It’s coming…

For several days now, I have felt something stirring my Spirit.  It’s definitely there.  Is it my next Spiritual awakening, or a nudge to “pay attention” to what is happening around me?  I’m not sure, but something is happening and I know better than to ignore it.

Most of my adult life has been a series of people, situations, “random meetings,” and even information and books “falling in my lap,” helping me learn something new and exciting or make the next decision.  To say my life has been “guided” is a bit of an understatement.  From my marriage, children, our moves around the country, my interest in alternative medicine, the re-awakening of my Spirit and Faith, the illness alleviated by an amazing simple cleanse and the interaction with the Divine Creator because of it, and the path my life is taking now…I would have never thought I would be “here” right now.  I don’t believe in coincidences, but that everything happens for a reason and not until you are ready for it.  Sometimes I want to rush it, but in the end, I know better.  If I am waiting, there is something I haven’t learned so that I can move to the next phase…

I am not scared of what I feel, but I will say, it will be exciting, whatever it is going to be, as the “lesson” has NEVER disappointed!!!  Is there something out there for you that you are ignoring???


Trusting Who You Are

We all know that some days are FAR more trying than others.  Sometimes it seems the day will never end and the “trial” can distract us, even to the point of second-guessing other decisions we’ve made.  The “trials” can cause us to feel depressed, on edge, and sometimes even worthless!  But that just is not the truth!

The truth is that you are a perfect expression of Creation and Our Blessed Creator is right there with you, all the time.   If you allow it, the power of Our Creator will fill you up and help you through the day.  You don’t have to go it alone!   Our Creator also gives you the power to change things, if you don’t like the way they are going.  You have free will to do that!  The decisions you make are not written in stone…Choose another path, do something different…the possibilities are endless…the only limit is you, and YOU are AWESOME…and THAT is what you have to realize about YOU!

“Eye Candy”

The beauty of the season surrounds us
as we move to and fro.
Here and there we pass,
taking in sights and smells
once far removed as our world slumbered…

As we appreciate
the artistry that can’t be matched,
violets, deep purples, yellows, white,
so many shades of green,
pinks, magenta, even blues
replace drab as this planet emerges.

So much “eye candy” as earth reawakens,
stimulating our inner soul,
and our mind and body accord,
inviting all to come and play,
reviving from their hibernation!

Taking Charge…

What a mess we find in the world today!  Death (more like murder!), destruction, depression…devastation…Mostly man-made!  Many of us may say, “What can I do about it?”

There are more than enough things that actually ARE preventable.

Many of the illnesses we have today could be prevented by better nutrition and less tampering with agriculture and the water supply (the affects of fluoride and chlorine on the thyroid).  We could avoid so much by stopping some of our medical practices (There have been several studies that show especially Type 1 Diabetes (and here)  is related to some childhood vaccines, as well as many cases of autism stemming from mercury in the vaccines.), not to mention the many illnesses caused by the many side effects of many prescription drugs on the market today and other illnesses caused by our medical industry.  It hurts my heart every time I read of things like these happening!

We could also avoid a lot by just getting back to an older way of life…with less conveniences.  I can hear the chorus of shouts against THAT, but are we really willing to give up so much just so things are “convenient?”  Some of us like to garden, and I understand that others don’t.  But, you do not have to garden to reap the benefits of fresh produce!  Go to the Farmers Market, so…growing your own food isn’t something you’d have to take on unless you wanted to!  But, we could get away from so much processed foods and actually cook meals at home!  In the hectic lifestyle to which we have grown accustomed these days, we need to find ways to relieve stress, and cooking is actually one of those ways!  Wow!  Two benefits making  one change!  Remember way back before virtually everyone had computers and cell phones, much less phones that could put you right on the internet?  People actually got out and did stuff…met their neighbors, played ball with their children and sometimes even had neighborhood gatherings…Today, people would rather text or e-mail than actually talking with someone on the phone!

As for war, it’s time we figured out that war doesn’t work…all it brings is death, disability and destruction…Just how long will it take us to learn that???

So, what do we do about all of that?  After all, we don’t declare war, Congress does that…We can’t make that decision…Well, you can do something about it…pay attention to what is going on.  If your congressmen and women are more interested in war than resolution, maybe you need new representation!  You can take care of that starting at the local level, and move that action all the way to the federal level.  Do you think the “Tea Party” is the only organized bunch of people that can affect an actually change in representatives?  Of course not!

