Many Shades

If there was one thing I could teach young people today (and maybe everyone!), it would be that the world is not black and white.  There are many shades of color.  There is a Facebook meme that points out “6 + 3 = 9, but so does 5 + 4.”  It goes on to say, “The way you do things is not always the only way to do them.  Respect other people’s way of thinking.”

In truth, if you know anything about math, there are MANY ways to come up with 9.  Just like life, there are many ways to live it: many types of careers, activities, music, ways to travel, types of homes, cars, relationships…I think you get the point.  There are many different ways to solve many different problems.  But if we stick to a “black and white” way of thinking, better, more efficient ways of problem solving would go undiscovered.

If we were all the same, thought exactly the same way, did things the exact same way, what a boring world this would be!  Nothing new would ever be invented.  Nothing exciting would ever come about.  There would be nothing to pique our curiosity.  The world would be, well, black and white.  Wouldn’t that be sad?

Instead, there is a vastness to this world that is amazing and wonderful.  This near limitlessness applies, not only to the landscape, but to the people on it, the thought processes of the people and the utter variety of things to do!  And, while there are so many things to consider, not everyone wants to do the same things.  After all, there are more than 7.6 billion people living on this world in 195 different countries.  In 2014, a blog on National Geographic stated there were 117 million different lakes on this Earth!  Black and white doesn’t even begin to describe our reality, even though so many people would make it so.

Just to expand a little on the whole black and white mentality, here’s a simple example.  I like to bake…a lot!  My family couldn’t possibly eat everything I bake, because, well, they’d be the size of a house, so I take baked goods to work and share.  But, with baking comes problems.  Some people are gluten or corn intolerant.  Some are allergic to peanuts, dairy, chocolate or peppers.  Still, some despise cream cheese icing and nuts.  There are others who don’t like chocolate (yeah, I know, I couldn’t believe it, either!!!)!  If we were thinking in terms of black and white, we’d have fully gluten or corn baked goods, or none.  But, thinking in “many shades,” I now bake vegan cakes and muffins and am about to learn how to bake with alternative flours!  Score one for “many shades” thinking!

Want another simple example?  Pens…yes, pens!  While I am required to use a certain type pen at work, my very favorite pen is a Pentel RSVP, medium point with black ink.  If you’ve ever walked down the school supply aisle at any store, you know there are a multitude of different pens out there.  Just to name a few for you, there’s Bic, Paper Mate, Zebra, Pilot, Uni-Ball, Sharpie, and, of course, Pentel.  There are also ballpoint, fountain, gel, roller ball and felt tipped pens.  Bic, alone, makes a huge variety: Xtra Life, Xtra Smooth, Xtra Comfort, Xtra Bold, Velocity Retractable, Atlantis Original Retractable, Soft Feel Retractable, and this doesn’t include their everyday, plain old original Bic Cristal, the Clic Stic or the variety of colors of ink they offer.  I think you’re getting the picture!  What if I got to choose and force everyone to use Pentel RSVP?

Here are a few other simple examples, maybe in less detail.  Did you know there are around 4,200 different religions in the world?  I wonder how many of us could have guessed that?  What about clothing and shoes?  With how many brands are you familiar?  How about different colleges and universities, just the US?  Here’s one, what about different types and breeds of pets?  Plants?  What if someone got to choose the world’s religion and the dress code.  What if there were only one type cat and one type dog, and two types of plants?  Could you be happy with that?

The world is not black and white.  There are SO many different shades…SO many, and that’s what makes it so fascinating.  All the extraordinary variety!  All the different people, cultures, animals, art, scenery, ways to travel, places to live, food and beliefs.  This seems extreme, when considering thought patterns in black and white, but is it really?  By thinking in terms of black and white, we limit ourselves into following one of two directions.  Why would we ever want do that when there are SO many directions in which to go?  If there were only a couple of thought patterns, nothing new would ever come about!

Thinking outside the box is what drives creative processes and innovation.  It motivates us to do better in many different ways.  If we limit ourselves to black and white thinking, we limit what we can achieve and who and what we can become!   Should we really want to put limits on ourselves…especially when the only thing that can come of better innovation, more creativity and being better people is a better world!  Think about it!



