Respecting Self and Others…

Respect seems sorely lacking these days…between Adults, Parents & children, spouses, children, both in families and in school, co-workers and even for our own self.  Even with the multitudes of churches, intolerance for bullying on school campuses “diversity training” in the workplace and efforts to raise self-esteem, respect has dwindled to nearly nothing.  (And I am from the South…land of hospitality!)

I can’t say what first started the decline, but it is truly annoying!  Why can’t we respect ourselves and others?  What has changed to cause the lack of respect?  And, when will we get it back?

I do not have the answers to these questions, but I would like to put forth some thoughts.

You are the face to the world of the Ultimate Self, and that position demands respect.  You are a sacred treasure, prized by Your Creator…yet, unfortunately, we lose sight of that.  We get caught up in the worldly.  We forget just WHO we are, and we act with disregard, neglect, apathy…towards ourselves, and towards others.

Respect is defined as high or special regard or to consider worthy of high regard; esteem.  And to esteem someone means we place a high value on him or her.  So…strictly speaking, if we no longer respect someone, we no longer find value in them…they are no longer special.  That goes for us, as well.

We must first regard ourselves highly before we can expect that treatment for ourselves or return the regard to others.  This is not a pep talk on how to be good to you, it is a fact.

If you have no respect for yourself, why not?  Answer the questions honestly, why DO you feel you are of little worth?  Can you change it, and if so, why wouldn’t you?  What is holding you back?  Is it lack of education?  Is it a weight issue?  Is it something you were told or how you were treated, or not treated, by someone you respected?  Would it help to know that you are not the only one with these issues?

Many people feel like they lack education and they either do not have the money or time to invest in higher education.  BUT, that doesn’t have to stop you!  There are many great books out there on many a great topic.  You can find books on nearly everything.  If books do not interest you, there are always DVD’s.  I have seen them on nearly every subject, as well.  You can take charge of that concern.

Many people have weight problems, too.  Sometimes we stress eat, sometimes we don’t eat the right things, sometimes we don’t exercise, and sometimes there are medical issues to be found and cleared up.  All of these things can be taken charge of, as well.

Many people are also treated disrespectfully by those they once held in high regard.  Whether that person is your parents, teachers, preachers, siblings, boss, whomever, you cannot give them charge of you.  By succumbing to their bad treatment, you give away your own power.  Chances are, these people have been treated badly at some point, as well, and while that is no excuse for bad behavior, we must learn to take charge of our own situation.

With respect for you, however, if you are in a position of deep depression or possible destructive behavior and you feel you can see no way out, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with seeking help…nothing.  Talk to family or friends, or seek outside help if you need it…remembering that realizing you have a problem is the first step…

We are worthy of the utmost respect; to be highly prized…we are VERY special.  As unique expressions of Creation, we are worth SO much…but then, so is everyone around us!  It’s time we started acting like the valuable, prized beings we are…Truly, until you are happy with your self, it will be hard to be happy with those around you.  See where and what you can make changes to help you feel treasured by you…then, spread the love…What happens might be surprised you!


You are the Chosen One…

In light of everything going on in this world, go to our mirror, and repeat after me:

I am a perfectly wonderful expression of Creation.
Our Divine loved me enough to give me life,
and I am going to use this opportunity to do everything in my power to bless those around me.
In doing so, I also bless myself, as we are all connected on this life’s journey;
What affects one, affects me, too.

Our Blessed Mother/Father Creator has given me freedom of choice,
and with that, I can choose to do anything, even change my mind.
And, while sometimes I may feel like not choosing, I understand that that, too, is a choice.

I cherish the thought of learning from the other adventurers whose paths I am so fortunate to cross.
My hope is that each and every one of us finds that we are all kindred spirits and true Soul mates,
and…we will honor the Divine in each other as our pilgrimages intertwine and unwind as we move on our way.

Blessed are you, the pure elucidation of The One that Creates all.  You are loved beyond measure!

Divine Heritage

We are ALL children of Divine Majesty…making us “royal heirs” to a mighty kingdom.  And it does not matter to WHAT religion you adhere, the truth is simple…You are Divine…Do not let someone coax you into giving up your precious birthright.

With such “power” also comes massive, but simple, responsibility…to make sure that every single one of our sisters and brothers achieves their own truth…their expression of Our Divine Parentage.  As vessels of the attributes of Blessed Creation, love should imbue every cell in our body as our very being illuminates the world.  Is it not true that The Supreme truly embodies love and light?

