Music makes the world go round…

Music is a wonderful thing…it can make you remember, help you forget, fill you with wonder, rev you up or slow you down…and sometimes it can even help you cry or make you angry.

Some of us favor different types of music, and that is okay, too, because there are so many different types from which to choose.  And any combination of which can help you achieve a particular state of mind.  From Christian to Rock to New Age to Classical to Rap to World to Hip Hop to Country to Alternative to Spiritual and everything in between (I am from Louisiana, so I must mention Zydeco!).  There are lyrics, few lyrics, no lyrics, mostly flutes, trumpet, saxophone, piano, classical guitar, chants, drums, hard, soft, pop…I even have a friend that plays and teaches Harp, and it is amazing!  Truly, the varieties are endless.

Think you like only one or two?  My suggest would be for people to give difference varieties a try.  Over the past few years, I have found several new and exciting styles that speak to nearly every different mood.  some you will know you do not like right away, but you might be surprised what you find you DO like.

Remember, too, music is a form of therapy…and there are people who practice it on a formal basis.  As for me, I just like listening.  I have found it can help me release emotions, discover some I keep hidden, even from myself, and it can also help me center and meditate.  Need to calm down?  Try Native American Flute or New Age.  Feeling “spiritual?”  Try Christian, Celtic or Southern Gospel.  Need to connect on a mental level?  Try Classical.  Feeling romantic?  Try Ballads from nearly any genre.  Just want to dance around?  Try Jazz, Rock, Hip Hop…Zydeco!  You can get tips from YouTube or Amazon, and even your friends, children and mother!  Truly, though, the point is, just give something new a shot.  You might be pleasantly surprised!


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By suggesting reading and alternative therapies, we are not attempting to diagnose or treat any illness. Our suggestions are merely that, based on personal experience and research and should, in no way, be a substitute for medical advice.