Body Language, How The Body Talks

*Note, Body Language should have been published first, my mistake!

In my previous blog I discussed the need for vital, and wholesome food consumption for optimal health, but there are other ways in which we can also help our body to make the most of our daily diet. Beyond food and nutrition there is the body communication.

Once again if we retrace our steps backwards to our ancestors we will find that we are very different in our physiology as well as our mental and emotional states. Our ancestors viewed life very differently from what we perceive as life today.. The goals were of a more simpler and holistically pure motivation… food and shelter. Simple survival.

Today our goals are no longer simple, survival has taken on a different meaning. We do not eat for survival anymore.. we eat for pleasure, social interaction, taste and our appetites have grown, but not out of necessity, the amount of wholesome food required for health is not excessive and is far less then what we consume on a daily basis.

Eating is much more a social interaction of status and fulfillment of the taste buds. The exception to this rule would be the always in a hurry just grab a bite swallow and run attitude toward food. When we sit down to order a meal do we first consider what it is that our body needs? Do we even know? Sadly … and i say this sincerely …no we don’t. In fact i think it is safe to say that for the majority the thought never enters the equation. We want well cooked tasty food, and we want it quick and affordable! Is it any wonder that the vast majority of people living today are chronically ill and vitamin deficient, if food is not nutritious, if it does not feed the body, then what exactly can you expect of your health.

Listening to your body talk

The body is a wonderfully constructed machine… what we see as a simple task such as picking up a newspaper actually requires millions of chemical releases within the body and brain.. these chemical interactions produce the required bodily actions..increasing and decreasing blood flow, muscle contractions,eye movement, and the translation of visual to chemical stimulus needed to complete the task… yet, did you tell your body what to do?

Did you tell it which hormones to release, how much, and for how long? Did you mentally do the math required to perform the function? Need I say more… lets face it… your body is much smarter, faster and accurate than you will ever be. It can do the math and complete the equation before you have had time to add 1+1, and if you think you are good at multi-tasking think again. The body handles millions of body functions twenty four hours a day 365 days a year, non stop… over and over without a hitch… until it runs out of nutrition.

The only way that the body functions is with specific fuel… The only way to health is through nutrition, the body can only use vitamins, minerals and proteins, and they must be organic, fresh and wholesome. If you deprive the body of the essentials then you deprive yourself of health and will surely damage and possibly kill the body that sustains you. This is a cold hard fact… if you do not eat a nutritious diet your body can not function, will not function and you will find yourself a victim of any available dis ease that comes your way.

Pain, how come it hurts when i do this?

Ever have those aches and pains that seem to constantly bother you for a day or two and then subside..get more manageable only to recur more severe over time..till evertually the pain becomes unbearable and we finally go to the doctor for the heftly clinic fee, treatment fee, x-rays and the prescription… maybe it was an infection, anemia, bronchitis or one of the many other illness’s associated with mal nutrition…yes that’s right..those fast food burgers, and trendy restaurants may have provided a pleasant social environment or a quick lunch on the go…but they did not come bearing gifts of nutritious bounty… they instead added more work for already nutritionally deprived body. How come your doctor did not tell you that?

There are many ways that the body talks to you… skin rashes, headaches, indigestion, tenderness in the mid section, muscle cramps… these are signals that something is not working right… your body is communicating not only within to the necessary nerves, cells, and hormones…but to you also. Learning to hear what your body is saying is not hard.. eating nutritious wholesome food is the only prescriptive cure.


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  1. inquisitorial
    Jun 20, 2011 @ 07:48:17

    This is a great topic for discussion! Thank you. I absolutely agree with every single idea you share here! Food is very important to who we ourselves make… not just in chemcial/biological terms, but also emotionally and psychologically. Nowadays, we do not think what we consume, we just consume… without knowing about food ingredients, nutrition and quality… it IS sad. We choose an unhealthy method of fueling up our organisms. This, sometimes, gives us some animalistic characteristic, in my opinion. Eating is not merely an instinct, it is a very way of lifestyle.
    You are very right. We do not control most of functions occurring within the body, they happen invoulntarily, we are just given some little knowledge to direct basic functions (that we are able to control consciously). The rest happens what we make our organsisms to be. That, largely includes what we consume. We’re given a little part to be involved, but we’re not even taking it for granted!


    • onesacredsoul
      Jun 20, 2011 @ 19:40:28

      I know Walkinturtle is very happy you agree with her…I am replying because she may not see the post for a bit…She is well versed in nutrition and herbalism and has some really great insight, too!


  2. walkinturtle
    Jun 20, 2011 @ 20:29:54

    ah thank you Irina… and to my dear one sacred soul…thank you for your intuitive nature of my tardiness in following up on my posts. it is indeed difficult to manage all the tasks i set for myself and it is wonderful to know that you are there for me!
    Irina thank you for your comment and i am glad to hear that you too understand the importance of our bodies nutritional needs in order to achieve true health. Now more than ever we need to return to the wisdom and knowledge that has proven itself since the beginnings of our ancestors. The answer to health does not exist within the realm of pharmaceuticals or invasive toxic therapies…one does not have to debilitate the body in order to heal..instead one needs only the simple tools that nature provides…food in its wholesome and natural form. To some this seems too easy of a fix… and too much of a sacrifice 🙂


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