Let nothing hold you back from pursuing your sacred heritage.  May your Soul shine forth today as the essence of who you are radiates outward, inspiring our noble siblings to embrace their greatness.

An Affirmation for Today…

We all possess the wisdom and faith of Our Mother,
The courage and strength of Our Father,
and the beauty and balance of both.

We are not bound by anything or anyone in our past.
Nothing in our past and nothing anyone else has experienced
can shape our experience here today.
All, now, is open to our own interpretation.

Let go of all negativity and and all notions that do not serve our purpose.

Today, we move forward with confidence,
knowing there will be challenges
and it will be up to us to react in the proper manner.

Today we realize that we have to participate,
be fully present in our lives if we want it to be

Today is ours for the taking.
Face it head on.
Take on every task knowing
that nothing can stop us.

Truly, NOTHING is out of our grasp!

Blessings as we move through our day,
with respect and gratitude, knowing we were created for this day!

Trusting Who You Are

We all know that some days are FAR more trying than others.  Sometimes it seems the day will never end and the “trial” can distract us, even to the point of second-guessing other decisions we’ve made.  The “trials” can cause us to feel depressed, on edge, and sometimes even worthless!  But that just is not the truth!

The truth is that you are a perfect expression of Creation and Our Blessed Creator is right there with you, all the time.   If you allow it, the power of Our Creator will fill you up and help you through the day.  You don’t have to go it alone!   Our Creator also gives you the power to change things, if you don’t like the way they are going.  You have free will to do that!  The decisions you make are not written in stone…Choose another path, do something different…the possibilities are endless…the only limit is you, and YOU are AWESOME…and THAT is what you have to realize about YOU!

What is Love…

I am one of the fortunate ones who’s parents are truly a “match made in heaven.”  Growing up, I don’t think I saw my parents fight one time.  I remember maybe once, my mother did get a little irritated with my dad, but that was it.  My dad literally adores my mother and my mother loves my dad with every fiber of her being.  My mom and dad are truly the perfect couple!  They enjoy spending time together, they have very similar interests and they are very supportive of the other in all that they do.  From that relationship and what my dad taught us in Sunday School, I have learn a lot about what love is…and what it isn’t.

First of all, love is patient. kind, never boastful, doesn’t envy…Yep, nearly straight from the Bible!  Doesn’t make it any less true.  Sometimes, one takes a while to mature and have patience, though, I have learned…but it is a good guideline!  As for kindness, there is no leeway…just kindness…no need to be ugly or angry or rude…just kind!  Love doesn’t have to be boastful.  When you love, truly, people know it without question.  And…if you envy, is that love?  Of course not!

Lets just look at it this way…If some one loves you, they will not do things to harm you, they will not ask, or expect, you to do things against your nature, will or ways, they will not take advantage of you in any way and they will not treat you with disrespect.  They will not ask you to change and they will not intentionally do anything that will harm you in any way…period!

I had a long drawn-out conversation with a Christian friend of mine about Our Creator and love…I argued the point that Our Creator was the epitome of Love.  Our Creator was not an angry, wrathful, jealous God.  He argued that God was indeed wrathful and jealous and would smite you for being a sinner quickly.   He was certain there was no where in the bible that described love as I saw it…Well, there actually IS!  I Corinthians 13!

By now, I am sure you are asking yourself, “What the heck does this chick believe and is she crazy?  The bible says all over it that God is wrathful and jealous!”  Let me just put it right out there for you…I believe the bible has many good lessons in it…but I do not believe the bible is the ONLY book with such lessons and I surely do NOT believe Our Creator gave us the Ten Commandments and then described himself as an angry, wrathful, jealous God!

Well…as a parent, as is Our Creator, I cannot believe that we were created with free will, but considered by the very Creator that gave us free will “sinners” for “choosing wrong.”   I gave my children some free will, and while they might make a decision that I might make quite a bit differently, if I let them choose, how can I consider them horrible for choosing differently than me?  Is that to say they haven’t made mistakes in their choices?  Sure, but then so have I!  I’m not perfect…except in the eyes of Our Creator…

As for sin, I do not believe we are born sinners.  People have said all my life that we were born of original sin…Really?  Wasn’t it part of the Creation Story that we should go forth and multiply?  Hardly a sin to procreate!!!  While we are at it, if you want to consider wrong decisions a “sin,” then maybe at some point we become sinners, but I don’t by that.  I believe we have simply made mistakes…and Our Creator still loves us…and, generally speaking, we can learn from our mistakes and if we get another chance, we can make a better decision.  From where I come, that is called getting an education, though, not sinning!

