Happy Re-Birth Day!

Easter is a time of remembering what has been sacrificed, and many people tend to focus more on that.  But, it is also a time of re-birth.  Why not use more of our energy to concentrate on the new beginnings possible?  We can draw inspiration from the beautiful plants, butterflies and birds emerging all around us…heck, if they can take the pollution, abuse and neglect and still come back bigger and more beautiful, why can’t we?  It’s a matter of perspective, and hey, perspectives can change…ever looked at your yard from different sides?  It looks different and all you did is change your view!

Many people may not agree, but we can compare ourselves to the beautifully colored Easter Eggs.  Our lives have many ups, downs and bumps.  Sometimes we are cool and fragile, other times we are in hot water, waiting for someone to help us out!   Sometimes we tend to hide, and sometimes we even have cracks, but we seem to always emerge from that!  We now find ourselves at another “beginning” and need to take the opportunity to shine in all the brilliant colors available to us!  We need to try to think and be as positive as we can.  While we cannot ignore, totally, the negative, the negative isn’t going to take us anywhere good!  We need to put our thoughts on the positive and leave them there…we’ll be better off for it!

May the many blessings of our Mother/Father Creator wrap you in love, peace, beauty, joy, comfort and light, strengthening your resolve, today, and always!  Blessings on this wonderful time of Re-Birth…


Taking Cues From Mother Nature

A cool front moved through here between Saturday and yesterday, leaving us with temperatures 20 to 25 degrees cooler for the past two days than most of last week.  As Summer fades into Autumn, the night breeze has a slight chill, as does the daytime breeze, and for some reason, overnight the air seems to be more crisp and clean.  It is a beautiful day here today, and even the sunshine seems somehow prettier.  As things have died out over the Summer heat, the plants that managed to withstand the brutal heat seem to be even brighter.

Our part of the earth is preparing to hibernate, as Autumn will surely give way to Winter.  Our area will be at rest, rejuvenating for the next phase, Spring…and the cycle will repeat…waking, living, resting & sleeping, waking, living, resting & sleeping…on and on it goes.

We tend to push ourselves to the breaking point every single day.  Most of us don’t have too much trouble with the waking part of our day, but we try to cram so much “stuff” into it that we ignore one of the most important thing we can do for ourselves.  Rest & sleeping…

If we pay attention to nature, we can get clues.  Take for instance the perennials.  They sprout forth their life, grow, start to wither and die, only to repeat the cycle, sometimes even bigger and better over the following years.  I’d like to use, as examples, two particular plants; Crape Myrtles and Pampas Grass.

When I lived in Texas, everyone grew Crape Myrtles.  One particular fellow had a fence lined with Crape Myrtles.  I passed his place everyday on my way to work.  Before I knew much about them (I still don’t know too much!), at the beginning of Autumn, he cut every single one of them to the ground.  I thought to myself, “What the heck are you doing, mister?” because they were beautiful…smaller, but beautiful.  The next Spring, after resting the Autumn and Winter, they came back with a vengeance!  They grew bigger and more full, and even more beautiful…that next Fall, he did the same thing…Cut them to the ground!  Yet, in the Spring, they came back and grew even bigger and more lovely…

My parent’s driveway is lined with Pampas Grass.  It is a beautiful sight when they are covered in full plumes.  People here, in the Midwest, grow them, as well.  What they do here, though, in Autumn, is cut them down and burn them off…If you know nothing about it, it sounds crazy, right?  Yet the following year, after the Autumn and Winter rest, they come back fuller and more beautiful.

The same goes for deciduous trees, as well…Ever seen a Maple Tree go through it’s cycle?  Another lovely tree with a similar cycle is the popular Bradford Pear.  Beautiful life emerges in the final throws of Winter and the onset of Spring as the trees flower.  Pretty leaves emerge (most are green, but there are other colors as well.  Japanese Maples are famous for their red or red lined leaves and are very popular ornamental trees!) and by Summer, they are covered with leaves.  In Autumn, as the trees wind down for rest, the leaves put on a SPECTACULAR show as they change color from green to yellow to orange and to red (sometimes having all four colors on one leaf!), as the tree gets ready to shed its leaves for the upcoming hybernation. It is an awesome show!

I have known many people who leave the trees to their own devices, once they are established, and they do alright.  I have also known others to nurture and care for their trees, and boy do they flourish!

