My New Year’s Wish

May our new year be filled with the deep kind of joy that we can only get when we realize that we are loved beyond measure and that Our Divine Creator is with us always…and that we are joined together in spirit.  We are all connected and so should be sending love to all. When one of us does well, all of us benefit, even if it is just on the spiritual level, which is, after all, the best level!

May you find comfort in knowing that you are a blessing to Our Creator. May the blessings of Our Divine clothe you always, prop you up when needed and carry you through your journey…You are Your Creator’s child, so bask in that realization. Let the new year begin, bringing with it all the new and exciting adventures for the next chapters in our journey…Peace, joy, love and happiness to you all.


Because You Crossed My Path

My life has been blessed
because you crossed my path.
I cherish those seconds,
though you might not even remember.

There is something so divine
about encountering another sacred soul.
At first, we may not realize
just how special this person is…

In fact, in some cases,
we may find them contemptible.
Yet there is a deeper plan,
a deeper lesson to be learned.

Still, in other cases,
this life force perplexes us
for other unknown reasons,
and we contemplate the encounter.

Some stay, and we absorb them
into our own psyche, making them part of our whole.
Some move on at times that seem most inconvenient.
And we are left to mourn what we have lost.

And, sometimes, it is us who does the leaving,
moving through life, searching for our own truth.
We, each of us, are on our own quest…
A splendid journey into our unknown.

There are bound to be times we come across
someone who will not finish our journey with us.
Some will only travel a short distance, and
others will be those who are with us to the end.

I cherish all of the blessed ones.
And while some may linger,
just for a while, it matters not,
Because I learned something from each one…

A Thought for the Season…

May the Joy of the Season not be lost on “this season” alone, but shine brightly every day of your life.

You are MAGNIFICENT, and not just because your friends and family think so, but because Our Creator says so…don’t lose sight of who you are in this massive universe.  No matter where you are in your life’s journey, YOU still have MUCH to contribute…and we are all, including Our Creator, looking forward to it!

May love, light and many blessings surround you always…

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