New Years Introspection

I have often wondered why so many people love the ritual of making a New Years Resolution when they seldom, if ever, keep them.  Don’t worry, as I could never keep them, either, and stopped making them a long time ago.  This year, however, the idea of doing a sort of introspection instead of resolution popped into my mind.  Simply put, find out what does and doesn’t suit me, what I like or don’t, what I need to “make over” and what I don’t, and maybe this will help me make some changes.

Taking an inventory of what you do and don’t care for takes all sorts of honesty.  Why?  Because, in all honesty, we have become so settled in our way of thinking, we don’t pay attention to how we truly feel!   We are so comfortable with “the way things are,” we’d rather just continue down this path of fake tranquility, hoping that, at some point or the “right time,” things will change.

The truth of the matter is that we need to be proactive in our own lives.  If something doesn’t suit us, we need to do it differently.  If we don’t like something, we need to put the effort forth to change it.  If something needs to be made new, we need to be willing to make it over.  And yet, we aren’t…oh, and don’t worry, I am talking as much to myself as I am to anyone reading this.

There is much to like about “comfort” and much to fear about the unknown.   At least with comfort, we know what we are getting…even if it doesn’t make us happy.   With the unknown, we have no clue what might happen.  Could be good, or it could turn out bad…but if the comfortable is already unsatisfying, why wouldn’t we venture out into the unknown?  That new territory could hold such potential!  It could bring us everything we have ever desired…and maybe more…but only if we are willing to cross into the unfamiliar.

So, this year, instead of making a list of resolutions that have little chance of getting crossed off that list, why not do some personal exploration?  Observe what is going on within your own life and make an accounting of things that make you happy and things that don’t.  And, don’t rush the process…take your time.  Truthfully evaluate each thing you find.  Can you do something about it?  Can you change it?   Maybe there are other questions to consider…If we could really approach things candidly, what would we find out about what makes us happy and what doesn’t?  If we took the time to learn, would we possess the courage to pursue our happiness?  If the going got hard, would we be willing to stick it out?  If that proved to be intolerable, as well, would we be willing to make another venture forth into the unknown?  After all, that really IS all what matters.  Our own willingness to change our own lives…our willingness to go after what makes us truly happy…think about it!


Changing Your Perception

In the Bible we are told not to ramble on when praying.  We are to say our piece and get on with our lives.  Short, precise words are the ticket.  The more confusing the prayer, the more chance that it can be confused!  That’s not to say Our Creator would confuse that, but if you, like many others, believe your power is in your thought, then confused thoughts breed confusion of action!  One of my favorite spiritual teachers and authors, Ernest Holmes, taught that thoughts are things, and when put out there are acted upon.  To change your situation, you need to change the way you THINK about it.

Some of us wonder why we are in the positions in which we find ourselves.  “What did I do to end up like this?  God must really hate me for this to have happened to me.”  Sometimes it is over the death of a loved one.  Sometimes it is a financial situation.  Sometimes it is a relationship.  Sometimes it’s a loathed job.   Why do we automatically assume God had anything to do with that?

There are a couple of things we must understand.

First, you only control you…You cannot control the thoughts, decisions and deeds of another.

Second, Our Divine gave all of us free will.  We each have the ability to act and react.  And, again, we have the responsibility for ourselves.

Thirdly, we either take control of our lives or we don’t.

At any time we feel ready, we can start a journey of discovery to find out how we came to be where we are in our lives.  If we find ourselves in a particularly rough spot, we need to ask ourselves some particularly hard questions.  But we MUST be honest to get useful answers.

What decisions did I make in my life to bring me to this particular place?

Is this place in which I find myself beneficial in any way?  Are their lessons needing to be learned?

Can I make a new decision right now to change the course of my life?  Will I follow through on that decision, once it’s made?

Am I willing to make a new determination, at any time, if the previous one proves to take me in a wrong direction?

Again, remember, you are only responsible for you.

Many times, before a long journey by car, I visualize the entire journey to my destination, the drive, the potential stops, and the arrival, usually the day before I am to leave.  That visualization is comforting, as I see exactly what I want it to be.  We can do the same in our lives.

Maybe you are unsure what you want to lie ahead of you in your earthly journey, but you can visualize calmness in your decisions and spirit.  You can realize that whatever comes up for you is an opportunity, either to grow or to change a thought or decision for a better growth.  Throwing your hands up in the air in despair should never be an option.  Why?  Because THAT is the condition you are putting on your day…despair.  That is the thought that goes forth from you and becomes something.

Many people meditate and others pray.  Others believe in energy and others believe in other things.  There is no wrong way to go about your desire to see results, except one, hurting another expression of Our Divine.

The key to getting where you want to go is to simply start…Many teach to pray without ceasing, and like I have said before, the more you think positive thoughts, the more you will find your mind just goes with it.  It becomes automatic in your subconscious.