Getting back to love…The Bible tells us that love covers all, believes all, and endures all…that love never fails…It also tells us that love is the greatest thing there is…Jesus taught that if we love our neighbor as our self and we love God with all our heart, all the other Commandments will fall right into place.

Soooo…have we, as a people, lost sight of what love truly is?  There is so much ill will and poor treatment towards others that we HAVE to believe we actually HAVE lost sight of not only WHAT love is but Who we really are!

Let’s just set the record straight right now…We have been created by the greatest force that, even in our wildest dreams, we cannot imagine.  And a part of that Divinity dwells inside of each and every one of us.  So, now, who are we?  We are the children of Our Blessed Creator and so we ARE love…and, by extension, if we are to try to follow Our Creator’s example, we will love unconditionally…

Let’s “Plug In”

It has been my experience from all the research I have done and all the “playing around” that our human bodies are most definitely electric.  I can sense energy surge and rescind.  I can feel the energy in an electrical storm…and during sessions where more than one of us is using Reiki, the power is unbelievable and my body craves it.

Many would tell us that we are “possessed” or evil or satanic for believing in such energy.  It’s not possible.  Many also believe what Jesus did in the Bible was a form of energy medicine, and yet when you talk about it in the main stream, people look at you like you are wacky…Yet, Jesus said of all the miracles and things he did that we would be able to do that and more, if only we believed.

I spent much of my younger life in church, as most from the Bible Belt do.  I learned a lot, including that if the church doesn’t understand something, they suppress it or call it evil…of the devil…

The bible also tells us that we are all brothers and sisters and that, in the end, we will be one people.  We know the Universe is alive and it, also, is electric.  What is static electricity?  Just one example, I know, but what about the “radiation” from the sun?  What about the moon’s effect on the tides?  There is power in our Universe.

The Field, by Lynn McTaggart, tells use there is an energy field all around us.  In fact, scientists still have no true idea where our memories are kept.  Also, another thing that we know works is prayer, a positively charge series of thoughts sent out into the universe to “find” and help the one we are praying for.  You also know that you do not have to even be in the same place as the person you are sending the positive energy.  Those of us who practice positive thought, or prayer, know the power of it.  BUT…what is the current it follows?  It would have to be the “Field” around us…The Universe!

So, how do we “use it?”  My suggestion is for us to simply quit denying what many of “feel” and just plug in!  As a very wise Native American man said…think it, say it, do it…It’s basically the same thing as what is in “The Secret.”  Just remember, you do get back what you sow…so…do what you do in peace, harmony and love…Just think what we could accomplish if all of us came together for the better of all mankind in peace, harmony and love!

Only you can answer that…So…What do you want to accomplish?  Have true faith in who you are and…Think about it, say it and then get busy!

It’s Time

Walkinturle had a surprise guest on her radio program tonight.  A fellow called in to talk with her as she covered for another host.  The programs on her station are very informative and usually cover either politics or current events.  During the second hour of the program, tonight’s surprise show took a turn for the Spiritual.  When the caller suggested she contact a Native American living in Canada, the show took a deep spiritual turn.  Our Creator works in mysteriously wonderful ways.

Walkinturtle is very spiritual anyway…in fact, she is amazing.  She was not supposed to be on the radio tonight, but when the regular host did not show up (she suspects that him being from Ireland and it was St Patrick’s Day may have had something to do with that!) she had to take over the program.  Can’t have dead air in radio!

She and her surprise guests, Hugh, talked about all of us living in a truly humane way, that we are all connected and if we would just live in harmony, help each other when one needs help, and love each other, despite our difference, how much better a place Earth would be. Walkinturtle said we need to get back to and learn the old ways.  (She has always said that, wise woman that she is!)

At the suggestion of Hugh, Walkinturtle phoned Mr Whitehorse Standing, ans he took things a bit deeper.  I can hear many a mainstream church-goer gasping right about now.  To the surprise of Walkinturtle and her listeners, who had tuned in to hear a program on political issues, Mr Whitehorse Standing spoke of all of us as Spiritual beings, energy.  Our energy is thought, word, deed…think it, speak it, do it.  Some of us have heard something similar, but not put quite this poignantly.  Mr Whitehorse Standing is an Elder…He went on to say that everything was created in Love and in complete harmony and holism…and that We were one with Creator and Creator was one with us.

