Respecting Self and Others…

Respect seems sorely lacking these days…between Adults, Parents & children, spouses, children, both in families and in school, co-workers and even for our own self.  Even with the multitudes of churches, intolerance for bullying on school campuses “diversity training” in the workplace and efforts to raise self-esteem, respect has dwindled to nearly nothing.  (And I am from the South…land of hospitality!)

I can’t say what first started the decline, but it is truly annoying!  Why can’t we respect ourselves and others?  What has changed to cause the lack of respect?  And, when will we get it back?

I do not have the answers to these questions, but I would like to put forth some thoughts.

You are the face to the world of the Ultimate Self, and that position demands respect.  You are a sacred treasure, prized by Your Creator…yet, unfortunately, we lose sight of that.  We get caught up in the worldly.  We forget just WHO we are, and we act with disregard, neglect, apathy…towards ourselves, and towards others.

Respect is defined as high or special regard or to consider worthy of high regard; esteem.  And to esteem someone means we place a high value on him or her.  So…strictly speaking, if we no longer respect someone, we no longer find value in them…they are no longer special.  That goes for us, as well.

We must first regard ourselves highly before we can expect that treatment for ourselves or return the regard to others.  This is not a pep talk on how to be good to you, it is a fact.

If you have no respect for yourself, why not?  Answer the questions honestly, why DO you feel you are of little worth?  Can you change it, and if so, why wouldn’t you?  What is holding you back?  Is it lack of education?  Is it a weight issue?  Is it something you were told or how you were treated, or not treated, by someone you respected?  Would it help to know that you are not the only one with these issues?

Many people feel like they lack education and they either do not have the money or time to invest in higher education.  BUT, that doesn’t have to stop you!  There are many great books out there on many a great topic.  You can find books on nearly everything.  If books do not interest you, there are always DVD’s.  I have seen them on nearly every subject, as well.  You can take charge of that concern.

Many people have weight problems, too.  Sometimes we stress eat, sometimes we don’t eat the right things, sometimes we don’t exercise, and sometimes there are medical issues to be found and cleared up.  All of these things can be taken charge of, as well.

Many people are also treated disrespectfully by those they once held in high regard.  Whether that person is your parents, teachers, preachers, siblings, boss, whomever, you cannot give them charge of you.  By succumbing to their bad treatment, you give away your own power.  Chances are, these people have been treated badly at some point, as well, and while that is no excuse for bad behavior, we must learn to take charge of our own situation.

With respect for you, however, if you are in a position of deep depression or possible destructive behavior and you feel you can see no way out, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with seeking help…nothing.  Talk to family or friends, or seek outside help if you need it…remembering that realizing you have a problem is the first step…

We are worthy of the utmost respect; to be highly prized…we are VERY special.  As unique expressions of Creation, we are worth SO much…but then, so is everyone around us!  It’s time we started acting like the valuable, prized beings we are…Truly, until you are happy with your self, it will be hard to be happy with those around you.  See where and what you can make changes to help you feel treasured by you…then, spread the love…What happens might be surprised you!


Love the “Doing”

The first words of a truly fantastic sentence, “I love the thought…” catch us all anticipating what it is we will “love.”  It’s magical!  We can ponder all kinds of lovely things…for example, we can love the thought of…

spending time with my children.
making a special dinner for friends.
staying in for dinner with my honey.
watching the stars.
relaxing in a hot bath.
sleeping late.

Or maybe something a little different…

planting a garden in spring.
a swim in the hottest part of Summer.
making snow angels in the yard.
bicycling, walking, running or dancing…something active…
taking pictures of those trees as they turn magnificent colors in the Fall.

Or maybe something extreme…

moving to a warmer/cooler climate.
running a marathon.
bicycling cross-country.
hiking the Grand Canyon.
backpacking through Europe.
taking a trip to Fiji…

I think you get the idea.  There are literally thousands of things you could “love the thought of,” but what about actually DOING them?  Yes, these seem like simple things, but how many times do we make excuses for not taking action on our simple, lovely thoughts?  Truth be told, when we make excuses, we are wasting our lives…there is SO much we could do…but to do it, we actually have to get out there and just DO it…(Reminds me of the old Nike slogan!).