The point is, you have to be present in every aspect of your own life and cannot simply live by default!  Get out there and protest what you don’t believe in!  Make your views known!  Research things that are important to you!  Get to know what is going on around you.  It is up to us to take care of things, get involved, get active…in everything!  Just think of what we could do if we became active in our own lives…actually had our say!  It is ultimately up to us to take charge…so let’s do it!

Only Today…

Sometimes you only have today
to make your feelings known.
There will not be another chance,
and then all will be gone.

You may have just one second
to convey what you hold inside.
Yet, so many of us are timid,
and we let our chance go by.

We sit around and wonder, “What if?”
And our mind begins to race.
“Just what ARE we waiting for?” and
“Did we just make the biggest mistake?”

Today is all you’ve got, my friend,
I’ve heard somewhere along the way.
So do not waste another second,
let the “cards” fall where they may!

My Prayer for today…and everyday…

We are asked to be in continuous prayer and I am so very glad we are.  BUT, even then, how do we pray for everyone in need, even when we don’t know they are “in need”?  Sooo…here is my prayer for today:

Blessed Mother-Father Creator of my life, the world we live on and all things living,
Thank You for Your Presence in my life.  I am transformed because of it.
Today, as every day, there are those who are in need of your Divine intervention.
Some I am acquainted with and know about, some I don’t.
Please help all those seeking Your intercession, today, for whatever reason.
Thank You for the Divine Spark which You have placed deep within us all.
Until we awaken to, and learn to use, that Eternal Help,
Thank You for Your guidance and strength in our time of need.
Blessed be to all living beings on this planet…
Let Your Will be done…

What is Love…

I am one of the fortunate ones who’s parents are truly a “match made in heaven.”  Growing up, I don’t think I saw my parents fight one time.  I remember maybe once, my mother did get a little irritated with my dad, but that was it.  My dad literally adores my mother and my mother loves my dad with every fiber of her being.  My mom and dad are truly the perfect couple!  They enjoy spending time together, they have very similar interests and they are very supportive of the other in all that they do.  From that relationship and what my dad taught us in Sunday School, I have learn a lot about what love is…and what it isn’t.

First of all, love is patient. kind, never boastful, doesn’t envy…Yep, nearly straight from the Bible!  Doesn’t make it any less true.  Sometimes, one takes a while to mature and have patience, though, I have learned…but it is a good guideline!  As for kindness, there is no leeway…just kindness…no need to be ugly or angry or rude…just kind!  Love doesn’t have to be boastful.  When you love, truly, people know it without question.  And…if you envy, is that love?  Of course not!

Lets just look at it this way…If some one loves you, they will not do things to harm you, they will not ask, or expect, you to do things against your nature, will or ways, they will not take advantage of you in any way and they will not treat you with disrespect.  They will not ask you to change and they will not intentionally do anything that will harm you in any way…period!

I had a long drawn-out conversation with a Christian friend of mine about Our Creator and love…I argued the point that Our Creator was the epitome of Love.  Our Creator was not an angry, wrathful, jealous God.  He argued that God was indeed wrathful and jealous and would smite you for being a sinner quickly.   He was certain there was no where in the bible that described love as I saw it…Well, there actually IS!  I Corinthians 13!

By now, I am sure you are asking yourself, “What the heck does this chick believe and is she crazy?  The bible says all over it that God is wrathful and jealous!”  Let me just put it right out there for you…I believe the bible has many good lessons in it…but I do not believe the bible is the ONLY book with such lessons and I surely do NOT believe Our Creator gave us the Ten Commandments and then described himself as an angry, wrathful, jealous God!

Well…as a parent, as is Our Creator, I cannot believe that we were created with free will, but considered by the very Creator that gave us free will “sinners” for “choosing wrong.”   I gave my children some free will, and while they might make a decision that I might make quite a bit differently, if I let them choose, how can I consider them horrible for choosing differently than me?  Is that to say they haven’t made mistakes in their choices?  Sure, but then so have I!  I’m not perfect…except in the eyes of Our Creator…

As for sin, I do not believe we are born sinners.  People have said all my life that we were born of original sin…Really?  Wasn’t it part of the Creation Story that we should go forth and multiply?  Hardly a sin to procreate!!!  While we are at it, if you want to consider wrong decisions a “sin,” then maybe at some point we become sinners, but I don’t by that.  I believe we have simply made mistakes…and Our Creator still loves us…and, generally speaking, we can learn from our mistakes and if we get another chance, we can make a better decision.  From where I come, that is called getting an education, though, not sinning!

