Simply Be…

Waking up and breathing in the newly created day,
imagination runs wild with visions of possibility.
Aware of my own self and my part in this creation,
Moving with my own purpose at hand…
To be the best me I can be.

Doing what comes naturally, I simply am.
Many will read far to little, or far too much,
into that innocent notion.
And yet, I can’t help but wonder why?
We’ve have been told who we are from the beginning…

Many teach it a different way, causing doubt, fear,
desolation, and even the need for repentance.
I assure you, though, that is not it…
The way is vastly less complicated…
We’ve been told it’s more child-like…

So be who you are, there’s no need to fear…
Harming none, respecting all,
as the many great sages of old have taught.
Embrace your potential, Divine in your birth,
Glory and Honor await your recognition!


My “Lord’s Prayer”

In Spirit & love,
We come before you today,
Precious Mother/Father Creator;

Thank You for this glorious day,
Thank You for the people I will encounter and
for those whose lives will touch mine.

Thank you for the blessings in my life today,
My Family,
My Friends (who are also part of my family),
The food that will nourish body, mind and soul,
The courageĀ  to face my challenges,
The Faith to know you are always with me to surround me,
My Strength in the face of adversity.

Today, please use me as a vessel of love and encouragement
from which others can draw,
And let my soul reach out and caress others in need.

Let Your Light and Love rain down on all who desire you care,
Today, and forevermore…

Freedom to Be

There is much going on in this world here today.
And many are hoping it just passes them by.
Governments and people disrespecting each other,
and everyone suppressing their urges to try.

True freedom’s a gift, not given by man,
yet some feel the need to control and demand.
We are brothers and sisters, here on this planet
and this journey of ours beckons us to understand.

One by one we CAN accept our differences
and respect that which makes us unique.
Today we must shed our hatred and fear,
knowing these differences make our world tick.

We are one human race, what affects you affects me,
and so on it goes, till we stop hurting each other.
One thing of great note, that we must recognize,
No one can be free while suppressing another.

Divine Artistry

Seasons change in a whirlwind of colors.
As the earth prepares to quietly slumber,
some greens fade to yellow and orange and to red.
Some transform into a brilliant burgundy.

As leaves tumble gently down to the ground,
the sky somehow seems clearer, the breeze crisp.
The beautifully shaded flowers blooming for Fall
mesh perfectly with the brightly colored pumpkins.

As Fall slips away, making room for Winter,
colors give way to sharp contrasts of evergreens
against crystal blue skies or brilliant white snow.
Simplistic, yet brilliant, pictures with few colors.

As Winter draws back, Spring’s varied colors return;
The rebirth of Nature in its magnificent glory.
Leaves and buds unfurling, stretching out to the sky,
as once-barren plants awaken in a sunny, warming glow.

Spring gently pushes Summer to take its place,
with even more breathtaking color, warmth and life.
Mother Nature dances, unceasing, through each changing moment,
as we look on with amazement at her staggering beauty.

Many take for granted the exquisite nature of Earth.
Yet with each passing season, its own beauty abounds.
And try as they might, artist cannot recreate its
meticulous texture, color and elegance.

And so the canvas of God lies in waiting…

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