Compassionate Understanding

Sometimes the enormity of this world and our life’s journey can be lost on us.  Many times I pass people on the street, at the store, in a parking lot, or where ever I may be and often wonder what they are thinking.  Some of these people have smiles on their faces, some have scowls, and some are expressionless.  And, even so, it is still hard to know what they could be thinking.  Did they have a good day?  A great day?  A terrible day?  The worst?  Are they feeling love, joy, happy, sad, desperate, desolate or hopeless?  AND, how did I react to them, if we crossed paths?

When dealing with these people, we sometimes get frustrated because they are nasty to us.  But do we ever stop to think that they may be going through something pretty darned heavy?  When we were younger, we didn’t even think about their world…just ours.  We’d get angry that someone treated us disrespectfully, and we took it personally.  We tend to stay stuck in our own little world and forget there is a vastness FAR beyond our space and our journey.  When we get a little older, and have gone through a bit more of our own “stuff,” we still tend to be a bit frustrated, but we are less likely to take it personally.  And, we are starting to realize just how big the world is and how many people there are going through their own “stuff.”  We find we can identify with them a little bit.

A friend of mine lost her twenty-something daughter yesterday to tragic circumstances.  She is feeling despair, pain and anguish.  After I heard the news, I moved through my day and realized everyone I encountered had something going on in his or her life, good or bad.  It dawned on me yesterday that you have no idea about the circumstances of the people you pass on your journey.  How many of these people have an ill loved one?  Just lost a loved one?  Are out of money, about to get kicked out of their homes, or are just lost, and looking for answers?  Better still, how many of these people realize they are not alone?  How many of these people understand there are others going through something similar?  And even more eye opening, how many of these people realize they don’t have to go through it alone?

I implore you not to judge people by how they act toward you.  Yes, I do know how hard that is to do…but, offer them a smile anyway…tell them to have a good day, anyway.  You never know what a simple smile and a few positive words can do.  And, above all, just say a little pray for them…offer up some of your good energy…they don’t even have to know about it.  In fact, doesn’t the Bible tell us not to judge and not to make a spectacle of what we do?  How hard is it to just give someone a friendly smile and say some encouraging words in private for someone who may be suffering?  In that instant, what better do you have to do, anyway?  We are all linked and the positive thing you do for someone else will revisit you.  In being encouraging to someone else, you are, in fact, encouraging yourself!  Think about it!


Visions of Happiness…

I had a “dream” one evening…I say “dream” because I was not asleep.  I had asked most humbly for the power to know what would make everyone happy, and them the ability to do it.  I reasoned, during my bedtime mediation, that if I knew what would make everyone happy, and could provide it, wouldn’t the world be a much happier place?

To my astonishment, I was “whisked away” to a room that went on forever, literally I could not see the ends, sides or top and bottom of this room.  It was a completely white place.  In this sterile looking place, there were vials floating in rows of five  about to my eye level, glistening in the brightness of the well lit white room, and I was standing in the middle of them.

I was not sure what to do there, just watching them glisten, when all of a sudden I got the urge to run my hand over the top of one…Instead, not thinking, I ran my hand over the top of several.  These vials, you see, held what people THOUGHT would make them happy.  It shocked me to “see” what several people thought would make them happy and I realized that some of the thoughts were those of people I knew…and I KNEW those thoughts would certainly NOT make them happy…As I realized what I was “seeing”, and all this registered with me, in shock, I yanked my hand back.

I have never, since, been able to revisit that “room.”  Maybe it was because I yanked my hand back, scared of what I saw.  Maybe I wasn’t yet ready for whatever I was asking…I may never know, but the one thing I DO know is that happiness, generally, does not come from “things.”   Many people think money can buy happiness.  Someone once told me that , hey, he sure is happy on a jet ski…in fact, he has never seen anyone frown while riding a jet ski.

In acquiring the things we THINK makes us happy, what are we giving up?  For most of us, those things would be nice, but they would also keep us working so much that we would loose site of what is REALLY important; our family, and by extension, our friends.  After all, in many families, it takes both parents working to pay the bills…which means someone else is raising our children…Or, both parents are working different shifts so they don’t need someone to watch their children, yet they never have time to spend together.  Is that really what makes us happy?  Is “stuff” worth that?  What has happened to our family dynamic?

Not only that, and I have seen this first hand, someone has something you feel is better than yours, so you go out and purchase something better than theirs, when what you had was fine…What happened to ” do not covet?”

Even at that, family is not the only thing we give up.  What about ourselves?  The more things we acquire the more stuff that has to be maintained, the more money that costs, not to mention the headache, the more bills, it never ends.  And, of course, these days, with most stuff, it becomes obsolete nearly the minute you purchase it, so we feel compelled to upgrade…which keeps us stressed.  What happened to living a simple life?

Also, people, whether men or women, who want to stay home with their children while the other parent works are looked down upon.  Why?  What is this urge to “be somebody?”  Aren’t you already “somebody?”  What happened to respect for self?

