Arise and Shine!

“Arise, shine, for your light has come!  And the love of God has risen upon you…”  Isaiah 60:1

How appropriate, with Independence Day right around the corner, that this particular message come to me!  There is, to be sure, a lot of dogma and interpretation of Scripture around to make anyone run screaming to the hills…and yet, if we take the time to look at the messages, ourselves, there is so much there to truly free our souls!

We know, and as has been written in blog entries here, our body is a wondrous and magnificent creation, capable of healing itself…Why do we think that is?  Did it ever occur to us that it’s because of what it houses…our soul?  The very essence of Our Creator?  We tend to become complacent, however, with regards to taking care of our bodies, as well as our minds AND soul…the three most important things that support our very nature…

Some of us are lulled into believing that if we just love God well enough, God will take care of all.  Yet Our Creator gave us the ability to “heal” ourselves…and we seldom take advantage of that part of us.  We have been “reprogrammed” to believe that someone else will do it…God, or maybe a doctor, or maybe a psychologist, our pastor, or maybe someone else.  This is not to say that we may not need support from our friends and family during these times, but isn’t it about time we take responsibility for for ourselves???

So…let’s make a pact that we not wait another day to take charge of our lives…body, mind and soul!  You are already a perfect example of creation…accept that…embrace it…and begin your journey to be the best you can be and become a radiant example to others who may be waiting for someone else to “take charge!”

There is an awesome light inside you that is waiting to gleam forth…so arise and shine, knowing that you are loved and you CAN do anything you desire!


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