Today’s Journey

Today’s journey is a new adventure.  During the adventure, strive to be a better conduit for positive change, for the work of Our Divine Creator.

Move throughout the day in reverence, humbleness, and thanksgiving.

Treasure each moment, for time is short and events can be changed.

Be aware of the energy around you, direct positive energy where needed.

Realize that events may have been foretold in Scripture like they were because Our Mother/Father Creator knew that humankind might choose the path of complacency, thus leading to the unfolding of pestilence, war, death and destruction.

As your journey unfolds, dare to make a difference, choose wisely, act with grace and diginity.

Approach all with a clear mind and a heart full of love – guided by Our Divine.

We can do all things if we believe we can!


An Affirmation for Today…

We all possess the wisdom and faith of Our Mother,
The courage and strength of Our Father,
and the beauty and balance of both.

We are not bound by anything or anyone in our past.
Nothing in our past and nothing anyone else has experienced
can shape our experience here today.
All, now, is open to our own interpretation.

Let go of all negativity and and all notions that do not serve our purpose.

Today, we move forward with confidence,
knowing there will be challenges
and it will be up to us to react in the proper manner.

Today we realize that we have to participate,
be fully present in our lives if we want it to be

Today is ours for the taking.
Face it head on.
Take on every task knowing
that nothing can stop us.

Truly, NOTHING is out of our grasp!

Blessings as we move through our day,
with respect and gratitude, knowing we were created for this day!

Pondering the Possible

My work in the real world brings me in contact with all kinds of skeptics…literally, people who don’t trust each other and don’t care to try.  In politics, as in religion, health and any other part of our lives, there will be skeptics.  There will be those who will not trust and will not bother to even try to get along.  They will not look into something that opposes what they believe, even if it might be enlightening for them…but what if we did?  What if, despite EVERYTHING, we were actually truly free to express our thoughts without the possibility of being labeled a kook or wacko or whatever?

I had an interesting conversation with my mother last night about gay rights…something I honestly NEVER thought I would hear my mother talk about.  The daughter of a very respected former preacher, I let her say what she had to say, and realized, she actually DOES understand some very major things…it gives me hope.

Likewise, on my last visit to see my parents, my dad made a comment that took me so aback, it didn’t even register with me until just a few days ago.  I have been thinking about it since he said it, but literally, it took nearly 2 weeks for me to accept that he actually said it…another sign of hope…My parents are in their late 60’s early 70’s…and believe me, you could have hit me with a baseball bat and it would not have phased me like these to conversations.

So…do I dare to dream that mankind may actually be awakening to the possible acceptance of all humankind and it’s diversity and many forms of spirituality?  All I can say is, I SURE hope so!

While I cite the Bible a lot, as I feel it has great passages, there are great teachings in other spiritual paths, as well.  I know I have discussed this before, but who are we to say which of these other spiritual paths is wrong?

Religion is man-made out of a shear desperation to understand who we really are and why we are here, on this planet…what is our purpose?  How are we to figure all that out, though, if we have one or another religion shoving their idea of “perfect” down our throats and refuse to look farther?  Truth is, we can’t!

The one thing I can say is that through all my reading and studying, there is one thing that runs through most all teachings…love for our fellow journeyers.  Make no mistake, we are on a journey.  The attitude and path is up to us.  If we choose to put down our fellow journeyers because we disagree with what they understand and stand for, how do we expect to grow?  This is not to say that you have to agree with every different position out there, but how can you even know you might agree if you aren’t willing to at least listen?

We are all created equally, remembering Genesis 1:26, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness…” and, apparently by this very passage, are very like our Blessed Creator!  That being the case. we all have something of value to say…

I am hoping that from this day forward, you will open your hearts and minds to those whom you perceive as being different from you.  Not that you should accept every word they say at face value, but give it some thought!  What if in their thoughts and ideas there is a lesson for you that you are totally ignoring?  How will you ever grow if you deny your lessons in life?

Be the Blessing…

Today will be short and simple…

We have all heard the saying, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”  Well, today, I want to challenge you to BE the blessing you want to receive…Be a blessing in the lives of the people around you.  Let Our Divine Creator’s light shine so brightly through you that people will have no choice but to know they have been blessed…

You may only cross paths with some of these people one time, and everyone can ALWAYS use a blessing…EVERYONE.

So, starting today, as you move through your particular journey, be the blessing you want to receive…and receive the blessings from others with joy, and much love and light…

Meditation/Prayer for the new season…

Today is the first day of Summer…the Summer Solstice…Many people in alternative medicine tout cleansing your body during every season.  What about rejuvenating our spirit and soul with every season?

So many times we simply overlook that which literally carries us from one moment to the next.  Sure, our health does that too, but we ignore that as well!  Why do we do this?  (Trust me, this message is as much for me as it is for anyone else!)  What is it in our make up that allows us to overlook the most important things about our own selves?

Today, as the season changes, this is my wish for all…

Blessed Mother/Father Divine, creator of all things living,
thank you for this wonderful life you have entrusted to me,
thank you for all my friends and family, near and far,
(since we are all connected, that includes every living thing!).

