Being Still…

There are times when we wonder what we are doing here.  We all think that at one point or another.  For some, it comes up often.  This might be a good time to stop analyzing things so hard, just be still and meditate, pray, things that require no outside intervention, but an actual inner reflecting.

As children, adults tell us to “be still” all the time.  All we want to do is play and don’t understand why we need to “be still.”  As adults, many of us are over-worked and striving to make ends meet, get our bills paid, rear our children and just make it through life.  We don’t, or can’t, find the time to “be still,” and yet sometimes we desperately yearn to do just that.  Sometimes, we even push ourselves so hard, our bodies say, “I’ve had enough!” and force us to “be still,” as we recover from whatever illness gets us down.

We have become a society that prizes going…all the time…we MUST cram as many things as we possibly can into our day.  But, in doing so, we forget about ourselves…the need of our soul to just be still and reflect…not to DO anything but simply BE.

Meditation is beneficial on many levels, as it is a fabulous stress reducer.  You can slow your heart rate, relieve tension, steady your breath…Here is a list of 100 benefits of meditating.  If that is just too “out there” for you and what you have been taught, try a mainstream source for benefits, Psychology Today’s article.  Here is  something else on the Prayer Wheel.

For those who “would never meditate,” prayer is beneficial, as well.  An article on Newsmax cites Dr Anne McCaffrey of the Harvard Medical School with regards to prayer.

There is tons of info on the benefits of meditation and prayer.  Why not delve into some of it…Take advantage of the benefits before it is too late…Heaven knows, I need reminding!  Make some time, everyday, to just “be still” and meditate.  You can meditate, pray, or just clear your mind…but just “be still”…you might be surprised what you can learn about yourself!


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  1. meditativetraveler622
    Jun 18, 2011 @ 16:59:07

    Thank you, I was trying to decide what to post for tomorrow, and thanks to your post, I have decided not only what to post for tomorrow, but that I am going to make it a recurring theme. Sunday Meditations. Hope you check it out tomorrow, and let me know what you think.

    Have a wonderful weekend,


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  4. meditativetraveler622
    Jun 19, 2011 @ 08:40:34

    Thank you for the inspiration.


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