the prettiest nursery I had ever seen…and it had a HUGE sign, “NOW HIRING.”  I had ZERO experience with plants at that point…Really less than zero…sure, I had a few and sure I planted stuff in the spring, but if it died, I hadn’t a clue…if it lived, I hadn’t a clue…I drove past it thinking, “Gosh, I wish I had experience with that!  It looks like such a beautiful place!”  I am one of those people who talks to myself, too…and I talked to myself, and to Our Creator, the whole drive home, not even bothering to stop and apply, as I had NO skills.  Yet, I could not escape the thought of the place.  The “conversations” on the drive home were very enlightening!  Don’t ever let anyone tell you this is no way to accomplish something!

I pulled into my driveway…walked inside, didn’t even put my keys down, turned right back around, walked back to my car, got in it and drove back.  I applied for the job…and got it, to my amazement!  THE best job I have ever had, in my life…and a turning point, as well.  It was this job that brought me to alternative medicine.  It was this job that opened another world of “stuff” to learn and do…And, it was THIS JOB that connected me on an even deeper spiritual level with the Divine within me.

I have moved on, but I find myself looking back on that time with very fond memories and also planning a future that will include a nursery of my own some day.

The conversations I had with myself and God?  Well, those are a bit different, you see.

With myself, I talked about the opportunity of just having a job, and how it would not hurt me to at least try for it.  After all, not everyone who gets into something new knows all about it at first.  After all, that sign I had asked for could not have been any bigger!  So what would it hurt to at least apply?  All that could happen was I wouldn’t get the job.

With The Divine, it was something to the affect of, “God, now you know I am willing to try anything, but this?  Really? You do understand I have LESS THAN NO experience, right!?!”  and God answered back, “Yep, this, really.  Just do it.  I wouldn’t give you something that you couldn’t do.  I am with you always, and would steer you wrong…Just do it!”

My Spirit came alive doing that job…and that life, and Spirit, grow stronger and stronger with every passing day.  Different opportunities and different learning experiences come along, both professionally and spiritually.  I have met some of my dearest friends by taking this path…and I would not trade one minute of it for anything in this world…

Loved One…

Know your heart and search your soul.
Find the thing that makes you whole.
Have no fear in moving on.
Find, within, what makes you strong.
Hold on tight to all your dreams.
Nothing is as awful as is seems.
Stay in touch with the Divine.
You will find your way in time.
Never forget just who you are.
Your acceptance of that will take you far.
You are deeply loved and truly adored.
By the only one that matters, Your Blessed Creator!

Only Today…

Sometimes you only have today
to make your feelings known.
There will not be another chance,
and then all will be gone.

You may have just one second
to convey what you hold inside.
Yet, so many of us are timid,
and we let our chance go by.

We sit around and wonder, “What if?”
And our mind begins to race.
“Just what ARE we waiting for?” and
“Did we just make the biggest mistake?”

Today is all you’ve got, my friend,
I’ve heard somewhere along the way.
So do not waste another second,
let the “cards” fall where they may!

Another day…another dollar…

A man I worked for many years ago used to say that at the end of a rough day.  If he said it once, he said it a thousand times.  He is optimistic and quite a nice fellow.  No matter what happens, he has a good attitude and he does his best.  He has been through some stuff, too…he was in World War II, his youngest son was murdered at a young age, he built a couple of businesses up from nothing, was very successful, and had a reputation for fairness that was unmatched.  In short, he is one of my heroes.

He semi-retired, at age 86, only to start something new…making violins…from scratch…yes, that’s what I said!  They are beautiful and he makes every single piece.  He is a pattern-maker by trade, you see.  The last time I heard, he had made 25…One of which was played by Charlie Daniels and another by Doug Kershaw.

