The Perfect Prayer

How do we know
what it is we should pray,
to make sure the world
and its people are safe?

Not all want the same
types of things and emotions.
Not all want the same
type experience or notions.

Yet we all think we know
what would make us all happy.
And we pray for that.
but it never proves to be.

If our happiness we lay
in the hands of our Creator?
Our Creator knows all
and His will is much greater.

Why do we struggle
to find the right tune
when all that’s required
is to say a short, “Thank You!”

Embracing thankfulness
We could really go far,
Be all we can be,
Swing on the stars!


Nearer the One

As I open my eyes,
once again,
I see all the possibilities
that lay before me,
and realize,
they have been there all along.

The glare of what I thought was blinding me
fades ever so slowly,
and the scales drop from my eyes.

There it is!
That’s what I have been searching for!
Why didn’t I recognize it before?
Was I afraid?
Did I not think it was possible?
What was I thinking…or was I thinking at all?

Maybe, before,
they were never really my own thoughts.
Maybe I was clinging to the familiar,
even though it didn’t serve me,
even though it suppressed me.

It is now my time,
as old thoughts are tossed aside,
and I make my way, for the first time,
through the muck and the mire
that has accumulated,
My goal lies clearly ahead…

I can sense it,
I know what I am to do.
Putting my faith in the only One
That has ever made me whole,
I move forward,
to my Destiny…

The Bigger Picture…as I see it

Why do we fight?  What causes countries to want to go to war?  Why do people, including kids, bully others?  What causes such negative behavior?  Why CAN”T we just accept each other’s difference and move on?

It isn’t that I don’t understand the people of a nation or country standing up for what they believe.  I get that, but for one country to come in and tell another what they will do is just…wrong!  Especially through war!  Our goal, here, is not to dwell on the political, but I suppose we were going to get around to it sooner or later!

My question is that if we have been on this earth for thousands of years, why have we not learned that war is not the answer?  If we are to truly call ourselves civilized, why are we so controlling?  Can we not see that someone is going to lose, big time (and I don’t necessarily mean governments!?  As living, breathing human beings, don’t we care about that?

So the United States, England and France have entered into the fray in Libya.  It wasn’t enough that we, as a nation, cannot get out of Afghanistan and Iraq, we need to go into yet another country.  The rebels in that country were having troubles, yes, I get that.  They were standing up for what they believe, which is the first step in taking back your country, as a people, to make a change.  I get that.  But, it seems to me that bringing in outside troops always ends badly for everyone.  Collateral damage is almost assured and what will be accomplished?  What as accomplished in the US “war on terror?”

Whether or not you believe the “official” account  of what happened on September 11, 2001, the fact remains that, yes, there were just under 3,000 killed in the World Trade Center attack on 9/11.  Since then, however, according to the website AntiWar, there have been 5,950 American Military deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq, reported in various reports.  This doesn’t include the deaths of coalition troops.  The “conflict,” since we can’t actually call it a war, since congress didn’t declare a war, has been going on since 2001, 10 years now.  The Iraqi casualty count is estimated to be more than 1.4 million.  Doesn’t that seem like “over-kill” to you?  With all our technology and military intel, we can’t seem to keep from mounting such astronomical numbers of deaths?  That doesn’t even include the destruction!

Now we are sending troops into Libya.  Yes, it is supposed to be very short lived, but then again, so were many of the conflicts that saw massive numbers of deaths of US military forces.

In my humble opinion, this seems like a “brain-dead” approach to what is going on.  If the other nations in Africa see Qaddafi as a threat to the continent, why don’t they take up the cause?  After all, I would be all for protecting the rights of people in another state in the US if one governor became an iron fist dictator.  If Qaddafi is that much of a threat that someone needs to step in, why not the people that live over there?  Why the US, Britain and France?

While we are at it, what is a “peace-keeping,” “anti-war” organization such as the UN doing organizing troops to go into Libya?  Why do they have their own “troops?”  Again, a “brain-dead” way of looking at things, in my opinion.

When will we learn that violence only leads to more violence?  Is it that hard to figure out?  I will admit that when I was younger, I thought war was a necessary evil.  The older I get, though, the more I realize just how destructive it is…and what does it accomplish (besides the death of hundreds of thousands of our armed forces)?

So, when do we learn the lessons we are trying to teach our children about bullying?  What happened to the notion of loving your brother as yourself?  Why is it so hard to figure out that people are inherently different?  And, while we are at it, what is so wrong with that?