Compassionate Understanding

Sometimes the enormity of this world and our life’s journey can be lost on us.  Many times I pass people on the street, at the store, in a parking lot, or where ever I may be and often wonder what they are thinking.  Some of these people have smiles on their faces, some have scowls, and some are expressionless.  And, even so, it is still hard to know what they could be thinking.  Did they have a good day?  A great day?  A terrible day?  The worst?  Are they feeling love, joy, happy, sad, desperate, desolate or hopeless?  AND, how did I react to them, if we crossed paths?

When dealing with these people, we sometimes get frustrated because they are nasty to us.  But do we ever stop to think that they may be going through something pretty darned heavy?  When we were younger, we didn’t even think about their world…just ours.  We’d get angry that someone treated us disrespectfully, and we took it personally.  We tend to stay stuck in our own little world and forget there is a vastness FAR beyond our space and our journey.  When we get a little older, and have gone through a bit more of our own “stuff,” we still tend to be a bit frustrated, but we are less likely to take it personally.  And, we are starting to realize just how big the world is and how many people there are going through their own “stuff.”  We find we can identify with them a little bit.

A friend of mine lost her twenty-something daughter yesterday to tragic circumstances.  She is feeling despair, pain and anguish.  After I heard the news, I moved through my day and realized everyone I encountered had something going on in his or her life, good or bad.  It dawned on me yesterday that you have no idea about the circumstances of the people you pass on your journey.  How many of these people have an ill loved one?  Just lost a loved one?  Are out of money, about to get kicked out of their homes, or are just lost, and looking for answers?  Better still, how many of these people realize they are not alone?  How many of these people understand there are others going through something similar?  And even more eye opening, how many of these people realize they don’t have to go through it alone?

I implore you not to judge people by how they act toward you.  Yes, I do know how hard that is to do…but, offer them a smile anyway…tell them to have a good day, anyway.  You never know what a simple smile and a few positive words can do.  And, above all, just say a little pray for them…offer up some of your good energy…they don’t even have to know about it.  In fact, doesn’t the Bible tell us not to judge and not to make a spectacle of what we do?  How hard is it to just give someone a friendly smile and say some encouraging words in private for someone who may be suffering?  In that instant, what better do you have to do, anyway?  We are all linked and the positive thing you do for someone else will revisit you.  In being encouraging to someone else, you are, in fact, encouraging yourself!  Think about it!

New Years Introspection

I have often wondered why so many people love the ritual of making a New Years Resolution when they seldom, if ever, keep them.  Don’t worry, as I could never keep them, either, and stopped making them a long time ago.  This year, however, the idea of doing a sort of introspection instead of resolution popped into my mind.  Simply put, find out what does and doesn’t suit me, what I like or don’t, what I need to “make over” and what I don’t, and maybe this will help me make some changes.

Taking an inventory of what you do and don’t care for takes all sorts of honesty.  Why?  Because, in all honesty, we have become so settled in our way of thinking, we don’t pay attention to how we truly feel!   We are so comfortable with “the way things are,” we’d rather just continue down this path of fake tranquility, hoping that, at some point or the “right time,” things will change.

The truth of the matter is that we need to be proactive in our own lives.  If something doesn’t suit us, we need to do it differently.  If we don’t like something, we need to put the effort forth to change it.  If something needs to be made new, we need to be willing to make it over.  And yet, we aren’t…oh, and don’t worry, I am talking as much to myself as I am to anyone reading this.

There is much to like about “comfort” and much to fear about the unknown.   At least with comfort, we know what we are getting…even if it doesn’t make us happy.   With the unknown, we have no clue what might happen.  Could be good, or it could turn out bad…but if the comfortable is already unsatisfying, why wouldn’t we venture out into the unknown?  That new territory could hold such potential!  It could bring us everything we have ever desired…and maybe more…but only if we are willing to cross into the unfamiliar.

So, this year, instead of making a list of resolutions that have little chance of getting crossed off that list, why not do some personal exploration?  Observe what is going on within your own life and make an accounting of things that make you happy and things that don’t.  And, don’t rush the process…take your time.  Truthfully evaluate each thing you find.  Can you do something about it?  Can you change it?   Maybe there are other questions to consider…If we could really approach things candidly, what would we find out about what makes us happy and what doesn’t?  If we took the time to learn, would we possess the courage to pursue our happiness?  If the going got hard, would we be willing to stick it out?  If that proved to be intolerable, as well, would we be willing to make another venture forth into the unknown?  After all, that really IS all what matters.  Our own willingness to change our own lives…our willingness to go after what makes us truly happy…think about it!

