Consolation of My Soul

Consolation of My Soul
Debbie Lewis, 1/2010

I cast out my net of dreams,
full of sorrows and holes.
The tide takes hold of my despair,
pulling it out to sea.

Farther and farther it floats
on the glistening, moon-stained water,
until it is no more.

My net, filled with the remnants of who I was,
searches for something to fill it.
Something that doesn’t mind the holes.

The moon smiles down
as the tide nips at my ankles.
The sand chases itself around my feet
and runs back out to sea.

The waves sing me a lullaby
as I drift off,
but only in my mind.

Standing on the shore,
The Moon hears my distress
and bathes me with its healing glow.

Deep within,
as deep as any ocean,
My Soul is found.

It’s not damaged by the current events,
but resting for the excitement to come.

Stretching and unwinding,
My Soul surfaces again
to the melodic beat of the waves.

As the sand races across my feet
one more time,
The Moon assures me that my sorrows are all gone.

It invites me to test the waters,
but beckons me to wait until morning,
so the Sun can watch over me.

The Moon pledges
that she and the Sun will guide me through
So my net awaits, knowing it will be whole again.


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