Battle between light and shadow

Sometimes Life casts shadows
on unsuspecting fools,
keeping them in dark places.

We worry, sigh and hide,
unsure of things to come,
as darkness nods and laughs.

“I’ve got you now, you careless dolt!
You’re scared to venture forth,
content in my dreary deep!”

Just then, someone comes along,
seemingly on purpose,
sent to pull us from despair.

Moving, slowly, one foot out,
“It’s warm in this light!”
The other foot follows.

Basking in the phosphoric glow,
it feels good.  Safe…
free from the gloomy dusk.

Peeling off the shadows
that seem to be relentless,
light illuminates every inch of our soul.

The shadow wanders on,
enraged by being cast off,
vowing to return…some day.

Light smiles at its conquest
of the shadow’s murky deep,
and radiates brighter still.

Light knows time is not fixed.
It, too, could be retaken,
yet, its luminescence burns on.

And, just for this day,
the victory is won.
All is right, once again!


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