Learning something new…

For whatever reason, I’ve been called to my computer, logged into this account and am searching for the words to say.  Usually when I am called to the computer to write, the words are pretty much already there.  One of the things I have found about blogging is that it is extremely therapeutic…and I get answers from what I write.

Before I had first-hand experience with the spiritual, I was a professional picture framer.  I loved my job and I was good at it.  When I first got started, I was self taught, and a bit young.  I would not tell someone I didn’t know how to do what they wanted me to do for them, but about 3 days before the project would be due, I would dream about how to do it, and viola!  I would be able to do the job perfectly!  This happened to me MANY times, during the first of my career.  After a while, the Great Spirit had trained my brain, while I was asleep, to just think in that way, and I never had a problem.  It was amazing, really!

Picture framing was all I knew, as I had done it for 20 years, literally my entire adult life.  My husband, who was in the music business (for an  independent label), had delved into the world of alternative media, and desperately wanted to try his hand at producing a radio program.  A producer’s spot came open with one of the shows he listened to and he took the job.  That meant leaving the comfort of our friends and family, and a job I had done all my life, and moving to an unknown town and situation…we prayed about it first, and got our sign…so we went.

The experience was humbling for me.  I had to find a new job.  The town was very small and there was a frame shop in it, but it was not busy enough to warrant hiring someone, even with the skill level I possessed.  So, I started looking elsewhere.  I applied at grocery stores, banks, even Wal-mart, but no job.  Up to then, I had never applied for a job and not been offered it…NEVER!  I was in a weird place.

One day, I was driving around looking for places, looking for that “sign,” just talking to Our Creator about my job hunt…Not complaining, mind you, just talking, and I drove past the prettiest nursery I had ever seen…and it had a HUGE sign, “NOW HIRING.”  I had ZERO experience with plants at that point…Really less than zero…sure, I had a few and sure I planted stuff in the spring, but if it died, I hadn’t a clue…if it lived, I hadn’t a clue…I drove past it thinking, “Gosh, I wish I had experience with that!  It looks like such a beautiful place!”  I am one of those people who talks to myself, too…and I talked to myself, and to Our Creator, the whole drive home, not even bothering to stop and apply, as I had NO skills.  Yet, I could not escape the thought of the place.  The “conversations” on the drive home were very enlightening!  Don’t ever let anyone tell you this is no way to accomplish something!

I pulled into my driveway…walked inside, didn’t even put my keys down, turned right back around, walked back to my car, got in it and drove back.  I applied for the job…and got it, to my amazement!  THE best job I have ever had, in my life…and a turning point, as well.  It was this job that brought me to alternative medicine.  It was this job that opened another world of “stuff” to learn and do…And, it was THIS JOB that connected me on an even deeper spiritual level with the Divine within me.

I have moved on, but I find myself looking back on that time with very fond memories and also planning a future that will include a nursery of my own some day.

The conversations I had with myself and God?  Well, those are a bit different, you see.

With myself, I talked about the opportunity of just having a job, and how it would not hurt me to at least try for it.  After all, not everyone who gets into something new knows all about it at first.  After all, that sign I had asked for could not have been any bigger!  So what would it hurt to at least apply?  All that could happen was I wouldn’t get the job.

With The Divine, it was something to the affect of, “God, now you know I am willing to try anything, but this?  Really? You do understand I have LESS THAN NO experience, right!?!”  and God answered back, “Yep, this, really.  Just do it.  I wouldn’t give you something that you couldn’t do.  I am with you always, and would steer you wrong…Just do it!”

My Spirit came alive doing that job…and that life, and Spirit, grow stronger and stronger with every passing day.  Different opportunities and different learning experiences come along, both professionally and spiritually.  I have met some of my dearest friends by taking this path…and I would not trade one minute of it for anything in this world…


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