What are we seeking to do when we “love the thought” of something?  Usually, we feel bogged down, in a rut, overworked, under-appreciated…drained…depressed.  I heard a wonderful teaching by Trevor Isley that pointed out when we are depressed, we are “low in spirit.”  So, again, what are we seeking when we “love the thought” of something?  To feed our spirit!  AND, if you can find something “fun,” you can rejuvenate!

Most of the things that would feed our spirit, thereby supporting our soul, don’t cost much, if anything…And, the things that you want to do that do cost money, well…start saving for it…Plan ahead for the big things, but learn to be spontaneous for the little things!

At the very least, don’t waste any more of your life just loving the thought of something…Make your journey spectacular!  Live your life!  Make time to love DOING the things that make you truly happy!

Blessings All Around!

If, today, you feel led to pray or meditate for someone, remember, there are SO many out there who could use positive thoughts, why not pray for all?  People everywhere are in need of Divine comfort and love, why nor extend it to everyone?

Remember, too, blessing your friends is not that hard to do, but blessing your enemy…now THAT takes strength and courage!

Treat the world as you would yourself…Be kind, generous, thoughtful and compassionate…Use your Divine Energy to reach out to the whole world…And, as for you???

May your life today be filled with True love and light, and may you be blessed today, and always!

Together…or not…

In times of strife and trouble, we can either stand together,
at which point we could achieve better results more quickly,
or, we can stand alone, face our fears alone, be alone.

The situation in the world, not just one nation, country, city or town,
seems dismal, dire, and distressing…and yet we stand alone.

Those who stand alone make desperate decisions
that have a devastating impact on their lives.

Some demand that others acquiesce to their demands,
even while offering help,
As if they, or their country, is more important…

In the eyes of the Supreme Creator, we are all equal.
No one is better, or worse, than anyone else…
A hard concept to grasp, but true none the less!

While we all make different decisions, thus have different outcomes,
it doesn’t change the fact that we are all still the same in the eyes of the Divine.

Today, look upon all people as equal…
Having the very same right to life, freedom and prosperity
as everyone else…
help them to become the very best they can be.
In doing so, you also help yourself,
for how can a planet where everyone becoming their best
be a bad thing???

Playing to Win!!!

I’ve been doing a WHOLE lot of soul searching…You see, my “day job” puts me in touch with lots of people who absolutely believe that prophesy in the Bible is set in stone…cannot be changed.  With 2012 right around the corner and the seeming devastation, both economic and weather related, people seem ripe to believe we are doomed…DOOMED, they tell ya!

Well…what is the purpose of creation, if it was doomed from the very beginning?  It reminds me of the no-win scenario in Star Trek’s Kobayashi Maru.  In this instance, I will be using the philosophy of Captain Kirk…I don’t believe in no-win situations…So where does that leave us???

I am of the mind that prophesy can be changed, if people understand what is at stake and act upon it…We can change the future for the better…BUT…People need to understand a few things…As in:

We cannot hope to be a better “human race” if we continue to oppress others…and it isn’t people in other countries only oppressing their own…The sooner we reconcile what we do to others right here (and abroad), the better (From the Federal Government on down to each individual)!

We cannot hope to be a better “human race” if we cannot learn to take responsibility for our own actions and stop foisting them off on others…

We cannot hope to be a better “human race” if we cannot learn to “love our neighbor as ourselves”,  PERIOD.  That doesn’t mean you should want to “hook up with” or marry everyone you come across…That means a deep compassionate concern for the welfare of others…EVEN when they are not nice to you.

We cannot hope to be a better “human race” if we do not strive to do better in all things…Yes, ALL THINGS!

And, one more thing…We cannot hope to be a better “human race” if we continue to dwell on the negative…negativity is a drain on all of us…it breeds negativity.  We can’t absolutely ignore the negative, but we can acknowledge it and then we MUST focus on the positive if we hope to make positive changes.