As an expression of Our Creator, you are a blessing to humankind that carries a piece of Our Creator inside your very being…Do you understand how awesome you are?  Better yet, do you understand the power you possess?  Go into the world every single day knowing you have the power to change your life…Live your expression to the fullest.  If you find yourself on a path that is distasteful, unproductive or brings loathing, change your perception?  You CAN make that change.

May the many blessings you seek be a catalyst for your upward growth and may you relax into these blessings and allow them to fill up your life and heart.  May you always carry the love of our Blessed Creator with you and wear it proudly…May your love of Our Creator shine forth so brightly that those around you have no choice but to take notice…With Divine Love in our hearts, we truly are the ones we’ve been waiting for…Much love and light to you…

Look, Listen, Learn

Everyone and everything has merit.  Just because you don’t get it or understand it, doesn’t mean there isn’t a message or lesson to be learned.  Even when things seem bleak there is always some knowledge that can be acquired, especially if you just take a few minutes to look for it.

Some people seem to be a waste of our time, but, have you ever truly wondered what their journey has brought them?  The life lessons of someone else could save you a whole lot of trouble!  Older people have experience on their side, while younger people have a fresh perspective.  Plus, you cannot know what insights someone else has just by looking at them.   BUT, people also perceive things differently, so someone else’s experience might not match yours.  And that is a lesson, as well!

The these “teachings” might have to do with joy, happiness, peace or patience.  It could be humility or compassion.  It could be contentment or mercy…or, it could be acceptance and love.  The truth is, you will never know if you aren’t open to it.  There’s always something to be learned.

And…sometimes YOU are someone else’s lesson…life’s not all about you…there are others sharing our planet, others having similar experiences and others linked to our journey.

The bottom line is, be open to the possibilities to learn something in everything you do, also remembering, you may be the chosen one to “teach” someone else…and even through all of that, you might be surprised what you learn!

Spiritual Appetite…

We’ve all heard the saying, “You are what you eat” (and some us of reflect that!!!), but have we ever considered that with regards to our spirituality?  What if we modified it to “You are what you pray?”

Do you pray for the good of the person for whom you are praying, or do you pray selfishly?  Do you think positive thoughts for people (another form of prayer!), or are your thoughts self-serving?  Once, one of my friends admitted she was praying against what I wanted because she did not want me to move forward to the next phase of my life…She wanted me to stay where I was…How do you think Karma affected that situation?  I did get my desire to move forward, by the way!

AND…if you will pray/send thoughts like this for a friend, how, spiritually, are you treating those you consider your enemy?  What does the Bible have to say about that???  Matthew 5:44 says, “…love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those insulting you and persecuting you…” and why?  Because what reward is there if you love only those who love you…How can you grow, if you do what is “safe?”  The bible tells us that, too…it also says Our Creator sends both sun and rain to the good and evil…but for us to be perfect, as Our Creator in heaven is perfect.

We’ve talked about praying and meditating so much that it becomes SO routine that your subconscious actually thinks positive thoughts on its own…but, likewise, we can “train” our subconscious to think negatively, as well…And that will come back to bite you if you are not careful…Remember Karma…what goes around comes around???

I challenge you, today, to start a campaign for the positive…if you catch yourself thinking negatively about someone, or even something, find something positive to think for the situation, no matter how small…before you no it, all your thoughts will be positive and your Spiritual Appetite will be more than satisfied!


Someone said start over
any time, anywhere
and I’ve taken it to heart,
my own cross to bear,
But the past keeps bleeding
over into the future.
Now if I could stop that,
Might get where I want to.

Until one day I realize,
as I start once again,
I am stronger than this,
and my soul starts to mend.
The clearing I see,
not too far ahead,
is beautifully bright,
not filled with dread!

The fear that I hold
in the palm of my hand
is unrealized,
drifting away like the sand
on a beach with the water,
chasing forward and back
I find that courage
isn’t something I lack.

My future, I find
is steady and sure,
if I keep my head clear
and keep my thoughts pure.
So I can move forward
knowing I can still win
my future’s unknown,
it’s truly unwritten!

Playing to Win!!!

I’ve been doing a WHOLE lot of soul searching…You see, my “day job” puts me in touch with lots of people who absolutely believe that prophesy in the Bible is set in stone…cannot be changed.  With 2012 right around the corner and the seeming devastation, both economic and weather related, people seem ripe to believe we are doomed…DOOMED, they tell ya!

Well…what is the purpose of creation, if it was doomed from the very beginning?  It reminds me of the no-win scenario in Star Trek’s Kobayashi Maru.  In this instance, I will be using the philosophy of Captain Kirk…I don’t believe in no-win situations…So where does that leave us???