Lessons: Enjoying Another’s Humiliation

It’s amazing how, if we are paying attention, we truly can learn lessons from anywhere.  I do not watch television very often, but a new roommate watches non stop.  Today before lunch, this person was watching America’s Funniest Home Videos.  I didn’t even know that show was still on! For whatever reason, I never really cared for it even when I did watch television.

Since the kitchen is near the living area, I could not only hear it, but see it, at times.  The lesson sprang to mind as I listened to my room mate laughing at someone’s video taped misfortune.  It escaped me for a bit, as I wasn’t really paying attention, then I realized, not all, but much of this show revolves around humiliating instances in someone else’s life.

While we shouldn’t take life SO seriously, should we really be laughing at someone else’s humiliation?  If you believe in Karma, what are you setting yourself up for?  While others who had joined us for lunch were getting a laugh at some of the things going on, it dawned on me…if that was happening to you, you would not think it so funny!  Sure, some of these people were making weird choices and some were even getting hurt, but an audience full of people, as well as a few people in this living room, thought this pain was funny.

Any of us who have experienced karma at work knows this cannot be a good thing.  And, any of us who believes you get what you put out there knows what is about to happen in some of these people’s lives…

Our lives are precious and people need encouragement.  Will this somewhat innocent form of eavesdropping cost us spiritually?  After all, it is meant as fun.  Or, have we turned into a society that gets our kicks from someone else’s misfortune?  AND, just how much of this type of behavior do we participate in in person?

But, you don’t have to believe in karma to realize you get what you put out.  All you have to realize is that if you are being loving and nurturing to others, well, isn’t that what Yahushua (Jesus) taught us to do?  Love our neighbor as ourselves?  If we truly love ourselves, we would not treat ourselves in a humiliating manner…so we wouldn’t treat our neighbor that way, either!

We are our Creator’s child, and as such, we have a responsibility to treat each other with respect, to be nurturing of each other’s spirit and to support each other in all we do.  Our goal is to live, be happy, and hopefully healthy, be productive, but it seems enjoying someone else’s misfortunes doesn’t fit in with that…

I say, be careful what you put out…it might come back to bite ya!

Changing Your Perception

In the Bible we are told not to ramble on when praying.  We are to say our piece and get on with our lives.  Short, precise words are the ticket.  The more confusing the prayer, the more chance that it can be confused!  That’s not to say Our Creator would confuse that, but if you, like many others, believe your power is in your thought, then confused thoughts breed confusion of action!  One of my favorite spiritual teachers and authors, Ernest Holmes, taught that thoughts are things, and when put out there are acted upon.  To change your situation, you need to change the way you THINK about it.

Some of us wonder why we are in the positions in which we find ourselves.  “What did I do to end up like this?  God must really hate me for this to have happened to me.”  Sometimes it is over the death of a loved one.  Sometimes it is a financial situation.  Sometimes it is a relationship.  Sometimes it’s a loathed job.   Why do we automatically assume God had anything to do with that?

There are a couple of things we must understand.

First, you only control you…You cannot control the thoughts, decisions and deeds of another.

Second, Our Divine gave all of us free will.  We each have the ability to act and react.  And, again, we have the responsibility for ourselves.

Thirdly, we either take control of our lives or we don’t.

At any time we feel ready, we can start a journey of discovery to find out how we came to be where we are in our lives.  If we find ourselves in a particularly rough spot, we need to ask ourselves some particularly hard questions.  But we MUST be honest to get useful answers.

What decisions did I make in my life to bring me to this particular place?

Is this place in which I find myself beneficial in any way?  Are their lessons needing to be learned?

Can I make a new decision right now to change the course of my life?  Will I follow through on that decision, once it’s made?

Am I willing to make a new determination, at any time, if the previous one proves to take me in a wrong direction?

Again, remember, you are only responsible for you.

Many times, before a long journey by car, I visualize the entire journey to my destination, the drive, the potential stops, and the arrival, usually the day before I am to leave.  That visualization is comforting, as I see exactly what I want it to be.  We can do the same in our lives.

Maybe you are unsure what you want to lie ahead of you in your earthly journey, but you can visualize calmness in your decisions and spirit.  You can realize that whatever comes up for you is an opportunity, either to grow or to change a thought or decision for a better growth.  Throwing your hands up in the air in despair should never be an option.  Why?  Because THAT is the condition you are putting on your day…despair.  That is the thought that goes forth from you and becomes something.