May we awaken to the Divine Wisdom you have placed within our soul.
With knew eyes to see and ears to hear, may we behold all the joy and beauty
You have bestowed upon us.

Help us to realize that by not making our own decisions,
we HAVE made a decision,
and that the consequences, both good and bad, are ours.
Guide us in the taking charge of our own lives so that we may realize
our full potential and not someone else’s.

With our new senses, please help us to see and hear those in need
and to reach out for them.
In doing so, may we not only touch their lives,
but allow them to touch ours…

May our every journey in life begin in thanksgiving for what you hope to accomplish through us.
Help us to overcome our fear and sorrow,
leading us to a better understanding of what we can accomplish,
if only we are willing to try.

Please bless those lives we are not able to reach,
guide them through their burden,
give them peace of mind.
Comfort their sorrows and lift them up in their joys.

Bless those who have given over their lives to seeking your greater good,
that they be guided on their journey, as well.

May we all learn something of value every day of our lives,
and dedicate our lives to a better world, the betterment of all humankind,
realizing that in doing so, we are actually helping ourselves…

Help us to know that we are not here alone,
that there are others who could, and would, join us,
and we CAN make a difference in this world.

May we see that every day is a blessing and that even if the days go “badly,”
there is a lesson for us in it.
Show us that by embracing the lesson, instead of ignoring it,
we grow…

Help us to realize the gift of infinite love You have given us,
and to know that, while some may act against us in ignorance,
Ignorance is not our destiny, nor should it be our crutch.

Thank you for the opportunity You have given us
to be an expression of Your love for all living things,
and help us to realize that by ignoring this opportunity,
we are ignoring our very purpose.

May we proceed on our journey with true love and compassion
for our fellow being and lift them up when we can,
fostering a sense of trust, not only in ourselves,
but for all humankind.

May Your Divine presence be with us today, and always,
and my your love, light and blessings carry us on our journey…

“Monday” Syndrome…

It’s the dreaded “Monday”…The first day of the work week for most…The day after a hopefully nice weekend when reality settles back upon us and we hit the grindstone once again…

There are days in our lives that, no matter how hard we try, we cannot make go right.  We’ve all lived through them.  Have you ever wondered why, then, at the end of a day like that, some of us want to curl up in a ball and die and some of us seem to fight through it and just “get it over with”?   We all get through it, alright, but some just seem to take everything in stride, even though they are frustrated, and those who want to just die don’t even realize it is just as hard on these seemingly effervescent souls.

Maybe it would help us all to watch how some of these “effervescent souls” deal with things…

First of all, do you take the blame when it is yours to take or do you blame everything and one around you?   Lack of sleep?  Not enough down time?  Kids driving you insane?  Husband/wife driving you insane?  Work driving you insane?  Actually, these are things that can be fixed…handled…dealt with…and yet some of us just do not want to deal with them, making things much harder than they need to be.

Second, do you worry about the things you cannot do anything about?  Think about that for a minute…If you can do nothing about it, then it’s truly a waste of your time to worry about it…So why in the world would you expend the energy?

Third, do you go into a Monday, or whatever bad day you are having, with the attitude that the whole day is hopeless?  Do you give that thought too much energy, which, in turn, creates your reality for you?

In what other ways do you approach your “bad days?”  Can you adjust your attitude?  Is it something you can do something about?

Now, think about this…Just how many of these so called “bad days” have you endured???  See!!!  They are NOT going to kill you…so, vow from this day forward to take a different approach when dealing with your bad days and you will get through them much more quickly AND with much less stress!!!  Might as well, cause you know they are going to happen!  😉

Awakening to Spirituality

My early childhood was spent in basic rebellion of the church by my parents.  My grandfather was a well respected United Methodist Minister, but my parents did not care for some of the standard “church” teachings.  So…my dad and mom taught us at home…Kind of like homeschooling, but for church…

In High School, one of my teachers at school asked the class to what church they go…I was the only one who would admit I didn’t go to church (mid seventies…Most people in the South would not admit they didn’t go to church!), which startled her, and led to a barrage of fellow students trying to “save my soul” thoughout the remainder of high school.  Never mind that I didn’t drink, smoke, curse and sleep around.  I was respectful, minded authority figures (for the most part 😉 )  and in general, caused very little trouble…yet I was the one in need of saving…

Dad and mom thought that if siblings and I were to make an informed decision regarding religion, we would have to be exposed to it formally, so we joined a church.  To be sure, there were things, even when I was 17 years old, that made absolutely no sense to me, but I stayed the course, mostly because, in my mind, “society demanded it.”  I drifted in and out of church for a long time, married and had children.  My husband was not impressed with the United Methodist teachings and insisted we go to a Baptist church, so we changed denominations.

To make an unnecessarily long story shorter, the Baptist church, while I went through the motions, just didn’t cut it for me either.  I found it very difficult to think that, from a Christian perspective, all other religions are inferior or somehow bad.  After all, Christianity was, in the scheme of things, a relatively new religion.

