Body Language

Body language

Have you ever wondered how the medical establishment views health? Well if we put the pieces of the puzzle
together perhaps we can better understand the true intentions of medical
sciences. Consider this, when you have a problem with your health, say
…arthritis, you make an appointment with your doctor in order to feel
better … in order to be healed of the malady which has been visited upon
you. When you get to the doctor you explain to them that you are
experiencing pain and joint discomfort, loss of strength and vitality.
The doctor then examines you, possibly runs some tests and comes back
with the diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis. In your mind you envision
the crippled hands and joints of one suffering from this debilitating
disease and quickly ask the doctor if he can heal you… the doctor takes
out his little pad and writes down a prescription telling you that
although rheumatoid arthritis in not curable he can lessen the pain and
slow the destruction of the dis ease , and like many you thank him for
helping you to overcome this painful ailment and hurry off to the
pharmacy to get your medicine. Well… lo and behold, the medicine works
and you feel much better, everything is back to normal. You continue
your prescription remedy and every thing seems fine, except that is for
the slight headache and stomach discomfort…not bad just a little bother,
nothing serious…must be a touch of the flu or something. Then after a
couple of months you begin to feel tenderness around your mid section, a
bloating kind of tenderness, and for some reason you seem to have
picked up a kidney infection. Better get back to the doctor for another
prescription. So you make another appointment and the doctor examines
you, and says, yes you seem to have a kidney infection and your pancreas
is swollen and inflamed. But don’t worry take these pills and you will
feel better. You ask him why am I having this trouble and the doctor
says, well, it could be your diet, or you could just be getting old, you
nod, and take the prescription to your local pharmacy and pick up your
medication, and the game plays on…..

This is how the medical community works, by prescription, they are not in it for the cure, that
would be a silly and self destructive thing to do. If they cure you, you
don’t come back.. If you don’t come back they go out of business. In
other words, curing you is the last thing they intend to do. You are no
good to them if you are healthy. So if the doctor sees you as a monetary
asset why on earth would you think he had your best interest and health
at heart?

Well believe it or not, millions of people are life long
members of the false health system, and they have the ill health to
prove it! With prescription regimens consisting sometimes of dozens of
medications to deal with everything from indigestion to athletes foot
and every thing in between. It is no wonder that the majority of the
worlds population are suffering, getting sicker faster and dying slowly
as they become less and less vital leading to inevitable death at the
hands of medical science. Yes we pay dearly to die at the hands of the
medical establishment, and they just love us for it!

So how can we change this self destructive course we are on… after all, its not
just the prescriptions that are killing us, there are toxins in every
thing we touch, eat, drink, wear and breathe. In the following text we
will explore options and remedies that if taken seriously and used will
bring us to a place of true and vital health. Will this guarantee life
long disease and chronic pain free health? Speaking from experience I will say emphatically

So here we go, the adventure awaits…..

Where does ill health come from?

This may seem an obvious question to many, but if you buy into the genetic
marker disease argument then I need to bust that bubble . Genetics may
play a part in our propensity for dis ease… but if we are nutritionally
sound then there is no correlation no reason that our genetic make up
should lead inevitably to ill health. It is only when our bodies can not
sustain itself due to lack of nutrition that we fall ill and open the
doors to those genetic markers. The problem is.. That today, nutrition
can not be found in our commercial food industries, the products we
purchase touting the nutritional benefits of vegetables, fruits and even
meats are misleading at beast and criminal at worst. When your purchase processed
food products you are purchasing dead nutrition-less food,
chocked full of chemicals and preservatives, none of which are beneficial
to the body and all of which are harmful. But we can not stop here…
there’s more.

Food is one way in which the medical establishment
corrupts the body and creates new patients, but what about the other
things we ingest or consume on a daily basis? Every thing, shampoo,
mouth wash, toothpaste, deodorant, make up, hair dye, all carcinogens,
with a guarantee of toxic effect. Then we move on to the clothes we
wear, shoes, gloves, socks , and even our underwear, babies diapers,
pajama’s you name it.. If it is not made of unbleached undyed cotton or
other natural fabrics your skin will soak up toxins on a continual

It’s easy to over look the toxic environment, we focus so much on
what the governments and industry do blatantly yet all the while we are
soaking up toxins from every available source. It is no wonder that the
worlds population are sick and dying, the medical and consumer industry
have provided the perfect vector for their poisons.