Many people meditate and others pray.  Others believe in energy and others believe in other things.  There is no wrong way to go about your desire to see results, except one, hurting another expression of Our Divine.

The key to getting where you want to go is to simply start…Many teach to pray without ceasing, and like I have said before, the more you think positive thoughts, the more you will find your mind just goes with it.  It becomes automatic in your subconscious.

As an expression of Our Creator, you are a blessing to humankind that carries a piece of Our Creator inside your very being…Do you understand how awesome you are?  Better yet, do you understand the power you possess?  Go into the world every single day knowing you have the power to change your life…Live your expression to the fullest.  If you find yourself on a path that is distasteful, unproductive or brings loathing, change your perception?  You CAN make that change.

May the many blessings you seek be a catalyst for your upward growth and may you relax into these blessings and allow them to fill up your life and heart.  May you always carry the love of our Blessed Creator with you and wear it proudly…May your love of Our Creator shine forth so brightly that those around you have no choice but to take notice…With Divine Love in our hearts, we truly are the ones we’ve been waiting for…Much love and light to you…

Beauty is in the…

We’ve all heard the saying, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”  Literally, it means whatever one person sees as beautiful IS beautiful.  And we know this to be true, there are so many different attributes people see as beautiful, and they aren’t all the same!  Some people like blonde hair, others like red, brown and still others prefer brunette…straight, wavy, curly, long medium, short.  Some people prefer purple, others think green is the color, others like orange best.  Some people like muscular, other’s don’t.  People tend to a have vastly different criteria for what they believe is beautiful.  Another interesting saying is “Beauty is only skin deep.”   This one tends to refer to character rather than actual physical beauty.  And there are just as many personality trait favorites as physical ones.

We tend to think of beauty as something that is pretty, lovely, attractive and pleasing to the eye.  BUT, there’s more than just sight that needs to be pleased!  Let’s take a look at the actual definition of the word “beauty.”  Merriam Webster defines “beauty” as, “the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit.”  Add a definition for the word “beautiful,” “generally pleasing,” and you can get a sense that both words can also mean beauty with regards to something not necessarily seen, like beauty that strikes our mind, heart, soul, or maybe even our spirit.  I think we can all agree that what is generally pleasing to the eye is not always pleasing to these other aspects of our selves, and that’s worth noting!

Take for instance a beautiful plant or flower.  We expect it to be very wonderfully fragrant, but that’s not always so.  What surprises may lurk within the walls of a beautiful house, which could be hiding a money pit of repairs.  A nice looking car could cost us a fortune in repairs, as well.  Or, what about a beautiful person with an angry disposition?  All of these may be pleasing to the eye, but none would fulfill other parts of our being.  BUT, I think we could all agree that a sweet smelling flower, a nice sturdy home, a solidly built car or someone with a wonderful personality, regardless of outward appearance, can touch more than just our eyes, protecting us from disaster.  Also, looking past the aesthetically pleasing could reach our very soul and spirit…the true essence of who we are.  What can be more fulfilling than that?

We live in an age of where almost nothing physical is out of reach.  Car, home, things, person, but we are always searching, never satisfied.  Why?

We are complex beings and to satisfy us, we need more than beauty that we can see.  We need beauty that touches our mind, heart, soul…our spirit!  Wouldn’t the world be a much better place if we all started looking with not just our eyes, but our entire being?  Oh, what we would be able to sense…to feel on a cellular level!  Looking with just our eyes can be fun, but it can also be deceiving.  Looking with our entire being, now there’s how we will find true beauty!

Our rights are at stake…don’t you care!?!

I’ve tried to stay away from politics, but, unfortunately, politics won’t let me!  If we are going to be respecters of persons, we have to understand what’s at stake.  I am going to share this blog with you, as the information is important.

Our rights are at stake…don’t you care!?!
Debbie Lewis,, April 18, 2012

There is a mess brewing all over this country, and it actually has been for some time.  More and more we see our basic rights being taken by a callus and over-reaching government bent on “controlling” things that are not part of there power to control.

In my city, Columbia, MO, there is a desire to “attract” businesses by what is commonly referred to as EEZ, Enhanced Enterprise Zone.  Sounds innocuous enough, right?  Well…before you say that attracting business is a great idea, and it is, please consider the methods by which they choose to do it.

