An Affirmation for Today…

We all possess the wisdom and faith of Our Mother,
The courage and strength of Our Father,
and the beauty and balance of both.

We are not bound by anything or anyone in our past.
Nothing in our past and nothing anyone else has experienced
can shape our experience here today.
All, now, is open to our own interpretation.

Let go of all negativity and and all notions that do not serve our purpose.

Today, we move forward with confidence,
knowing there will be challenges
and it will be up to us to react in the proper manner.

Today we realize that we have to participate,
be fully present in our lives if we want it to be

Today is ours for the taking.
Face it head on.
Take on every task knowing
that nothing can stop us.

Truly, NOTHING is out of our grasp!

Blessings as we move through our day,
with respect and gratitude, knowing we were created for this day!


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