But there is more to it than even that.  To find true happiness, you must first be happy with YOU…that comes from inside, not from something, or someone, outside of you.  If you give someone or something power to “give you happiness,” what have you done?  You have given up control of a huge part of you!  Why would we even THINK of relinquishing any power over ourselves?

My challenge today is for you to give some thought to what would truly make you happy.  If you are there, with no stress, then, fine.  Stay there.  But, if you take a good long look and find you are not happy, with too much stress, then consider making changes for the better…and don’t let anyone push you into being something or pursuing something that doesn’t interest you.  Today, I challenge you to take charge of YOU!  Be mindful of who you are, a perfectly Divine creation, and be yourself.  After all, you will never know what happiness that will bring you until you try!

About Prayer…

The Bible tells us to “pray without ceasing” and for many of us, we feel we have no time for that…The Bible also tells us not to ramble on when we pray, so, wouldn’t “praying without ceasing” be considered “rambling on?”

Let me just say, from my own experience, when you apply positive energy and meditative prayer to your daily life, and you just say fast prayers throughout the day, on a regular basis, you will find that you will catch yourself actually praying for others when you didn’t even know you were!

What a blessing…You are literally “praying without ceasing!”  How amazing is that!?!  AND, if you keep it short, it is really easy to send that positive energy to others throughout the day, training your subconscious to continue it!!!

SOOOO…with that being said, I would like to remind you that Our Beloved knows EXACTLY what everyone on this earth needs…and you can pray for EVERYONE by simply using a few words…this is just a suggestion;

Blessed Divine, Mother and Father to us all, Creator of all things, the people of this world are in search of help…You know what they need, You know what they are striving for.  May Your love, light and grace bless them where they are, and focus their attention on their intention…Thank You for Your guidance, understanding and, most of all, Your love and light in my life.  So be it!

You can find something as simple and easy that suits you…and viola…you are praying for the whole world!!!

If things don’t get better, don’t get discouraged, just keep sending that positive energy!  You need to remember one of the most important things about positive energy and prayer…people need to be willing to accept it!  It still doesn’t hurt to continue praying for everyone…Who knows when someone will “let their guard down” and actually accept someone else’s positivity into their lives!?!  And, their outcome is not up to us, it is ultimately up to them…But, again, it does us absolutely NO HARM to put the positive out there…NONE!  Ever heard “what goes around comes around?”  Yep, you put positive energy out there, and you will be blessed!

So…get to it!  Send out all the positivity you can…and may you reap the blessings of your own positive nature!

Blessings All Around!

If, today, you feel led to pray or meditate for someone, remember, there are SO many out there who could use positive thoughts, why not pray for all?  People everywhere are in need of Divine comfort and love, why nor extend it to everyone?

Remember, too, blessing your friends is not that hard to do, but blessing your enemy…now THAT takes strength and courage!

Treat the world as you would yourself…Be kind, generous, thoughtful and compassionate…Use your Divine Energy to reach out to the whole world…And, as for you???

May your life today be filled with True love and light, and may you be blessed today, and always!

A New Body? ExCELLent…

There are many things that fascinate me.  I have been on a quest for as much knowledge as I can possibly get.  As I come across things, I am ever learning new things…much to my delight.  Much of these are spiritual, some are political (I am an independent political researcher by day!), some is gardening, and yet others still are related to alternative therapies.

I have always “known” deep down inside that our bodies were made in such a way that, given the proper nutrition and rest, they could heal themselves.  I took biology in high school and college, but must have missed the lesson that captured my attention a few years back while reading that our cells are constantly regenerating…some do it in seconds, some minutes, and still others in years, but they all regenerate…So literally, you can have a “new body” in a matter of years!!!

It is harder to get people (even me!!!) to understand, these days, in our fast paced, instant gratification world that we really do need to eat better, exercise and get the proper rest, for our bodies to be able to do this magnificent thing!  I am not a biologist, by any means, but I do understand cell division…I also understand that with all the impurities and chemicals in our food, water…and air…and the depletion of nutrients in our soil, we do face many challenges with regards to the possibility of regenerating “pure” cells, but I still feel, deep down, that it can be done.

It seems to me that our first step needs to be listen to our bodies.  We might also consider doing a cleanse or two…Next, commit to changing our diet for the better.  Get rid of processed and fast foods…don’t try to do a “cold turkey” sort of approach, but don’t take forever with it, either.  (You can always grow your own, which kind of helps out in the exercise department, as well!)

Next, we need to find and stick to a proper bedtime schedule.  A dear friend of mine told me that he had found in his research sleep before midnight was the most regenerating.  Next we need to find and commit to a a varied exercise program…Walking, swimming, running, pilates, some sort of sport, yoga, tai chi, Qi Gong,  just a mix of things that will get your body and joints moving…While we are at it, let’s not forget to keep our mind active and grow, spiritually.

I am convinced within myself that we can all be better, healthier and live longer without pumping our bodies full of artificial chemicals and impurities…We are magnificent creatures, capable of anything…but we must be willing to participate…

*This information is for entertainment and educational purposes only and should not be used in place of a doctor’s care.  Should you have health concerns, please seek the care of a professional…

For my Dad…

I’ve said before how fortunate I am to have been blessed with the parents I have.  On Father’s Day, I would just like to say, “Thanks, Dad!”