Sooo00…It seems the ball is now in our court…What we choose to do with it is ultimately up to us…And, by the way…I DON’T play to lose…I planning on WINNING this!

Make Everyday a National Day of Prayer

With all the devastation going on across our nation, and the economic and political climate around the globe, it should be obvious that we need to be in meditation/prayer for the situation everyday.  Don’t let the chance to do good for everyone, which actually costs you nothing, pass you by! After all, how often do you get to help nearly 7 billion people for free!!!

Take your opportunities when you get them…driving to the grocery, waiting while you are picking your children up from school or extra-curriculars,  stirring the food you are cooking, walking the dog, walking to your car from shopping, waiting for the page you are printing to load…even while taking your shower!

We are told not to ramble on about what we are praying for, so it doesn’t have to consume your whole day…Even available minutes waiting to move to the next thing in your day can be enough to lift up mankind!  You might be amazed at what you can accomplish!

Let my personal record show…

Being involved in political research and following politics as I have for several years, studying the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and the many spiritual awakenings I have encountered over the years, some things are starting to stand out.  There is so much mudslinging, name calling and just plain disrespect going around to last us a ten life times!  Add to that that it isn’t just happening in the political arena, but in churches and even among friends and families and you quickly see that things are out of hand!

There are some things that I would like to make perfectly clear, in an effort to help others, who feel the same way, express themselves.

First, I do not “hate” anyone…Hate is useless and makes people do silly things to each other.  Long ago, one of my Sunday School teachers used to teach that hate causes more damage to the one who hates than the one who is hated.  Hate preoccupies your mind and causes the “hater” undo stress and we all know that isn’t good..It is a colossal waste of time and is, quite frankly, ridiculous. Can we not disagree without hate?

Second, my opinion is just that, mine.  You do not have to agree with it, and you certainly do not have to embrace it.  It is my birthright to freely believe what I believe.  I may not agree with your take on certain things, but that does not mean I do not respect you as the Divine child of Our Creator that you are.  It does no good to require people to believe exactly like you in order for you to be friends.  What happened to individuality, personal interpretation?  Also, if I ask for your opinion, I will certainly not hold a grudge against you for giving it to me…what kind of logic is THAT?

Third, speaking of individuality, Our Creator gave us freedom of choice.  If you choose one belief and I choose another, who is wrong?  Exactly!  No one!  All we are asked to do is love our brothers and sisters on this planet and to not murder, covet, steal, cheat, lie.  Soooo…

Forth, while we are at the “murder, covet, steal, cheat, lie” part, all of those take MANY forms…remember that as you move through your journey here.  You can “murder (technically kill)” one’s reputation, attitude, mood and self esteem.  You can steal one’s friends, spouse, “thunder” etc.  You can lie when the truth would suit the situation better.  You can also “lie” but keeping silent about something of importance.  I think we are getting the idea…Words and attitudes hurt people, sometimes by being voiced and sometimes by NOT being voiced.  Human’s only use about 10% of their brains…do you think maybe the world would be a MUCH better place if we all endeavored to use more of our brain and maybe think before we speak???

Fifth, if, after observing your situation, I tell you something I feel you need to know, it is only out of sincere respect and concern for you and your situation.  I am not trying to be better than you…That can never be, we are all different Divine expressions of humanity.  Not better or worse, just different.  At that moment, I may understand or see something that you do not…that’s all…Just trying to help…

Sixth, I try not to jump to conclusions based on one person’s words or thoughts.  If you have a problem with someone, why not go straight to them and ask about it?  What does that hurt?  Why believe the first thing you hear?  If you are family or even truly friends (“good friends” does not apply here!), then you should be able to talk it out.  No need to take things personally, as many people do.  Miscommunication and misinterpretation are running rampant and it is my personal belief that communication, clear and concise, would end a boat load of personal and family trauma!