There are a couple of things we can learn from Mother Nature…

First, we NEED our rest and relaxation to rejuvenate.  Sure, we can go and go and go all day long, deep into the night, crash onto our beds, get a few hours of sleep, get up the next day and do it all again, but that pace takes a toll on our body, and on our psyche.  Our bodies need proper rest, and nourishment if we plan to live long lives.  Lack of sleep leads to stress, confusion and moodiness.  Stress is one of the main sources for dis-ease and bodily malfunction in otherwise healthy adults.  Lack of sleep causes us to not “think” to our fullest capacity, causing us confusion, which breeds frustration, and then anger.  These are preventable things, if we nourish ourselves through proper rest and diet.

Second, Mother Nature can also show us the beauty of life and dignity in death.  As both the Crape Myrtle and the Pampas Grass and deciduous tree examples show us, we can live our lives in beauty and splendor, and at the end, if we do not fear our life or death, we can transition into our next great adventure, and be even more splendid at that.  Many religions teach us about life after death, reincarnation, etc.  So, as you watch Nature, you can see what happens after it appears to “die.”  The next “life” is so much bigger and more beautiful…and on it goes…

Take good care of yourself, respect yourself and don’t be afraid of what is to come.  Take time to “rest.”  There is nothing wrong with simply being still for a while!  Sure, you can take a vacation every year, but what about a little rest every day?  Take a short walk, relax in a warm bath, read, listen to music, take up a hobby, or yoga.  Get proper rest, and then be SURE to get proper sleep!   The things to promote rest do not have to take up much of your time, but the benefits of rest and sleep are unending!  I challenge each of you to take on your life, but treat it with respect.  Grow, live and nurture your life.   And, try treating every living thing with the same “respect for life” and see what you cultivate in your own!  Many Blessings!



Respecting Self and Others…

Respect seems sorely lacking these days…between Adults, Parents & children, spouses, children, both in families and in school, co-workers and even for our own self.  Even with the multitudes of churches, intolerance for bullying on school campuses “diversity training” in the workplace and efforts to raise self-esteem, respect has dwindled to nearly nothing.  (And I am from the South…land of hospitality!)

I can’t say what first started the decline, but it is truly annoying!  Why can’t we respect ourselves and others?  What has changed to cause the lack of respect?  And, when will we get it back?

I do not have the answers to these questions, but I would like to put forth some thoughts.

You are the face to the world of the Ultimate Self, and that position demands respect.  You are a sacred treasure, prized by Your Creator…yet, unfortunately, we lose sight of that.  We get caught up in the worldly.  We forget just WHO we are, and we act with disregard, neglect, apathy…towards ourselves, and towards others.

Respect is defined as high or special regard or to consider worthy of high regard; esteem.  And to esteem someone means we place a high value on him or her.  So…strictly speaking, if we no longer respect someone, we no longer find value in them…they are no longer special.  That goes for us, as well.

We must first regard ourselves highly before we can expect that treatment for ourselves or return the regard to others.  This is not a pep talk on how to be good to you, it is a fact.

If you have no respect for yourself, why not?  Answer the questions honestly, why DO you feel you are of little worth?  Can you change it, and if so, why wouldn’t you?  What is holding you back?  Is it lack of education?  Is it a weight issue?  Is it something you were told or how you were treated, or not treated, by someone you respected?  Would it help to know that you are not the only one with these issues?

Many people feel like they lack education and they either do not have the money or time to invest in higher education.  BUT, that doesn’t have to stop you!  There are many great books out there on many a great topic.  You can find books on nearly everything.  If books do not interest you, there are always DVD’s.  I have seen them on nearly every subject, as well.  You can take charge of that concern.

Many people have weight problems, too.  Sometimes we stress eat, sometimes we don’t eat the right things, sometimes we don’t exercise, and sometimes there are medical issues to be found and cleared up.  All of these things can be taken charge of, as well.

Many people are also treated disrespectfully by those they once held in high regard.  Whether that person is your parents, teachers, preachers, siblings, boss, whomever, you cannot give them charge of you.  By succumbing to their bad treatment, you give away your own power.  Chances are, these people have been treated badly at some point, as well, and while that is no excuse for bad behavior, we must learn to take charge of our own situation.