It has been my experience that, while the bible holds MANY great teachings, many are also condescending and suppressive.  It was not until I moved away from my hometown and didn’t feel the need to “impress” people coming into my life that my spirituality took the most amazing turn…and I started understanding the teachings in the Bible in a whole different way.  My readings of spiritual things became very diverse and I realized there are many really great teachings out there that make much more sense and put together with what I now understand the bible to say, make for a whole better sense of self and spirituality.

In church, things like energy medicine and meditation, altered states, as well as other religions, and, depending where you attend, other Christina religions, are “evil,” of the “devil.”

I Corinthians 12 tells us right off the bat that there are many gifts…given by the One spirit, and that the “manifestation of the spirit” is given to all for the betterment of all.  These gifts are wisdom, knowledge, faith, healing, the ability to work miracles, prophecy, the ability to discern spirits, speaking in tongues and the interpretation of same…then it goes on to say the body is one with many members and in the diversity of the body lies its strength. Those are very powerful words!  So, how is it that we can say that God does not approve of people different from ourselves, if all is FROM God, to begin with?  There are many ways to follow our Divine Creator…MANY…

Today, I challenge you to think about what you have been taught all your life about religion and spirituality.  Who’s to say exactly what path is THE path to Our Magnificent Creator?  Let’s remember that religion is “man-made,” while spirituality is Divine Magnificence, God unfettered, if you will.  Remember, also, that man wrote the religious teachings of the world, inspired or not (and we KNOW how things can be manipulated using words and ideas!!!)…Who among us was around “from the beginning” before the invent of writing to witness for ourselves the splendor of creation?  Just a little food for thought!

For my Dad…

I’ve said before how fortunate I am to have been blessed with the parents I have.  On Father’s Day, I would just like to say, “Thanks, Dad!”

You were, and still are, there when I need you, even when you are hundreds of miles away.

You support what I have chosen to do, even when you don’t agree with me.

You love me unconditionally, even through mistakes and bad choices and even more bad choices.

You chose my mother wisely, and together you have showed us what it is to truly love another human being.

You both made a home that has comforted us and kept us safe…a place where we know we are loved, without question.

You are strong when warranted, but not afraid to be gentle when you need to be.

You played ball with us, fished with us, swam with us…whatever, without complaint…only teaching us to be the best we could be…

You celebrated our wins, and helped us through our losses.

You have taught us honesty, respect, faithfulness, loyalty and love, without hesitation or regret.

You are, in my mind, what every man should strive to be…I love you!


Being Still…

There are times when we wonder what we are doing here.  We all think that at one point or another.  For some, it comes up often.  This might be a good time to stop analyzing things so hard, just be still and meditate, pray, things that require no outside intervention, but an actual inner reflecting.

As children, adults tell us to “be still” all the time.  All we want to do is play and don’t understand why we need to “be still.”  As adults, many of us are over-worked and striving to make ends meet, get our bills paid, rear our children and just make it through life.  We don’t, or can’t, find the time to “be still,” and yet sometimes we desperately yearn to do just that.  Sometimes, we even push ourselves so hard, our bodies say, “I’ve had enough!” and force us to “be still,” as we recover from whatever illness gets us down.

We have become a society that prizes going…all the time…we MUST cram as many things as we possibly can into our day.  But, in doing so, we forget about ourselves…the need of our soul to just be still and reflect…not to DO anything but simply BE.

Meditation is beneficial on many levels, as it is a fabulous stress reducer.  You can slow your heart rate, relieve tension, steady your breath…Here is a list of 100 benefits of meditating.  If that is just too “out there” for you and what you have been taught, try a mainstream source for benefits, Psychology Today’s article.  Here is  something else on the Prayer Wheel.

For those who “would never meditate,” prayer is beneficial, as well.  An article on Newsmax cites Dr Anne McCaffrey of the Harvard Medical School with regards to prayer.

There is tons of info on the benefits of meditation and prayer.  Why not delve into some of it…Take advantage of the benefits before it is too late…Heaven knows, I need reminding!  Make some time, everyday, to just “be still” and meditate.  You can meditate, pray, or just clear your mind…but just “be still”…you might be surprised what you can learn about yourself!


Moving forward, ever so slowly,
we seem to always be searching,
and yet never finding,
our truth.

Minutes turn into hours, into days
and then weeks.  People tell us
what they think we want
to hear.

Little do we know what we long for
has been inside us all along.
A Gift from the One who
loves us…

Truth is, we know the truth, but
are afraid to embrace it
for fear it may not approve
of us.

Only problem is, we are the ONLY ones
who have to approve…
and we cannot  seem to
accept that.

Drowning in our own self-made sorrow,
we turn, pitifully, to another,
someone else who has given up,
turned away…

Blind and deaf, we chose to move,
yet all along we have been given
eyes to see and
ears to hear.

We are better than this…
We all possess within
the power to do great things
and to be GREAT!

It is time we quit wasting time
and precious energy
and become who we really are
’cause wasted time just isn’t good enough
for who we really are;
the child of a MIGHTY Creator!

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