You Are The Blessing!

Arise, today, oh child of Mine,
and realize just how special you are.
You are but one of many
breath-taking examples of My Life.

Lift up your heart, and your voice,
and shout your unique verse
from every level of your soul.
Someone will hear, and relate.

Your job is not to fit in,
But to stand out, stand strong,
and be the unique one
that I know you are.

Look upon the whole world
As a place of adventure,
wonder and illumination.
Strive only to enjoy your time.

And even though you seek blessings,
you are your own exceptional gift to Me.
Every second that I look upon you,
My whole Being rejoices! 


To My Child…


I love you with all my heart, and only want what is best for you.  You are, and always have been, a blessing to me.  There is no doubt in my mind that you are here for a purpose…and that purpose may be in a supportive roll, to help others reach their highest potential, or may be in a leading roll, for you to change the world with your innovative and imaginative ideas.  That part I cannot know.

What I do know is that you are beautiful, intelligent and worthy of notice…and while I may be your biological link to this physical world, I am not your keeper.  You, my dear, must be set free to experience this world on your own.  While you can learn certain things, lessons and mistakes from others, somethings you can only learn by experience.  Sometimes your decisions bring me pain, but they are yours to make.

Please know that, by leaving you to experience this physical world on your own, this does not mean that I no longer care or no longer love you.  That, my dear child, could never be.  While you are a part of me, I do not own you.  You are your own person, your own expression of the Divine, and that position warrants discovery…and respect.

You will find that if you want help, I will help.  If you want comfort, I will comfort.  If you want support, I will always support…No matter what, however, I will ALWAYS love you…even when you do not love yourself…even when you do not think anyone loves you…I ALWAYS will!

Your Mother…

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