With respect for you, however, if you are in a position of deep depression or possible destructive behavior and you feel you can see no way out, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with seeking help…nothing.  Talk to family or friends, or seek outside help if you need it…remembering that realizing you have a problem is the first step…

We are worthy of the utmost respect; to be highly prized…we are VERY special.  As unique expressions of Creation, we are worth SO much…but then, so is everyone around us!  It’s time we started acting like the valuable, prized beings we are…Truly, until you are happy with your self, it will be hard to be happy with those around you.  See where and what you can make changes to help you feel treasured by you…then, spread the love…What happens might be surprised you!

Painful Compassion

As I watch you struggle,
my heart cries out for you.
Compassion hurts sometimes,
as does love…

You are a part of me.
You mean the world to me.
I want to be here,
but the pain of your decisions
is suffocating.

So I will walk away…
but I will pray,
and just know that, if you ever need me,
I will be here for you.

It’s hard to watch someone you love struggle through any part their life.  There was a time that I would rather struggle for my entire family, and my friends, than have them struggle even once…but I realize that isn’t the way they learn.  We watch as choices are made and directions followed that benefit no one, and if we try to speak up, these people simply turn a deaf ear or a blind eye…They make excuses thinking they are moving forward…and in truth, they really are…for their decisions may prolong their joy, but they do usually find it.

This is a good time to realize that we are all connected, and yet we are all individual expressions of Creation.  We have been given free will to do and decide for ourselves in whatever way we see fits our goal.  And, yes, parents, that goes for your children…and your own parents…your spouse/partner and your friends.  All we can do is show unconditional love.

One of the hardest lessons I have had to learn in my own life, especially with my own children, is to mind my own business unless they ask.  Interference is viewed as just that, interference.  “But what about when they come crying to you because, once again, they did not learn the lesson they were supposed to?”  All we can do is let them know we love them.  Should we have to put up with their bad decisions, made over and over again?  Certainly not…but we can still offer love.  We can still feel compassion for them, even as we wonder why they are not learning their lesson.  Is it possible to maintain a safe distance without cutting them off completely?

Ask yourself, too…did you learn from every single lesson given to you?  Some lessons are more painful to watch, that is very true, but what does breaking the spirit of these people have to do with helping them?

Have we tried all avenues available to us, such as prayer and meditation, to help then with their problems, or have we given up on them?  It’s not hopeless…No one is hopeless…Stay the course of love and compassion and continue to send your positive energy their way, you never know when they will be willing to accept it!

Divine Heritage

We are ALL children of Divine Majesty…making us “royal heirs” to a mighty kingdom.  And it does not matter to WHAT religion you adhere, the truth is simple…You are Divine…Do not let someone coax you into giving up your precious birthright.

With such “power” also comes massive, but simple, responsibility…to make sure that every single one of our sisters and brothers achieves their own truth…their expression of Our Divine Parentage.  As vessels of the attributes of Blessed Creation, love should imbue every cell in our body as our very being illuminates the world.  Is it not true that The Supreme truly embodies love and light?

Let nothing hold you back from pursuing your sacred heritage.  May your Soul shine forth today as the essence of who you are radiates outward, inspiring our noble siblings to embrace their greatness.

All Along…

Standing in the shadow of the Immortal,
my mortal body, broken and bruised,
from expressing myself, over and over,
trying to find forever.

My eyes do not see what is in plain sight,
as my mind and body struggle forward.
Limping along at a tedious pace,
Not realizing help is right before me.

Emotions battered and torn,
attempting to convey love,
trying to locate peace,
striving for true freedom…

At once, I see beyond the shadow
and I realize, this…Immortal…is familiar.
It is clear, now, the shadow is cast by me…
A place I’ve created to hide from who I really am!

As my spirit reaches forth,
grasping for the Omnipotent,
My heart leaps as it envisions
the end of suffering and sorrow.

Finally, love, peace, freedom…they are mine,
as my soul intermingles with the Soul of all…
And I realize…we have been One all along…

Magnificent, Instead!

What cares do I have, that eat up my days,
drive me insane with worry and pain.
How did I get them, from where did they come?
I search deep down, to the pit of my soul,
and find their not there, so is my search done?

Then a very small voice, so still and alive,
beckons me listen, so I’m not deprived.
“Your worry’s, your problems” it says with such force,
“Are troubling for sure, but derive from mankind…
I would not wish them for you, not ever, of course.”

“You are My Dear Child, and only the best,
is what you deserve, yet time you do waste,
searching for things which hold no meaning for you,
wondering blindly, stumbling round in the dark.
Why do you do that?  Better get on the move!”