Mark Flakne, president of Keep Columbia Free, was a guest speaker at our local Ron Paul meeting this past Monday evening.  He invited all of us to the City Council meeting, still in session after our meeting to support those against the “blight” designation and this EEZ business.  And this is not just local; it’s going on all over the country.  Just to make it simple, it seems local government wants to be able to take people’s homes and property to give it to local businesses OR entice new businesses to locate here.  Now, does that really sound like a good plan?  Read Mark Flakne’s latest article about this nefarious situation on Keep Columbia Free.

But, there’s even more.  All over the internet yesterday, and going on for a little while now, is information about the Michigan farmers who have had to “put down” their hog stock because the MI Department of Natural Resources designating the breed as feral and a danger to the state.  While that may be true, if you look into it, these farmers don’t seem to have their herds running willy-nilly all over the state.  They have them well fenced and are in the business of farming or game hunting.  Either way, it’s not our business, it’s theirs, their right to pursue happiness, i.e., provide for their own welfare.  Something, last I checked, is part of the very reason this country was founded.

Below is the article that has stirred up such a fuss.  It does a bit of sensationalizing, but then, taking away someone’s right to make a living is pretty strong stuff!  It would tend to bring out the fire in any of us!

NaturalNews exclusive: Michigan government unleashes armed raids on small pig farmers, forces farmer to shoot all his own pigs
Natural News
Mike Adams
April 16, 2012

NaturalNews can now confirm that the Michigan Department of Natural Resources has, in total violation of the Fourth Amendment, conducted two armed raids on pig farmers in that state, one in Kalkaska County at Fife Lake and another in Cheboygan County. Staging raids involving six vehicles and ten armed men, DNA conducted unconstitutional, illegal and arguably criminal armed raids on these two farms with the intent of shooting all the farmers’ pigs under a bizarre new “Invasive Species Order” (ISO) that has suddenly declared traditional livestock to be an invasive species.  Read More

Related: (The website to which they direct you if you call the offices)
MI Dept of Natural Resources
Feral Swine

Read More about the issue here (Be sure to watch the video on April 17):
Baker’s Green Acre’s Website

I, personally, called the DNR’s Gaylord and Lansing offices (Gaylord gives you the Lansing number, 517-373-1263). This is the contact e-mail info given to me for the DNR director,, and here is my letter:

To whom it may concern,

I read, with interest, the article on Natural News about the 2 farms that were ordered to destroy their hog/swine stock considered an invasive species.

I am not writing to attack or accuse this department of anything, but I would like some answers.  I have been in contact with your Gaylord and Lansing Offices, both of which were very helpful, and both been sent me to the Feral Swine page on the site.

Posted on one of the farm owner’s sites is an e-mail from another farm owner stating that “After 8 guys 3 four wheelers, and 4 hours, DNR decided I was correct. I have killed all my hogs. They gave me papers that say I do not have any hogs on my property…They commented to everyone that they never saw a fence built so tough and no way would a hog get out of this area. I trenched 2′ then installed chain link fencing, then a 10′ high tightlock fence on top of that. ( 200 acre area ) They never saw a fence like that.  Emphasis is mine.

My question would have to be, if those hogs couldn’t get out of that fence, why have them killed?  That doesn’t make sense.  I could understand if they were running wild, but to deprive someone in the US, who has taken such precautions and responsibility, of the ability to “pursue his happiness” by providing for his family is unconstitutional and wrong.

I am certainly willing to hear your side of the story, but, again, I have read your web information.  That does not seem to apply to responsible farmers who have taken such precautions.

Consider this, if we, as a people, get in the habit of stopping someone from pursuing their happiness, especially when it does not infringe on our own pursuit, where will it end?  Sure, today it is hogs/swine that have been designated as feral, but tomorrow it could be anything!

Thanks for your time!

Debbie Lewis
Securing Liberty Radio

I am still awaiting a reply, although I’m not kidding myself; don’t truly expect to receive one.

Let’s shift our attention to the hubbub about raw milk, the farmers and in particular, the case of Pennsylvania Amish farmer Dan Allgyer.   While there is much going on in central Missouri right now about raw milk, because of an E. coli outbreak, they admitted Tuesday they have not confirmed the source of the outbreak.