Let’s “Plug In”

It has been my experience from all the research I have done and all the “playing around” that our human bodies are most definitely electric.  I can sense energy surge and rescind.  I can feel the energy in an electrical storm…and during sessions where more than one of us is using Reiki, the power is unbelievable and my body craves it.

Many would tell us that we are “possessed” or evil or satanic for believing in such energy.  It’s not possible.  Many also believe what Jesus did in the Bible was a form of energy medicine, and yet when you talk about it in the main stream, people look at you like you are wacky…Yet, Jesus said of all the miracles and things he did that we would be able to do that and more, if only we believed.

I spent much of my younger life in church, as most from the Bible Belt do.  I learned a lot, including that if the church doesn’t understand something, they suppress it or call it evil…of the devil…

The bible also tells us that we are all brothers and sisters and that, in the end, we will be one people.  We know the Universe is alive and it, also, is electric.  What is static electricity?  Just one example, I know, but what about the “radiation” from the sun?  What about the moon’s effect on the tides?  There is power in our Universe.

The Field, by Lynn McTaggart, tells use there is an energy field all around us.  In fact, scientists still have no true idea where our memories are kept.  Also, another thing that we know works is prayer, a positively charge series of thoughts sent out into the universe to “find” and help the one we are praying for.  You also know that you do not have to even be in the same place as the person you are sending the positive energy.  Those of us who practice positive thought, or prayer, know the power of it.  BUT…what is the current it follows?  It would have to be the “Field” around us…The Universe!

So, how do we “use it?”  My suggestion is for us to simply quit denying what many of “feel” and just plug in!  As a very wise Native American man said…think it, say it, do it…It’s basically the same thing as what is in “The Secret.”  Just remember, you do get back what you sow…so…do what you do in peace, harmony and love…Just think what we could accomplish if all of us came together for the better of all mankind in peace, harmony and love!

Only you can answer that…So…What do you want to accomplish?  Have true faith in who you are and…Think about it, say it and then get busy!

It’s Time

Walkinturle had a surprise guest on her radio program tonight.  A fellow called in to talk with her as she covered for another host.  The programs on her station are very informative and usually cover either politics or current events.  During the second hour of the program, tonight’s surprise show took a turn for the Spiritual.  When the caller suggested she contact a Native American living in Canada, the show took a deep spiritual turn.  Our Creator works in mysteriously wonderful ways.

Walkinturtle is very spiritual anyway…in fact, she is amazing.  She was not supposed to be on the radio tonight, but when the regular host did not show up (she suspects that him being from Ireland and it was St Patrick’s Day may have had something to do with that!) she had to take over the program.  Can’t have dead air in radio!

She and her surprise guests, Hugh, talked about all of us living in a truly humane way, that we are all connected and if we would just live in harmony, help each other when one needs help, and love each other, despite our difference, how much better a place Earth would be. Walkinturtle said we need to get back to and learn the old ways.  (She has always said that, wise woman that she is!)

At the suggestion of Hugh, Walkinturtle phoned Mr Whitehorse Standing, ans he took things a bit deeper.  I can hear many a mainstream church-goer gasping right about now.  To the surprise of Walkinturtle and her listeners, who had tuned in to hear a program on political issues, Mr Whitehorse Standing spoke of all of us as Spiritual beings, energy.  Our energy is thought, word, deed…think it, speak it, do it.  Some of us have heard something similar, but not put quite this poignantly.  Mr Whitehorse Standing is an Elder…He went on to say that everything was created in Love and in complete harmony and holism…and that We were one with Creator and Creator was one with us.

He spoke of many other things before his short time was up, but he agreed to come back to speak more truth and teach more of the old ways.  It was a truly amazing hour.  And it is about time someone said these things.  It is time to return to the old ways.  Respecting one another, helping our neighbors, having a sense of community and pride.  Taking care of each other.  In fact, it is way past time!

May we realize, before it is too late, that we are all, indeed, connected, that we are one with Our Creator and that each of us deserves the respect and love of all.  That it is better to strive for and live in peace.  That we are, and can be, a blessing to ourselves, each other and this planet.  Our purpose awaits…so what are we waiting for?



What a B-E-A-UTIFUL day!

Today is just beautiful!  There is almost no clue it snowed just a couple of days ago.  BUT, what is even more amazing is what you can feel deep in our being, especially as we approach Spring!  Excitement at seeing the wondrous plant life emerge from their deep slumber…smelling the heavenly aroma of different scents that can awaken our senses…intimately interacting with the earth again…tasting the magnificent things we can grow, with Earth’s help…Truly witnessing creation before our very eyes!