Getting back to love…The Bible tells us that love covers all, believes all, and endures all…that love never fails…It also tells us that love is the greatest thing there is…Jesus taught that if we love our neighbor as our self and we love God with all our heart, all the other Commandments will fall right into place.

Soooo…have we, as a people, lost sight of what love truly is?  There is so much ill will and poor treatment towards others that we HAVE to believe we actually HAVE lost sight of not only WHAT love is but Who we really are!

Let’s just set the record straight right now…We have been created by the greatest force that, even in our wildest dreams, we cannot imagine.  And a part of that Divinity dwells inside of each and every one of us.  So, now, who are we?  We are the children of Our Blessed Creator and so we ARE love…and, by extension, if we are to try to follow Our Creator’s example, we will love unconditionally…

To A Life Well-Lived

Spring is here, the sun shines bright,
The air is warming, too.
As our Great Mother comes alive,
no telling what you can do.

The only limit of your soul
is what you give yourself.
Our Great Father knows no bounds
Only you put YOU on the shelf.

Be sure you do not hurt another,
For that you’ll definitely pay.
But spread love and joy between each other,
And enjoy your every day…

To know love and be love
is surely the greatest gift,
Just be honest and true
and your Spirit will get a lift.

Let us make a pact right here and now
to be the best that we can be.
Enjoy our lives with no restraint
Except love for Our Creator and our entire “family!”

Your Life Begins Anew…NOW!

Are you tired?  Depressed? Feeling poorly?  Mentally unclear?  Generally dissatisfied with what is going on in your life?  Let’s take an opportunity to do a little “Soul Searching,” shall we?

There are many things going on in today’s society.  There are many things that society expects us to accept.  There are many things that friends, parents, teachers, government, religions and others expect us to accept.  One thing is clear, though.  If you pay attention to your own self, you will KNOW what does not serve you.  You will KNOW what does not jive with your own spirit…and you will KNOW what does.  That being said, sometimes we DO know what is affecting us, yet we are afraid to rid ourselves of the familiar.

What does our “true self” tell us?  The first step is to take in all you really KNOW about your situation.  Next, decide what you can and cannot “live without.”  Then start “cleaning house.”  This is an ongoing process.  Things are already there, but things always “come up.”  Is someone in your life holding you back or down?  Why?  Is their “opinion” more important than your own…about you?  Is something holding you back?  Emotions, perhaps?  Are you scared of making mistakes?  Scared of being alone?

Most of us are happy with the status quo because, even though we don’t like it, we are comfortable there.  So, while we gripe about it, we are not willing to change it and experience something better…the unknown.  BUT, by accepting the status quo, we also do not grow, personally or spiritually.

It comes down to this…It’s all about choices.  The answer lies in the question, “What am I willing to accept?”  Are you willing to accept the status quo?  Are you ok with the feeling that something in your life is not as it should be?  Are you happy in your sadness, your misery?  Do you like not feeling well?  OR…do you sense there is something more out there?  Something that WOULD make you happy…IN this life?  Are you willing to reach for it?

Let’s try a neat experiment…getting “in tune” with our true selves!  Spiritually, what is expected of us?  That one is very simple…To love and show love.  Pretty easy!  By actually showing love for ourselves,  and each other, instead of searching out something to dislike, we can transform ourselves!  It doesn’t really matter what someone else thinks of you.  The only true thought is what you think of yourself!  The world is full of people who have embraced something false…and those people will try to put you down for their own gain.  You cannot let them hinder who your really are.  You cannot let them dictate to you who you can become.  You cannot “give them charge” of you life.  And it is NEVER to late for you to take charge of your own life…NEVER to late!

So…starting today, who do you want to be in YOUR life?  What do you want to do?  Starting today, be the best you YOU can be…The choices are all up to…YOU!

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