You were, and still are, there when I need you, even when you are hundreds of miles away.

You support what I have chosen to do, even when you don’t agree with me.

You love me unconditionally, even through mistakes and bad choices and even more bad choices.

You chose my mother wisely, and together you have showed us what it is to truly love another human being.

You both made a home that has comforted us and kept us safe…a place where we know we are loved, without question.

You are strong when warranted, but not afraid to be gentle when you need to be.

You played ball with us, fished with us, swam with us…whatever, without complaint…only teaching us to be the best we could be…

You celebrated our wins, and helped us through our losses.

You have taught us honesty, respect, faithfulness, loyalty and love, without hesitation or regret.

You are, in my mind, what every man should strive to be…I love you!


Pray for Japan, the World

Yesterday was a fog…seeing the utter devastation in Northern Japan seemed so surreal.  Holistic Poet, Walkinturtle and I followed the devastation via the news, but also the USGS Earthquake reports.  Apparently, Japan had been “rocking and rolling” for a few days before the devastating event.  Seeing the massive damage, all I could do was send prayer and positive energy that way.

That started me to think about simply sending the positive energy out to the world.  There are things going on everywhere, maybe not as deadly or destructive, but still devastating.  Why don’t we all focus our energy worldwide, with a concentration for places and people we know need it?  It doesn’t take that much time to do, just in case time is an issue…

Be aware that “I” am not the only one in the world…Be aware that people are suffering from so many things these days…here, and abroad.  My dad always said that no matter what, “there is always someone in the world that has it worse than you.”  Sure, you can be sad for yourself, but what if instead of sulking in the sadness, we decide to start basking in thankfulness for what we DO have?

Here is an exercise; next time you are feeling sad, try to think of 3 things that you have to be happy about.  Let them fill you up.  Let that help you work through your sorrow.  After all, not everywhere just experienced the devastation that happened in Japan.  Most of us still have a place to stay out of the elements.  Most of us can look out and not see the destruction all around our cities.  Most of us still have a safe way around our area.  Most of us will not have to depend or rely on someone else as we move through the next few months of our lives.  Most of us did not just lose our family members, houses, living in an 8.9 magnitude earthquake.

Yep, I know it sounds “simple-minded,” but what does concentrating on the sadness get you?  Might as well do something positive for yourself…and the world!

Never Fear…

Fear is an interesting thing.  Fear can keep one from harm by initiating certain fight or flight responses or cause one to think twice before doing something that could cause bodily, or other, harm.  Many times, though, fear is used to control a person.

Our organized churches use it to keep one “in line” or from “going to hell.”  Politicians use it to garner support for things that one would not normally support.  Even bankers and Wall Street use it to drive markets and to scare one into accepting certain outcomes that really have no factual support.

Here is the bottom line; don’t let anyone put you in a position of fear.  Are there times to be afraid?  Of course!  But there are times when fear only causes us to make bad decisions.  We are in what seems to be scary times…but, we will pull through it.  Fear can cause suffering or mean enslavement to certain principles or ideas.  Remember the words of Ernest Holmes, “The Divine Plan is one of freedom; bondage is NOT “God-ordained.”

What can we do during these trying times?  Instead of fear, get together with your neighbors, friends and family and start a support network.  Pretty soon you may realize there is really nothing to fear at all…

“The key to change…is to let go of fear.”  Roseanne Cash

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.”  Mark Twain

“The whole secret of existence is to have no fear. Never fear what will become of you, depend on no one. Only the moment you reject all help are you freed.’  Buddha

“Courage is knowing what not to fear.”  Plato

“Fear of something is at the root of hate for others, and hate within will eventually destroy the hater.”  George Washington Carver

“Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance.” Francis of Assisi

Instead of a fear-based society, lets try building a society on real love and mutual respect for our sisters and brothers…Just something to think about!

(Quotes were found on Brainy Quotes)

To My Child…


I love you with all my heart, and only want what is best for you.  You are, and always have been, a blessing to me.  There is no doubt in my mind that you are here for a purpose…and that purpose may be in a supportive roll, to help others reach their highest potential, or may be in a leading roll, for you to change the world with your innovative and imaginative ideas.  That part I cannot know.

What I do know is that you are beautiful, intelligent and worthy of notice…and while I may be your biological link to this physical world, I am not your keeper.  You, my dear, must be set free to experience this world on your own.  While you can learn certain things, lessons and mistakes from others, somethings you can only learn by experience.  Sometimes your decisions bring me pain, but they are yours to make.

Please know that, by leaving you to experience this physical world on your own, this does not mean that I no longer care or no longer love you.  That, my dear child, could never be.  While you are a part of me, I do not own you.  You are your own person, your own expression of the Divine, and that position warrants discovery…and respect.

You will find that if you want help, I will help.  If you want comfort, I will comfort.  If you want support, I will always support…No matter what, however, I will ALWAYS love you…even when you do not love yourself…even when you do not think anyone loves you…I ALWAYS will!

Your Mother…

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