In silence we sit and mourn our loss,
even though we know not what’s missing.
Life passes us by while we try to keep up,
with those all around us who “worship” things.

They seem so happy, we think to ourselves,
so we collect what they have, and think we’re ok,
never understanding our greatest treasure
cannot be bought, sold or acquired.

It’s been with us all along…

Yet, we never acknowledge Its presence,
never hear Its cry for freedom.
It’s held in bondage as we seek
the material in a material world.

Our potential is there, but suppressed.
We never figure out that without It,
we will continue to silently mourn,
continue to struggle in vane.

And we struggle on…

Each of us must come to our own reckoning
of what truly frees our soul.
For that is where our truth lies…
That is where our potential will sour.

And we can then become what we desperately seek…


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