Mr. Allgyer, however, has been a target of the FDA for a while now.  He has been suspended from sending raw milk across state lines.  While that sounds like it does fall under the government’s jurisdiction, “interstate commerce,” the people receiving the milk were actually part of a private buying club who purchased “cow shares” in exchange for the raw milk.  My question has to be, if I went to PA and purchased the milk for my own personal use, would I be allowed to cross the border back into my state with the milk?  AND, these people weren’t duped into purchasing these shares, as many of us are duped, or should I say scared, into taking government approved vaccines.  Both things go into our bodies, but has anyone ever checked the stats on raw milk poisoning vs. adverse reactions to vaccines?  Well, let’s see what I found with a quick search.

According to, and the CDC’s own website, there have been approximately 30,000 vaccine adverse reaction cases reported yearly since 1990, 10- to 15% of which are considered serious, even life-threatening or causing death.  When searching data on the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) website, to move on the actual Data page, you must first read and agree with, the Preceding Statement about VAERS Data, in which it states, “Underreporting” is one of the main limitations of passive surveillance systems, including VAERS. The term, underreporting refers to the fact that VAERS receives reports for only a small fraction of actual adverse events.”  And, let’s not forget to mention the 5,500 cases reported of a “causal relationship between vaccinations and autism” filed between 2003 and 2009.

According to the CDC’s own document, Nonpasteurized Dairy Products. Disease Outbreaks, and State Laws – United States, 1993 to 2006, of the “disease outbreaks” and 121 products observed for which the pasteurization information was known (both “fluid milk” and cheese products were involved), 60% of the outbreaks were from unpasteurized products.  While the report comments on the fact that there were 202 hospitalizations and 2 deaths related to the unpasteurized products, compared to the 37 hospitalizations and 1 death associated with the pasteurized products, it conveniently fails to comment on their own data that shows there was a 64% rate of associated illness related to the PASTEURIZED products…out of 4,413 illnesses, 2,842 were contracted FROM the pasteurized products.  Personally, I’d say that 2 deaths from consuming raw milk in 13 years does not make consuming raw milk that dangerous.  In their report about the dangers of raw milk, the FDA says that since 1998, “more than 800 people” have become ill from drinking or eating products containing raw milk.  In 2006, ALONE, the CDC reports there were over 800 cases of “disease outbreaks” from salmonella acquired from peanut butter or peanuts, yet you don’t here the FDA telling us not to eat peanuts!

SO, from this quick search of “official data,” we find there are 3,900 serious adverse reactions reported PER YEAR from vaccines vs. raw milk and its 1,571 associated illnesses, resulting in 2 deaths over a 13-YEAR period.  And we are going to run around attacking raw milk farmers because there MIGHT be a problem with the raw milk???  AND, in a free country (this country IS still free, right?), shouldn’t it be my choice what I consume, or put into my own body?  Yet, we are warned to stay away from raw milk and TOLD that vaccines are “mandatory” for our children to enter school.

Flashback to the row over Julie Bass, from Oak Park, MI.  Remember her?  After some work resulted in the digging up of her front yard, Ms Bass decided to plant several vegetable/herb gardens instead of replacing the grass.  The city decided she was in violation of a code that states there must be “suitable, live plant material” in your front yard.  To Ms Bass, veggies and herbs ARE “suitable.”  Apparently not so, according to Oak Park, which was threatening her with 93 days in jail over her veggies…on her own property…in her own front yard…

Go back just a little bit more to the FDA raid on Rawesome Foods, which happened on involve the MO farmers at Morningland Dairy.  This dairy, in business for 30-plus years with no complaints, was ordered to destroy their inventory with no proof of contamination.

We need to understand what is going on here…We are endowed with certain unalienable rights, among which is the right to pursue happiness, which, by definition, means to seek a state of well-being (being healthy), joy, good fortune, PROSPERITY.  I think we can all agree this includes being able to do what we like to support our families.  We are guaranteed the right to privacy and due process, as well.  When they start preventing us from those rights, and we let them, we are, in essence, giving in to their oppression.  Is that really what you want to do?  Are you really willing to give up the promise for which this country was founded?  Are you really willing to let this government become the tyrannical mess from which our founding generation freed us?

