Freedom to Be

There is much going on in this world here today.
And many are hoping it just passes them by.
Governments and people disrespecting each other,
and everyone suppressing their urges to try.

True freedom’s a gift, not given by man,
yet some feel the need to control and demand.
We are brothers and sisters, here on this planet
and this journey of ours beckons us to understand.

One by one we CAN accept our differences
and respect that which makes us unique.
Today we must shed our hatred and fear,
knowing these differences make our world tick.

We are one human race, what affects you affects me,
and so on it goes, till we stop hurting each other.
One thing of great note, that we must recognize,
No one can be free while suppressing another.


No More War…

We are all so busy handling our daily lives that we forget there are other things going on in the world.  Is it really an out-of-sight-out-of-mind kind of thing?  We read, quite often, about people dying on the battlefield…all the time, and we are told they are fighting for our freedom.  This is ingrained in us from a VERY early age, so very few of us really question that.  That is why, we are told, we have our military.  They do the job so we don’t have to, and we should support our troops at every turn.  Do we ever stop to just ask, “Why war?”

Bear with me, now, because I know this looks political…and I suppose it is to a certain degree!

We are told this country was founded on “Christian Principles.”  Really???  Then what is missing?  Why don’t we “get” the message?

This weekend, I was led to read the Beatitudes.  What a wonderful passage in Scripture!  But…What do we really LEARN from the “Prince of Peace?”  One part (if it is possible to say one part only!) stands out among the rest and many people cite it.

Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.

That is pretty simple…But there is more…There is a reference that sends us back to Psalms 37.  that particular passage is a really great one.  There are many things in that chapter that are amazing for us to realize.

First, simply trust in Our Creator and do good…that’s all…Just do good!

Second, Trust in Our Creator and receive the desires of your heart…

Third, abstain from displeasure…YES, it actually says that!

And many times throughout the chapter, it tells us that the meek shall inherit the earth.  In fact, it is in verse 9, 11, 22, 29 and 34.  What should this tell us farther?  IF the Creator of all there is is so amazing as to actually create EVERYTHING, if that creator wanted it destroyed, would you have to do it???

In Matthew 5:23-24 we are told, by the “Prince of Peace,” if our brother holds something against us, go make peace with your brother before you come back to the alter to worship…leave your offering and go make peace with your brother…That is a far cry from go kill your brother…

In Matthew 5:39, we are told to turn the other check…THAT doesn’t sound like “go to war and wipe out your enemy!” and in 5:43-44 we are told to love and pray for our enemy…BY the “Prince of Peace”…THAT doesn’t sound like “go to war and wipe out your enemy” either!!!  The most important part, though, is the “WHY” we are told to do that…so that we become like our Creator in Heaven, perfect!!!

I submit to you that TRUE support for our troops would be to BRING THEM HOME and stop the empire building all over the world!!!

May all of our troops make it home safely, and the people of the world come to their senses and stop these useless wars!!!

Make Everyday a National Day of Prayer

With all the devastation going on across our nation, and the economic and political climate around the globe, it should be obvious that we need to be in meditation/prayer for the situation everyday.  Don’t let the chance to do good for everyone, which actually costs you nothing, pass you by! After all, how often do you get to help nearly 7 billion people for free!!!

Take your opportunities when you get them…driving to the grocery, waiting while you are picking your children up from school or extra-curriculars,  stirring the food you are cooking, walking the dog, walking to your car from shopping, waiting for the page you are printing to load…even while taking your shower!

We are told not to ramble on about what we are praying for, so it doesn’t have to consume your whole day…Even available minutes waiting to move to the next thing in your day can be enough to lift up mankind!  You might be amazed at what you can accomplish!

My Prayer for today…and everyday…

We are asked to be in continuous prayer and I am so very glad we are.  BUT, even then, how do we pray for everyone in need, even when we don’t know they are “in need”?  Sooo…here is my prayer for today:

Blessed Mother-Father Creator of my life, the world we live on and all things living,
Thank You for Your Presence in my life.  I am transformed because of it.
Today, as every day, there are those who are in need of your Divine intervention.
Some I am acquainted with and know about, some I don’t.
Please help all those seeking Your intercession, today, for whatever reason.
Thank You for the Divine Spark which You have placed deep within us all.
Until we awaken to, and learn to use, that Eternal Help,
Thank You for Your guidance and strength in our time of need.
Blessed be to all living beings on this planet…
Let Your Will be done…

My Heart Bleeds…

Today, my heart bleeds as I watch you move away from your true potential.
You are hurt and torn apart, yet you refuse to let anyone in.
Even me…

We are all sisters and brothers on this incredible journey,
here to help and support, love and honor,
but you can’t…or won’t…

And while that may be fine for you, it isn’t for me…
for I know we can all be truly great
if we choose…

As for me,
I will continue to strive toward my true potential.
And pray for you…always…

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