I am of the mind that prophesy can be changed, if people understand what is at stake and act upon it…We can change the future for the better…BUT…People need to understand a few things…As in:

We cannot hope to be a better “human race” if we continue to oppress others…and it isn’t people in other countries only oppressing their own…The sooner we reconcile what we do to others right here (and abroad), the better (From the Federal Government on down to each individual)!

We cannot hope to be a better “human race” if we cannot learn to take responsibility for our own actions and stop foisting them off on others…

We cannot hope to be a better “human race” if we cannot learn to “love our neighbor as ourselves”,  PERIOD.  That doesn’t mean you should want to “hook up with” or marry everyone you come across…That means a deep compassionate concern for the welfare of others…EVEN when they are not nice to you.

We cannot hope to be a better “human race” if we do not strive to do better in all things…Yes, ALL THINGS!

And, one more thing…We cannot hope to be a better “human race” if we continue to dwell on the negative…negativity is a drain on all of us…it breeds negativity.  We can’t absolutely ignore the negative, but we can acknowledge it and then we MUST focus on the positive if we hope to make positive changes.

Sooo00…It seems the ball is now in our court…What we choose to do with it is ultimately up to us…And, by the way…I DON’T play to lose…I planning on WINNING this!

Pondering the Possible

My work in the real world brings me in contact with all kinds of skeptics…literally, people who don’t trust each other and don’t care to try.  In politics, as in religion, health and any other part of our lives, there will be skeptics.  There will be those who will not trust and will not bother to even try to get along.  They will not look into something that opposes what they believe, even if it might be enlightening for them…but what if we did?  What if, despite EVERYTHING, we were actually truly free to express our thoughts without the possibility of being labeled a kook or wacko or whatever?

I had an interesting conversation with my mother last night about gay rights…something I honestly NEVER thought I would hear my mother talk about.  The daughter of a very respected former preacher, I let her say what she had to say, and realized, she actually DOES understand some very major things…it gives me hope.

Likewise, on my last visit to see my parents, my dad made a comment that took me so aback, it didn’t even register with me until just a few days ago.  I have been thinking about it since he said it, but literally, it took nearly 2 weeks for me to accept that he actually said it…another sign of hope…My parents are in their late 60’s early 70’s…and believe me, you could have hit me with a baseball bat and it would not have phased me like these to conversations.

So…do I dare to dream that mankind may actually be awakening to the possible acceptance of all humankind and it’s diversity and many forms of spirituality?  All I can say is, I SURE hope so!

While I cite the Bible a lot, as I feel it has great passages, there are great teachings in other spiritual paths, as well.  I know I have discussed this before, but who are we to say which of these other spiritual paths is wrong?

Religion is man-made out of a shear desperation to understand who we really are and why we are here, on this planet…what is our purpose?  How are we to figure all that out, though, if we have one or another religion shoving their idea of “perfect” down our throats and refuse to look farther?  Truth is, we can’t!

The one thing I can say is that through all my reading and studying, there is one thing that runs through most all teachings…love for our fellow journeyers.  Make no mistake, we are on a journey.  The attitude and path is up to us.  If we choose to put down our fellow journeyers because we disagree with what they understand and stand for, how do we expect to grow?  This is not to say that you have to agree with every different position out there, but how can you even know you might agree if you aren’t willing to at least listen?

We are all created equally, remembering Genesis 1:26, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness…” and, apparently by this very passage, are very like our Blessed Creator!  That being the case. we all have something of value to say…

I am hoping that from this day forward, you will open your hearts and minds to those whom you perceive as being different from you.  Not that you should accept every word they say at face value, but give it some thought!  What if in their thoughts and ideas there is a lesson for you that you are totally ignoring?  How will you ever grow if you deny your lessons in life?

Meditation/Prayer for the new season…

Today is the first day of Summer…the Summer Solstice…Many people in alternative medicine tout cleansing your body during every season.  What about rejuvenating our spirit and soul with every season?

So many times we simply overlook that which literally carries us from one moment to the next.  Sure, our health does that too, but we ignore that as well!  Why do we do this?  (Trust me, this message is as much for me as it is for anyone else!)  What is it in our make up that allows us to overlook the most important things about our own selves?

Today, as the season changes, this is my wish for all…

Blessed Mother/Father Divine, creator of all things living,
thank you for this wonderful life you have entrusted to me,
thank you for all my friends and family, near and far,
(since we are all connected, that includes every living thing!).

May we awaken to the Divine Wisdom you have placed within our soul.
With knew eyes to see and ears to hear, may we behold all the joy and beauty
You have bestowed upon us.

Help us to realize that by not making our own decisions,
we HAVE made a decision,
and that the consequences, both good and bad, are ours.
Guide us in the taking charge of our own lives so that we may realize
our full potential and not someone else’s.