“You have lots to accomplish, things to get done.
Things to experience, get out, have some fun!
You’re truly Divine, accept it, move ahead!
Shed the thick coat of troubles you’ve wrapped round yourself.
Embrace who you are, be magnificent, instead!”

Expression Unfolding…

Moving toward the unknown,
away from the comfortable,
Adrenaline rushes, emotions scatter.

Fear of the unfamiliar,
heightens as we progress,
but we’re not turning back.

Our adventure begins,
moving slowly, at first,
as our elation wells.

There’s only one way to continue,
Swallow pride, forget the past,
catch our breath and press on.

Forage our own way, something we can respect.
Nothing desolate or dark, desperate or lonely.
More souls than you know are seeking the same.

Tranquility ushers forth out of the depths of the chaotic,
Only now do we comprehend our journey’s purpose,
as the truth penetrates deep into our core.

We awaken, one day, to the truth of our purpose.
A notion more powerful than yet we’ve envisioned
Only then do we become what we’ve been created to be…
An emaculate expression of the passion of Our Beloved…

Independence Day…

If you knew you could help one person by simply accepting them for who they are, would you do it?  No matter what?  If the answer to the world’s problems was to just let people be who they are, could you do that?

What is it in us that makes us want to control what others think, see and feel?  What is it in us that makes us always think we are right and others are wrong?  Why is it that we think just because someone believes something different or is different, they are a “bad person?”

Sure, there are certain moral/social rules, to be sure, don’t kill, steal, cheat, lie…and respect others.  We seem to hold the first 4 in deep regard, and tend to ignore the last one, either when it is convenient, or altogether…Why?

Today, on Independence Day, I ask you to examine your interactions with those around you.  Set them free of your ill-placed judgment.  Give them the independence to experience who they really are…And realize that independence is a gift…for all…not just for a new country declaring its freedom from an oppressive, overbearing, dictatorial king, but in a free country, it’s for everyone…

Meditation/Prayer for the new season…

Today is the first day of Summer…the Summer Solstice…Many people in alternative medicine tout cleansing your body during every season.  What about rejuvenating our spirit and soul with every season?

So many times we simply overlook that which literally carries us from one moment to the next.  Sure, our health does that too, but we ignore that as well!  Why do we do this?  (Trust me, this message is as much for me as it is for anyone else!)  What is it in our make up that allows us to overlook the most important things about our own selves?

Today, as the season changes, this is my wish for all…

Blessed Mother/Father Divine, creator of all things living,
thank you for this wonderful life you have entrusted to me,
thank you for all my friends and family, near and far,
(since we are all connected, that includes every living thing!).

May we awaken to the Divine Wisdom you have placed within our soul.
With knew eyes to see and ears to hear, may we behold all the joy and beauty
You have bestowed upon us.

Help us to realize that by not making our own decisions,
we HAVE made a decision,
and that the consequences, both good and bad, are ours.
Guide us in the taking charge of our own lives so that we may realize
our full potential and not someone else’s.

With our new senses, please help us to see and hear those in need
and to reach out for them.
In doing so, may we not only touch their lives,
but allow them to touch ours…

May our every journey in life begin in thanksgiving for what you hope to accomplish through us.
Help us to overcome our fear and sorrow,
leading us to a better understanding of what we can accomplish,
if only we are willing to try.

Please bless those lives we are not able to reach,
guide them through their burden,
give them peace of mind.
Comfort their sorrows and lift them up in their joys.

Bless those who have given over their lives to seeking your greater good,
that they be guided on their journey, as well.

May we all learn something of value every day of our lives,
and dedicate our lives to a better world, the betterment of all humankind,
realizing that in doing so, we are actually helping ourselves…

Help us to know that we are not here alone,
that there are others who could, and would, join us,
and we CAN make a difference in this world.

May we see that every day is a blessing and that even if the days go “badly,”
there is a lesson for us in it.
Show us that by embracing the lesson, instead of ignoring it,
we grow…

Help us to realize the gift of infinite love You have given us,
and to know that, while some may act against us in ignorance,
Ignorance is not our destiny, nor should it be our crutch.

Thank you for the opportunity You have given us
to be an expression of Your love for all living things,
and help us to realize that by ignoring this opportunity,
we are ignoring our very purpose.

May we proceed on our journey with true love and compassion
for our fellow being and lift them up when we can,
fostering a sense of trust, not only in ourselves,
but for all humankind.

May Your Divine presence be with us today, and always,
and my your love, light and blessings carry us on our journey…

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