He spoke of many other things before his short time was up, but he agreed to come back to speak more truth and teach more of the old ways.  It was a truly amazing hour.  And it is about time someone said these things.  It is time to return to the old ways.  Respecting one another, helping our neighbors, having a sense of community and pride.  Taking care of each other.  In fact, it is way past time!

May we realize, before it is too late, that we are all, indeed, connected, that we are one with Our Creator and that each of us deserves the respect and love of all.  That it is better to strive for and live in peace.  That we are, and can be, a blessing to ourselves, each other and this planet.  Our purpose awaits…so what are we waiting for?



What a B-E-A-UTIFUL day!

Today is just beautiful!  There is almost no clue it snowed just a couple of days ago.  BUT, what is even more amazing is what you can feel deep in our being, especially as we approach Spring!  Excitement at seeing the wondrous plant life emerge from their deep slumber…smelling the heavenly aroma of different scents that can awaken our senses…intimately interacting with the earth again…tasting the magnificent things we can grow, with Earth’s help…Truly witnessing creation before our very eyes!

Was we, ourselves, arouse from our Winter hibernation of sorts, just think of all the things to do ahead of you…It’s enough to make one positively giddy!

If you are too busy…well, you need to make time to enjoy some time out side this Spring.  Swimming, hiking, bicycling, gardening, softball, baseball, walking or simply sitting out on your porch and taking in the beauty.  And, there are multitudes of things to do, so there really is something for everyone!

Take time to smell the flowers is not just some clever saying designed to make us feel good…It is telling us to slow down and take some time to enjoy life…after all, a life spent wishing you had done so-in-so is not a life lived!

Be blessed, and remember to spread your blessings!

“Nature-al” Therapy

Is there too much stress in your life?  Hard as you try, you can’t seem to find that one thing to alleviate it?  Tried yoga, and other therapies, found them very helpful, but still have more stress than you can handle?  The answer may surprise you…get into nature.

Next weekend we turn out clocks up one hour.  for some of us, me included, this is the most dreaded weekend of the year.  It’s only one hour, but it feels like months!  Yet, when you can push past the “loss,” an amazing time is opened up to us.  We can actually get home in time to get into nature, and there are several ways to go about it!

Walking in the park or neighborhood is good exercise, helping us feel better all over, and walking after dinner can help your digestion!  There are all kinds of things and colors to see in nature.  Haven’t you noticed that even the greens are not all the same color!  And, noting that, the trees are different, too.  Different shaped leaves, different heights and overall shapes and, even the bark is different on the different trees!  Birds, butterflies, bees, moths, many with intricate patterns and colorings.  Deer, so majestic in nature.  There are other animals, too, depending on where you live.  Take a camera and enjoy the sights and sounds!

There is something so invigorating about gardening…dare I say it is even spiritual!?!  Getting your hands dirty, digging in the earth, watching as the little seedlings emerge from the turned soil.  It is exciting every year, and I know it’s going to happen!  The earth returns a blessing to us, but it is more than that.  Gardening is good exercise and you get something tangible in return…flowers and food…grown right in front of you.  Not only that, but you can grow many things that are real treat to your eyes as well as your body.  Vibrant red and yellow tomatoes in different shapes and sizes, some heirloom varieties of which have some really neat patterns.  Mixed salad greens, which have differing colors from light green to burgundy reds, not to mention the shapes of the different green leaves!  Garlic chives have a beautiful purple (some are white and some lean towards pink!) tuft on top of their long, slender stalks.  Swiss Chard, the stalks and leaves of which are an array of multicolored wonder.  Peppers…oh the peppers!  Red, green, orange, yellow, “black,” hot, mild, sweet…there is almost no end!  And that is just what you see above the ground!

There are red, yellow, russet and purple potatoes.  Red, yellow and white onions.  Carrots come in orange,  but also yellow, purple, red and even black and white!  And beets, you may ask?  There are red, yellow and white, and some beets are unbelievably patterned inside!  And that is just a FEW of the incr-“edible” things you can grow!

And this doesn’t even take into account the multitude of different grasses, trees, shrubs, flowers and herbs that can be grown.  There are so many different varieties of vegetables, fruits, flowers, green plants, grasses…plants that come in so many different colors and textures and smells and patterns, there truly is something for everyone!  There are even plants that are drought tolerant for those who are forgetful!

Sooo…if you are looking for something that will truly lift your spirits and help sooth your mind…Try communing with nature…There is something to do for everyone and benefits are unlimited!

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