Painful Compassion

As I watch you struggle,
my heart cries out for you.
Compassion hurts sometimes,
as does love…

You are a part of me.
You mean the world to me.
I want to be here,
but the pain of your decisions
is suffocating.

So I will walk away…
but I will pray,
and just know that, if you ever need me,
I will be here for you.

It’s hard to watch someone you love struggle through any part their life.  There was a time that I would rather struggle for my entire family, and my friends, than have them struggle even once…but I realize that isn’t the way they learn.  We watch as choices are made and directions followed that benefit no one, and if we try to speak up, these people simply turn a deaf ear or a blind eye…They make excuses thinking they are moving forward…and in truth, they really are…for their decisions may prolong their joy, but they do usually find it.

This is a good time to realize that we are all connected, and yet we are all individual expressions of Creation.  We have been given free will to do and decide for ourselves in whatever way we see fits our goal.  And, yes, parents, that goes for your children…and your own parents…your spouse/partner and your friends.  All we can do is show unconditional love.

One of the hardest lessons I have had to learn in my own life, especially with my own children, is to mind my own business unless they ask.  Interference is viewed as just that, interference.  “But what about when they come crying to you because, once again, they did not learn the lesson they were supposed to?”  All we can do is let them know we love them.  Should we have to put up with their bad decisions, made over and over again?  Certainly not…but we can still offer love.  We can still feel compassion for them, even as we wonder why they are not learning their lesson.  Is it possible to maintain a safe distance without cutting them off completely?

Ask yourself, too…did you learn from every single lesson given to you?  Some lessons are more painful to watch, that is very true, but what does breaking the spirit of these people have to do with helping them?

Have we tried all avenues available to us, such as prayer and meditation, to help then with their problems, or have we given up on them?  It’s not hopeless…No one is hopeless…Stay the course of love and compassion and continue to send your positive energy their way, you never know when they will be willing to accept it!


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