In short, J Fred Lytle is amazing.  He was married for about 68 years, has 8 children, and I am not sure how many grands and great grands…last I heard on the great grands there were 25, but I do believe there has been at least one more since then.  He is now 93 years and still going…

My parents, also my heroes, are retired (although they are not the age of Fred), as well…and they, like Fred, never stop.  I have heard my mom and dad say they have no idea how they found time to work, they are so busy now.   My parents took up woodworking, as well as card making and other neat new projects, as well as gardening and keeping up with a 7-acre place in the country, which they have always done.  They love to travel, but they do things a bit differently…They LOVE to camp.  So…when my parents, both artists in their own right, and both photographers, decided to take their extended vacation to Alaska., they did it the only way one could possibly expect of them…they drove and camped…yes, the WHOLE way!

They have traveled the US over, but never to Alaska or Hawaii.  When their opportunity came to take this vacation, my mother was 64, my dad, 69.  My mother took awesome photos, they saw things most of us will never see, and had the time of their lives…They were gone for 3 months.  They came for a visit on their way back home and dad said it was tough getting used to the dark at night again.  He said that when they got up to Alaska, he didn’t have to use a lantern once.  Oh yeah…and today, they have been married for 52 years!

Still another one of my heroes is my sister.  She is a nurse, has bought an amazing house, and adopted a rather high maintenance dog.  But that doesn’t get her down.  She is doing things her way, as well.  She decided she wanted to do things most people don’t.  Last year, she went on her first great adventure…Walking rim to rim of the Grand Canyon.  She is truly unbelievable.  And the other amazing thing?  Our Uncle went with her…Yes, they walked rim to rim of the Grand Canyon together.  What an wonderful time for them to get to share!

She is not retired…Her next big feat?  Running a marathon.  She is up for it and very excited.  What will she choose to do next?  Who knows, but I do know this…she isn’t slowing down any time soon!

Speaking of my Uncle, he is a doctor.  BUT, he has taken up pottery making now that he is close to retirement.  So what, you say?  Well, turns out, he is incredible!  He has made some outstanding pieces and they are stunning!

So, what can we learn from these fascinating people!

Life is too short and there is NO time to waste…when you are tired of doing something or just don’t enjoy what you are doing anymore, reinvent yourself!  Make the most of every minute…don’t settle for second best…always strive to learn something new… never give up, indeed, be the best you can be…ALWAYS!

Beautiful March!

What a beautiful first day of March…clear skies, sun is shining, air is crisp.  It is simply beautiful.  This winter has been a cold one here in the Mid-West.  We are looking forward to Spring.  Looking forward to the rebirth of our area and the life blood of the planet flowing freely once again.

As you watch life unfurl before you, don’t take it for granted…It’s magical!  Take this opportunity to look at this new season as the rebirth of a whole new you, if need be.  As the plants awaken, let your own soul awaken…Become, outwardly, the you you keep hidden…

Consolation of My Soul

Consolation of My Soul
Debbie Lewis, 1/2010

I cast out my net of dreams,
full of sorrows and holes.
The tide takes hold of my despair,
pulling it out to sea.

Farther and farther it floats
on the glistening, moon-stained water,
until it is no more.

My net, filled with the remnants of who I was,
searches for something to fill it.
Something that doesn’t mind the holes.

The moon smiles down
as the tide nips at my ankles.
The sand chases itself around my feet
and runs back out to sea.

The waves sing me a lullaby
as I drift off,
but only in my mind.

Standing on the shore,
The Moon hears my distress
and bathes me with its healing glow.

Deep within,
as deep as any ocean,
My Soul is found.

It’s not damaged by the current events,
but resting for the excitement to come.

Stretching and unwinding,
My Soul surfaces again
to the melodic beat of the waves.

As the sand races across my feet
one more time,
The Moon assures me that my sorrows are all gone.

It invites me to test the waters,
but beckons me to wait until morning,
so the Sun can watch over me.

The Moon pledges
that she and the Sun will guide me through
So my net awaits, knowing it will be whole again.

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