Independence Day…

If you knew you could help one person by simply accepting them for who they are, would you do it?  No matter what?  If the answer to the world’s problems was to just let people be who they are, could you do that?

What is it in us that makes us want to control what others think, see and feel?  What is it in us that makes us always think we are right and others are wrong?  Why is it that we think just because someone believes something different or is different, they are a “bad person?”

Sure, there are certain moral/social rules, to be sure, don’t kill, steal, cheat, lie…and respect others.  We seem to hold the first 4 in deep regard, and tend to ignore the last one, either when it is convenient, or altogether…Why?

Today, on Independence Day, I ask you to examine your interactions with those around you.  Set them free of your ill-placed judgment.  Give them the independence to experience who they really are…And realize that independence is a gift…for all…not just for a new country declaring its freedom from an oppressive, overbearing, dictatorial king, but in a free country, it’s for everyone…


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