Community Supported Agriculture, Farmer’s Markets, Local Co-op

While speaking to my mother today about the rising price of gasoline, she lives in the country and they have a little drive to get groceries and what not, something occurred to me.  They should consider Community Supported Agricultural or maybe even a Farmers Market in their little town.  They have a Farmers Co-Op, which is a farm supply, and maybe they would consider putting in a co-op for other goods, as well, such as personals hygiene supplies and stuff like that.  Also, many of the people living out there do garden and farm, so they could get together and have their own little Farmer’s Market, right in their town!

One thing is for sure…we need to learn to work together on the community level.  Especially now!  There are several options, but one I became familiar with a few years back was Community Supported Agriculture.

While working in alternative radio, I heard about Community Supported Agriculture, and even talked with some people who offered it.  With the economy tanking, again, and the price of gas going through the roof, it might not be a bad idea!  After all, if you don’t or can’t garden, you could get fresh, local, live food, support someone in your own community, and feel good about all of it!  One of the things to understand about CSA’s is that, at least at most, you get sampling of what is produced…so the veggies vary from week to week.  One of the other things of note is that, like in all businesses, sometimes things happen, and you might get unacceptable produce, no produce one week, or the farm could go under.  There are also farms that raise cattle, pigs, chickens and eggs from which you can purchase a share, as well.  The website Local Harvest has some great info about CSA’s and tell us that in the nine years and the multitude of CSA’s they have listed, they have received only had a handful of complaints per year, so the shared risk seems minimal!  If you are interested, you can search for a CSA in your area at the link above.

So, this year, instead of buying produce shipped in from who knows where, think local…and maybe think about  Community Supported Agriculture…After all, what better way to support your community…and your health!


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