Finally, I love ALL human beings.  I may view some of the actions of this or that person as weird or strange, or may just not understand at all, but I have no idea what they are going through, so how can I make some random interpretation of their situation?  And…I still love humankind…Love is worthwhile, creates joy, happiness, lifts our spirit, attitude, self-esteem and connects us deeper to Our Divine Creator…and I ask you, who wouldn’t want THAT!?!

It’s Time

Walkinturle had a surprise guest on her radio program tonight.  A fellow called in to talk with her as she covered for another host.  The programs on her station are very informative and usually cover either politics or current events.  During the second hour of the program, tonight’s surprise show took a turn for the Spiritual.  When the caller suggested she contact a Native American living in Canada, the show took a deep spiritual turn.  Our Creator works in mysteriously wonderful ways.

Walkinturtle is very spiritual anyway…in fact, she is amazing.  She was not supposed to be on the radio tonight, but when the regular host did not show up (she suspects that him being from Ireland and it was St Patrick’s Day may have had something to do with that!) she had to take over the program.  Can’t have dead air in radio!

She and her surprise guests, Hugh, talked about all of us living in a truly humane way, that we are all connected and if we would just live in harmony, help each other when one needs help, and love each other, despite our difference, how much better a place Earth would be. Walkinturtle said we need to get back to and learn the old ways.  (She has always said that, wise woman that she is!)

At the suggestion of Hugh, Walkinturtle phoned Mr Whitehorse Standing, ans he took things a bit deeper.  I can hear many a mainstream church-goer gasping right about now.  To the surprise of Walkinturtle and her listeners, who had tuned in to hear a program on political issues, Mr Whitehorse Standing spoke of all of us as Spiritual beings, energy.  Our energy is thought, word, deed…think it, speak it, do it.  Some of us have heard something similar, but not put quite this poignantly.  Mr Whitehorse Standing is an Elder…He went on to say that everything was created in Love and in complete harmony and holism…and that We were one with Creator and Creator was one with us.

He spoke of many other things before his short time was up, but he agreed to come back to speak more truth and teach more of the old ways.  It was a truly amazing hour.  And it is about time someone said these things.  It is time to return to the old ways.  Respecting one another, helping our neighbors, having a sense of community and pride.  Taking care of each other.  In fact, it is way past time!

May we realize, before it is too late, that we are all, indeed, connected, that we are one with Our Creator and that each of us deserves the respect and love of all.  That it is better to strive for and live in peace.  That we are, and can be, a blessing to ourselves, each other and this planet.  Our purpose awaits…so what are we waiting for?



Pray for Japan, the World

Yesterday was a fog…seeing the utter devastation in Northern Japan seemed so surreal.  Holistic Poet, Walkinturtle and I followed the devastation via the news, but also the USGS Earthquake reports.  Apparently, Japan had been “rocking and rolling” for a few days before the devastating event.  Seeing the massive damage, all I could do was send prayer and positive energy that way.

That started me to think about simply sending the positive energy out to the world.  There are things going on everywhere, maybe not as deadly or destructive, but still devastating.  Why don’t we all focus our energy worldwide, with a concentration for places and people we know need it?  It doesn’t take that much time to do, just in case time is an issue…

Be aware that “I” am not the only one in the world…Be aware that people are suffering from so many things these days…here, and abroad.  My dad always said that no matter what, “there is always someone in the world that has it worse than you.”  Sure, you can be sad for yourself, but what if instead of sulking in the sadness, we decide to start basking in thankfulness for what we DO have?

Here is an exercise; next time you are feeling sad, try to think of 3 things that you have to be happy about.  Let them fill you up.  Let that help you work through your sorrow.  After all, not everywhere just experienced the devastation that happened in Japan.  Most of us still have a place to stay out of the elements.  Most of us can look out and not see the destruction all around our cities.  Most of us still have a safe way around our area.  Most of us will not have to depend or rely on someone else as we move through the next few months of our lives.  Most of us did not just lose our family members, houses, living in an 8.9 magnitude earthquake.

Yep, I know it sounds “simple-minded,” but what does concentrating on the sadness get you?  Might as well do something positive for yourself…and the world!

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