“Monday” Syndrome…

It’s the dreaded “Monday”…The first day of the work week for most…The day after a hopefully nice weekend when reality settles back upon us and we hit the grindstone once again…

There are days in our lives that, no matter how hard we try, we cannot make go right.  We’ve all lived through them.  Have you ever wondered why, then, at the end of a day like that, some of us want to curl up in a ball and die and some of us seem to fight through it and just “get it over with”?   We all get through it, alright, but some just seem to take everything in stride, even though they are frustrated, and those who want to just die don’t even realize it is just as hard on these seemingly effervescent souls.

Maybe it would help us all to watch how some of these “effervescent souls” deal with things…

First of all, do you take the blame when it is yours to take or do you blame everything and one around you?   Lack of sleep?  Not enough down time?  Kids driving you insane?  Husband/wife driving you insane?  Work driving you insane?  Actually, these are things that can be fixed…handled…dealt with…and yet some of us just do not want to deal with them, making things much harder than they need to be.

Second, do you worry about the things you cannot do anything about?  Think about that for a minute…If you can do nothing about it, then it’s truly a waste of your time to worry about it…So why in the world would you expend the energy?

Third, do you go into a Monday, or whatever bad day you are having, with the attitude that the whole day is hopeless?  Do you give that thought too much energy, which, in turn, creates your reality for you?

In what other ways do you approach your “bad days?”  Can you adjust your attitude?  Is it something you can do something about?

Now, think about this…Just how many of these so called “bad days” have you endured???  See!!!  They are NOT going to kill you…so, vow from this day forward to take a different approach when dealing with your bad days and you will get through them much more quickly AND with much less stress!!!  Might as well, cause you know they are going to happen!  😉


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. inquisitorial
    Jun 21, 2011 @ 12:26:03

    Good afternoon, On sacred soul and the crew of this blog!
    yeah, everything is not that bad! 🙂 We’re still enduring “bad days” we face. In my case, I can tell that most “bad days” are the result of my attitude or of my mood not being positively set up for a good sunny day. Such thing usually happen… and they are unpredictable and unexpected, but there is always a place for a little smile to share 🙂


    • onesacredsoul
      Jun 21, 2011 @ 17:06:13

      Absolutely! Things happen, like you said, but WE choose how to respond and how we handle it…We can choose to move through it and get the lesson out of it, or we can complain about it, making it much harder to endure…PLUS, are there decisions that we made to bring about what is going on and could we avoid it next time?

      Thanks for your great comment!


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