Was we, ourselves, arouse from our Winter hibernation of sorts, just think of all the things to do ahead of you…It’s enough to make one positively giddy!

If you are too busy…well, you need to make time to enjoy some time out side this Spring.  Swimming, hiking, bicycling, gardening, softball, baseball, walking or simply sitting out on your porch and taking in the beauty.  And, there are multitudes of things to do, so there really is something for everyone!

Take time to smell the flowers is not just some clever saying designed to make us feel good…It is telling us to slow down and take some time to enjoy life…after all, a life spent wishing you had done so-in-so is not a life lived!

Be blessed, and remember to spread your blessings!

Here’s hoping

Late Sunday evening, snow fell all over Mid Missouri and did not subside until later Monday evening.  While there were some clear “blessings,” no school in some areas, a chance to play catch up as the snow caused some to fore-go running errands, we have already had a taste of warmer, sunny weather…and we want more!

During the few days of nice weather, many people could be seen readying their gardens, cleaning their yards and porches, just making ready for Spring and the warmer weather.  While we in Mid-Mo, as it is called, are looking for highs in the upper 60’s and mid 70’s the next few days, we are also being told that our snow-woes are not over yet…And, while I do look for the blessing in all things, what I am looking for now is WARMER WEATHER!  Well…here’s hoping!

Don’t forget to send positive thoughts to the people of Japan…While you are at it, why not just extend that positivity to the entire world…Be blessed, yourself, today, and always!

Blessings in small packages…

It’s snowing again, here in the Midwest…after a few days of pleasant weather, it is snowing again.  I thought I had  just about had it with the snow…don’t get me wrong, it is beautiful and peaceful, but…

It turns out that because of the snow, I will be able to catch up on some work that I have needed to get done, but couldn’t find the time.  “How does snow do that for you?”, you might ask.  I don’t have run errands, so I can “concentrate on the task at hand.”

SO…the next time something comes up that seems to be an annoyance, try finding the blessing in it!  Oh, and, don’t forget to send you positive thoughts, prayers and energy to Japan and her people!  They are going to need all they can get!

May YOUR day be filled with many unexpected blessings!

Pray for Japan, the World

Yesterday was a fog…seeing the utter devastation in Northern Japan seemed so surreal.  Holistic Poet, Walkinturtle and I followed the devastation via the news, but also the USGS Earthquake reports.  Apparently, Japan had been “rocking and rolling” for a few days before the devastating event.  Seeing the massive damage, all I could do was send prayer and positive energy that way.

That started me to think about simply sending the positive energy out to the world.  There are things going on everywhere, maybe not as deadly or destructive, but still devastating.  Why don’t we all focus our energy worldwide, with a concentration for places and people we know need it?  It doesn’t take that much time to do, just in case time is an issue…

Be aware that “I” am not the only one in the world…Be aware that people are suffering from so many things these days…here, and abroad.  My dad always said that no matter what, “there is always someone in the world that has it worse than you.”  Sure, you can be sad for yourself, but what if instead of sulking in the sadness, we decide to start basking in thankfulness for what we DO have?

Here is an exercise; next time you are feeling sad, try to think of 3 things that you have to be happy about.  Let them fill you up.  Let that help you work through your sorrow.  After all, not everywhere just experienced the devastation that happened in Japan.  Most of us still have a place to stay out of the elements.  Most of us can look out and not see the destruction all around our cities.  Most of us still have a safe way around our area.  Most of us will not have to depend or rely on someone else as we move through the next few months of our lives.  Most of us did not just lose our family members, houses, living in an 8.9 magnitude earthquake.

Yep, I know it sounds “simple-minded,” but what does concentrating on the sadness get you?  Might as well do something positive for yourself…and the world!

Beautiful Sunshine!

Why is it that the sun seems to be shining brighter after the months of Winter?  It shined during Winter , I know it did, because I remember it.  BUT…there is just something about the sun when it is preparing the earth for its revival…The sky seems to be a richer blue and even the trees and grass notice!

We should use this time as a time to rejuvenate ourselves.  Start now, preparing mentally, to “come alive” with the Spring.  Plan to do some things that are new to you…or bring back old things that brought you joy.  Most of all, get out in the sun and feel the energy all around you.  Bask in the sun’s glow and in the reviving life all around as we slip from Winter to Spring…

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