You are, and have always been, a blessing to me.
Even though you do not see me.
Even though you have no respect for me.
Even though I am taught to blindly follow you
and to be submissive to you…

I have, however, begun to resent feeling unimportant.
Tired of feeling trapped, suppressed, used,
considered a servant, not a partner or equal.
And now, others like me are beginning
to resent others like you.

Why do my gifts not matter?
I can see your value, why can’t you see mine?
My early kind was considered property,
No doubt, at some point, yours was too.
So when do we move past that?

When does the right of all
outweigh the right of only half…
in a world where no growth can be had,
without both parts?

Life would be so much easier if we all learned
to respect and embrace our differences, gifts, insights
and used them for the greater good…
Learning it takes all the difference to make up the whole…
What blessings could be had from that?


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