It behooves us, as the population of this country, to stand up for the rights of everyone.  If you aren’t willing to speak out for someone, or support their rights in some way, what happens when YOU need the support?  Don’t you understand what made this country so great from the beginning?  The promise of a population free from tyranny and oppression at the hands of a despotic government bent on keep us under their heel!  Please don’t tell me our founding generation died in vain for this country they so believed in, a country that could truly bring a new way of life to the planet, if only its own people would realize the importance of what is going on…I don’t think I could take it!

Need to know about your rights?  Check out Blood of Patriots or Don’t Tread On Me


Look, Listen, Learn

Everyone and everything has merit.  Just because you don’t get it or understand it, doesn’t mean there isn’t a message or lesson to be learned.  Even when things seem bleak there is always some knowledge that can be acquired, especially if you just take a few minutes to look for it.

Some people seem to be a waste of our time, but, have you ever truly wondered what their journey has brought them?  The life lessons of someone else could save you a whole lot of trouble!  Older people have experience on their side, while younger people have a fresh perspective.  Plus, you cannot know what insights someone else has just by looking at them.   BUT, people also perceive things differently, so someone else’s experience might not match yours.  And that is a lesson, as well!

The these “teachings” might have to do with joy, happiness, peace or patience.  It could be humility or compassion.  It could be contentment or mercy…or, it could be acceptance and love.  The truth is, you will never know if you aren’t open to it.  There’s always something to be learned.

And…sometimes YOU are someone else’s lesson…life’s not all about you…there are others sharing our planet, others having similar experiences and others linked to our journey.

The bottom line is, be open to the possibilities to learn something in everything you do, also remembering, you may be the chosen one to “teach” someone else…and even through all of that, you might be surprised what you learn!

Power of being positive…

I love it when people say there is actually no negativity in the world or that we attract what we get.  I don’t agree with it.  Okay, to some extent, I do believe we attract some of what we get, but not everything.  There are so many dynamics involved…with this many people in such close proximity, you need to understand that at least some of what you take in is other people’s emotions…that includes love, anger, hesitation, pain, relief, joy, sorrow…whatever you can imagine.

Things are happening very fast and the news is not always great.  There is good and bad going on, but you don’t have to “own” the bad…You have to realize to not accept that energy…don’t take in.  What you CAN do is realize you can get through it and that realization, alone, will make it easier to handle.

I promote positivity in everything.  Does that mean I don’t recognize that things can turn out in other ways?  Of course not!  BUT, it is in how YOU deal with what comes your way that helps you handle the outcome.  We are, after all, human.  We can make mistakes…even honest mistakes can take their toll.  With mistakes come consequences.  Sometimes those are not pleasant.  That famous quote form Mahatma Gandhi comes to mind, “You must be the change you want to see in the world.”  with that, another comes to mind, a Lakota Prayer, Mitakuye Oyasin, We are all Related…which in turn reminds me of another, Luke 6:31, which basically says, Do unto others and you would have them do unto you…

When you realize we are all related, so what I do to you will happen to me and to have a truly positive world, we have to BE positive, it should make us realize that things can change…We CAN make a difference in our world…Amazing what thoughts we can think when we accept the “teachings” of more than one “faith!”  (Which, by the way, are as related as we are!)

Keep working on positive thoughts and approaching all situations with love rather than dread!  With so many people having “free will” but not understanding that it comes with responsibility, we are bound to encounter negativity.  BUT, it does not have to be a part of your everyday life and, while you will have to deal with it, dealing with it with positivity and love rather than anger will only strengthen you…

You are a might Creation from an even mightier Creator!  Truly, there is nothing you can’t do…The minute you realize that simple truth, the better things will be to handle…Remember, Our Creator never said we wouldn’t face trials, just that we could get through anything…Keep that with you as you move through your journey here and reap the benefits of more freedom…freedom from undue amounts of stress and anxiety…After all, it’s your life!

Freedom to Be

There is much going on in this world here today.
And many are hoping it just passes them by.
Governments and people disrespecting each other,
and everyone suppressing their urges to try.

True freedom’s a gift, not given by man,
yet some feel the need to control and demand.
We are brothers and sisters, here on this planet
and this journey of ours beckons us to understand.

One by one we CAN accept our differences
and respect that which makes us unique.
Today we must shed our hatred and fear,
knowing these differences make our world tick.

We are one human race, what affects you affects me,
and so on it goes, till we stop hurting each other.
One thing of great note, that we must recognize,
No one can be free while suppressing another.

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