With our new senses, please help us to see and hear those in need
and to reach out for them.
In doing so, may we not only touch their lives,
but allow them to touch ours…

May our every journey in life begin in thanksgiving for what you hope to accomplish through us.
Help us to overcome our fear and sorrow,
leading us to a better understanding of what we can accomplish,
if only we are willing to try.

Please bless those lives we are not able to reach,
guide them through their burden,
give them peace of mind.
Comfort their sorrows and lift them up in their joys.

Bless those who have given over their lives to seeking your greater good,
that they be guided on their journey, as well.

May we all learn something of value every day of our lives,
and dedicate our lives to a better world, the betterment of all humankind,
realizing that in doing so, we are actually helping ourselves…

Help us to know that we are not here alone,
that there are others who could, and would, join us,
and we CAN make a difference in this world.

May we see that every day is a blessing and that even if the days go “badly,”
there is a lesson for us in it.
Show us that by embracing the lesson, instead of ignoring it,
we grow…

Help us to realize the gift of infinite love You have given us,
and to know that, while some may act against us in ignorance,
Ignorance is not our destiny, nor should it be our crutch.

Thank you for the opportunity You have given us
to be an expression of Your love for all living things,
and help us to realize that by ignoring this opportunity,
we are ignoring our very purpose.

May we proceed on our journey with true love and compassion
for our fellow being and lift them up when we can,
fostering a sense of trust, not only in ourselves,
but for all humankind.

May Your Divine presence be with us today, and always,
and my your love, light and blessings carry us on our journey…


Moving forward, ever so slowly,
we seem to always be searching,
and yet never finding,
our truth.

Minutes turn into hours, into days
and then weeks.  People tell us
what they think we want
to hear.

Little do we know what we long for
has been inside us all along.
A Gift from the One who
loves us…

Truth is, we know the truth, but
are afraid to embrace it
for fear it may not approve
of us.

Only problem is, we are the ONLY ones
who have to approve…
and we cannot  seem to
accept that.

Drowning in our own self-made sorrow,
we turn, pitifully, to another,
someone else who has given up,
turned away…

Blind and deaf, we chose to move,
yet all along we have been given
eyes to see and
ears to hear.

We are better than this…
We all possess within
the power to do great things
and to be GREAT!

It is time we quit wasting time
and precious energy
and become who we really are
’cause wasted time just isn’t good enough
for who we really are;
the child of a MIGHTY Creator!

Your Life Begins Anew…NOW!

Are you tired?  Depressed? Feeling poorly?  Mentally unclear?  Generally dissatisfied with what is going on in your life?  Let’s take an opportunity to do a little “Soul Searching,” shall we?

There are many things going on in today’s society.  There are many things that society expects us to accept.  There are many things that friends, parents, teachers, government, religions and others expect us to accept.  One thing is clear, though.  If you pay attention to your own self, you will KNOW what does not serve you.  You will KNOW what does not jive with your own spirit…and you will KNOW what does.  That being said, sometimes we DO know what is affecting us, yet we are afraid to rid ourselves of the familiar.

What does our “true self” tell us?  The first step is to take in all you really KNOW about your situation.  Next, decide what you can and cannot “live without.”  Then start “cleaning house.”  This is an ongoing process.  Things are already there, but things always “come up.”  Is someone in your life holding you back or down?  Why?  Is their “opinion” more important than your own…about you?  Is something holding you back?  Emotions, perhaps?  Are you scared of making mistakes?  Scared of being alone?

Most of us are happy with the status quo because, even though we don’t like it, we are comfortable there.  So, while we gripe about it, we are not willing to change it and experience something better…the unknown.  BUT, by accepting the status quo, we also do not grow, personally or spiritually.

It comes down to this…It’s all about choices.  The answer lies in the question, “What am I willing to accept?”  Are you willing to accept the status quo?  Are you ok with the feeling that something in your life is not as it should be?  Are you happy in your sadness, your misery?  Do you like not feeling well?  OR…do you sense there is something more out there?  Something that WOULD make you happy…IN this life?  Are you willing to reach for it?

Let’s try a neat experiment…getting “in tune” with our true selves!  Spiritually, what is expected of us?  That one is very simple…To love and show love.  Pretty easy!  By actually showing love for ourselves,  and each other, instead of searching out something to dislike, we can transform ourselves!  It doesn’t really matter what someone else thinks of you.  The only true thought is what you think of yourself!  The world is full of people who have embraced something false…and those people will try to put you down for their own gain.  You cannot let them hinder who your really are.  You cannot let them dictate to you who you can become.  You cannot “give them charge” of you life.  And it is NEVER to late for you to take charge of your own life…NEVER to late!

So…starting today, who do you want to be in YOUR life?  What do you want to do?  Starting today, be the best you YOU can be…The choices are all up to…YOU!

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