Meditation/Prayer for the new season…

Today is the first day of Summer…the Summer Solstice…Many people in alternative medicine tout cleansing your body during every season.  What about rejuvenating our spirit and soul with every season?

So many times we simply overlook that which literally carries us from one moment to the next.  Sure, our health does that too, but we ignore that as well!  Why do we do this?  (Trust me, this message is as much for me as it is for anyone else!)  What is it in our make up that allows us to overlook the most important things about our own selves?

Today, as the season changes, this is my wish for all…

Blessed Mother/Father Divine, creator of all things living,
thank you for this wonderful life you have entrusted to me,
thank you for all my friends and family, near and far,
(since we are all connected, that includes every living thing!).

May we awaken to the Divine Wisdom you have placed within our soul.
With knew eyes to see and ears to hear, may we behold all the joy and beauty
You have bestowed upon us.

Help us to realize that by not making our own decisions,
we HAVE made a decision,
and that the consequences, both good and bad, are ours.
Guide us in the taking charge of our own lives so that we may realize
our full potential and not someone else’s.

With our new senses, please help us to see and hear those in need
and to reach out for them.
In doing so, may we not only touch their lives,
but allow them to touch ours…

May our every journey in life begin in thanksgiving for what you hope to accomplish through us.
Help us to overcome our fear and sorrow,
leading us to a better understanding of what we can accomplish,
if only we are willing to try.

Please bless those lives we are not able to reach,
guide them through their burden,
give them peace of mind.
Comfort their sorrows and lift them up in their joys.

Bless those who have given over their lives to seeking your greater good,
that they be guided on their journey, as well.

May we all learn something of value every day of our lives,
and dedicate our lives to a better world, the betterment of all humankind,
realizing that in doing so, we are actually helping ourselves…

Help us to know that we are not here alone,
that there are others who could, and would, join us,
and we CAN make a difference in this world.

May we see that every day is a blessing and that even if the days go “badly,”
there is a lesson for us in it.
Show us that by embracing the lesson, instead of ignoring it,
we grow…

Help us to realize the gift of infinite love You have given us,
and to know that, while some may act against us in ignorance,
Ignorance is not our destiny, nor should it be our crutch.

Thank you for the opportunity You have given us
to be an expression of Your love for all living things,
and help us to realize that by ignoring this opportunity,
we are ignoring our very purpose.

May we proceed on our journey with true love and compassion
for our fellow being and lift them up when we can,
fostering a sense of trust, not only in ourselves,
but for all humankind.

May Your Divine presence be with us today, and always,
and my your love, light and blessings carry us on our journey…


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