How can we possibly expect to retain health in such a deadly environment? To be
honest, it will take more than a clean and chemical free food supply,
more than safe and pure drinking water, it will take sacrifice, a change
in lifestyle, and a change in how you view health and nutrition. The
things I will tell you here are not secrets held by a chosen few over
the ages nor will they be new scientific models given by the medical
establishment, it‘s not a new way of looking at health.. The things I
will tell you are simple, ancient and provable the only issue you will
have is your commitment and desire to live a vital and healthy life, if
the commitment is there then you can achieve health… I know some of you
will say, well it may be easy for you but not where I live… but then I
did not say it was going to be easy, nothing worth having is easy, but
if you truly are committed to your health then you will find a way to
institute these simple lifestyle changes which in many ways will be much
more accessible and cheaper to come by..

The Vital Diet
There is only one way in which to insure that your body gets the nutritional
elements it needs to function properly in order to retain vitality. You
have heard of the food pyramid, designed by the American Food and Drug
Administration, a guide to daily nutritional needs. Well I find that the
information and literature on this subject are much more useful when
used as the lining on bird cages. The correct and wholesome (with the
life therein) nutritional chart reads much better …it goes like this;

Fruits, Grains, Vegetables, Nuts, and Seeds.
A daily diet which involves these five food groups is by far the more
advantageous route to health., (do ya hear me FDA, lets talk!). If this
sounds kind of simple and basic… well that’s cause it is. But there is
more to it, let me explain… before civilization, and the advent of
communal life where one size fit everyone… people did not sit down to
dinner, they did not ingest food that was prepared, cooked or baked…
although roots and grains were boiled because of the density and
digestibility, mostly the foods were eaten on a continuous basis,,,or on an
as needed basis. This is because the energy of live food afforded the
most nutrition then and it still does today.

Eat your food raw as much as possible, vegetables cooked, steamed
or boiled have very little if any nutritional value, it is dead food,
processing kills nutrition every time!
The body does not have a time schedule for nutrition, there are
too many variables, activity, age, and environment. The body is a
machine, a self regulating machine, a self medicating machine.. Eating
large nutritionally dead meals may fill you up for the moment, but the
truth of the matter is you are overloading your digestive tract, and
causing excess bacteria and toxins to attach themselves to your system,
your body is full of nothing but useless dis ease building material. It
may taste good, and smell good but like everything else the propaganda
machine puts out…it’s a lie. A diet of fresh vital fruits, vegetables,
grains, nuts and seeds eaten on a continual basis will provide your body
with everything it needs to retain health and vitality. Snacking your
way to health instead of eating your way to dis ease.

I can not control the circumstances or difficulties that you may face due to area,
legalities, or monetary issues, these are beyond my ability to change.
What I can do however, is show you what can be achieved in the simplest
way possible for you to stay vital in the face of the environmental
toxins and dis ease that effects all of us.

A steady diet of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds , any nuts and seeds, some may hold
better vitamin or protein density, but if you are able to mix it up you
will get what you need. You can purchase dry fruit which if dried
naturally will retain its nutritional benefits, or you can dehydrate
them yourself. There are many ways to make a solar dehydrator, and lots
of information can be found online. Vegetables should be eaten raw, but
can also be dried, the more water content the better the nutritional
value after drying. Seeds such as sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin
seeds etc. are excellent sources of protein and other nutrients, and
wild harvested seed grasses have high nutritional value. Grains such as
wild rice, wheat, barley etc. are dense and require heat to release the
nutrients inside , which makes them an excellent match for legumes, rice
combined with beans make up a complete amino acid peptide chain, a
power house of balanced nutrition, combine that with fresh raw onions,
celery, carrots etc. and nothing could be more healthy! Juices are
essential but, you should not mix your fruits too much,. When we eat or
drink our mouth secretes enzymes which tell the stomach what it will be
digesting, regulating the stomach acids so that it is in balance.
Because fruits like apples have differencing sugars than say a
grapefruit this can sometimes if done frequently enough cause stomach
digestion issues.

Make yourself a little bag of goodies to take with you
every day, instead of filling your stomach with processed dead food,
grab a handful of dried fruit, nuts and or seeds. Eat it slowly,
allowing the enzymes to do their job, you will find not only are you
less hungry, but your energy level will not spike up and down. Do this
every day, then when you get home at night , eat a well balanced meal,
including meat if you like, but keep in mind that it takes the stomach
much longer to digest meat, so don’t eat as much. Also drinking during
the meal can weaken the stomach acids causing slow or incomplete

Another way to make sure that the stomach is ready for a
balanced meal is to eat an apple about thirty minutes before your meal.
This allows fiber for digestion and other nutrients good for digestion.
Don’t over eat! Stop before you are full, your stomach will love you for


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By suggesting reading and alternative therapies, we are not attempting to diagnose or treat any illness. Our suggestions are merely that, based on personal experience and research and should, in no way, be a substitute for medical advice.