Taking Charge…

What a mess we find in the world today!  Death (more like murder!), destruction, depression…devastation…Mostly man-made!  Many of us may say, “What can I do about it?”

There are more than enough things that actually ARE preventable.

Many of the illnesses we have today could be prevented by better nutrition and less tampering with agriculture and the water supply (the affects of fluoride and chlorine on the thyroid).  We could avoid so much by stopping some of our medical practices (There have been several studies that show especially Type 1 Diabetes (and here)  is related to some childhood vaccines, as well as many cases of autism stemming from mercury in the vaccines.), not to mention the many illnesses caused by the many side effects of many prescription drugs on the market today and other illnesses caused by our medical industry.  It hurts my heart every time I read of things like these happening!

We could also avoid a lot by just getting back to an older way of life…with less conveniences.  I can hear the chorus of shouts against THAT, but are we really willing to give up so much just so things are “convenient?”  Some of us like to garden, and I understand that others don’t.  But, you do not have to garden to reap the benefits of fresh produce!  Go to the Farmers Market, so…growing your own food isn’t something you’d have to take on unless you wanted to!  But, we could get away from so much processed foods and actually cook meals at home!  In the hectic lifestyle to which we have grown accustomed these days, we need to find ways to relieve stress, and cooking is actually one of those ways!  Wow!  Two benefits making  one change!  Remember way back before virtually everyone had computers and cell phones, much less phones that could put you right on the internet?  People actually got out and did stuff…met their neighbors, played ball with their children and sometimes even had neighborhood gatherings…Today, people would rather text or e-mail than actually talking with someone on the phone!

As for war, it’s time we figured out that war doesn’t work…all it brings is death, disability and destruction…Just how long will it take us to learn that???

So, what do we do about all of that?  After all, we don’t declare war, Congress does that…We can’t make that decision…Well, you can do something about it…pay attention to what is going on.  If your congressmen and women are more interested in war than resolution, maybe you need new representation!  You can take care of that starting at the local level, and move that action all the way to the federal level.  Do you think the “Tea Party” is the only organized bunch of people that can affect an actually change in representatives?  Of course not!

The point is, you have to be present in every aspect of your own life and cannot simply live by default!  Get out there and protest what you don’t believe in!  Make your views known!  Research things that are important to you!  Get to know what is going on around you.  It is up to us to take care of things, get involved, get active…in everything!  Just think of what we could do if we became active in our own lives…actually had our say!  It is ultimately up to us to take charge…so let’s do it!


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