Turtle Wisdom

Turtle Wisdom

This is a time of great change.
This is a time of coming together.
This is the time for all relations to remember,
who and where we come from.

For many years I have walked across this great Turtle Island, seeking the wisdom’s and lessons of my relations.
Always I have listened to and followed the path of the Creator, and in this, I have and continue to be blessed. Now I feel it is time to share that which I have learned with those who will hear. Not because I have learned all that can be taught, (if I lived to be 1000 years old there would still be more left unlearned at my time of passing than all I could hope to learn in this momentary existence called life), but because I see a great capacity for our race to heal or destroy that which sustains us. We stand at this moment upon a crossroads, the path we choose to take will determine not only our own life, but the lives of every living thing that shares this earth we call home.

It is time to open your eyes, look around you, see your relations, understand your connection to the true family, the “One Family”. We must find the courage to see through the Hate, Jealousy, and apathy that has silently filled our lives. There is no enemy that sits at your doorstep except those you choose to create. It is always within your power to make peace with your relations, to find compassion and empathy for those you see now as less than you.

Look beyond yourselves, see the needs of your brothers and sisters, do not deny aid to those around you. Bring them gifts of love, understanding, compassion.

Teach all that you meet to see the beauty of life, not in words, but in actions, words are no more than a leaf on the wind, which passes before us then is gone. It is the walk we walk that remains in ones heart. If we give love, if we offer help to those in need, then we give lasting hope, and the courage to meet one’s own destiny. No one is alone, all actions good or bad continue onward.

Do not live your life by the words of others, or determine your worth by the things you possess. There is no possession that remains, all things pass. Only you can change what is within, there is no material thing that can make you what you are. If you are unhappy, then look within yourself, make peace with your own fears. Do not strike out at another for that which you create.

Walk in honor, pray always, give thanks in all things. Know that you are the creator of your life, and that what you give is returned to you in kind. Look around you, see the beauty of creation as it is meant to be, understand that life does not happen as you choose, but as it should be.

Join with others sing the songs of thanks and blessings even in the darkest of times. There can be no beauty within your heart if you do not choose to see it with your eyes, and hear it with your ears or speak it with your mouth.

You determine your walk, and strength of spirit, if you are weak it is because you choose to be, if you cannot see the rainbow of life within yourself it is because you choose the darkness. Your strength comes from the bond you share with all your relations, the creator has made it so.

Do not forget where you have come from, remember the connection you share, draw strength from the great web of life.

Welcome those who will come to you in need, give freely of your heart mind and spirit.
Together we are strong and our beauty is shared throughout the universe as the light of creation.

Make your life a walk of love. In this, you will always honor the Creator.

P. M. Walkinturtle

© Copyright 2010 P. M. Walkinturtle (UN: walkinturtle at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.


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