My Prayer for today…and everyday…

We are asked to be in continuous prayer and I am so very glad we are.  BUT, even then, how do we pray for everyone in need, even when we don’t know they are “in need”?  Sooo…here is my prayer for today:

Blessed Mother-Father Creator of my life, the world we live on and all things living,
Thank You for Your Presence in my life.  I am transformed because of it.
Today, as every day, there are those who are in need of your Divine intervention.
Some I am acquainted with and know about, some I don’t.
Please help all those seeking Your intercession, today, for whatever reason.
Thank You for the Divine Spark which You have placed deep within us all.
Until we awaken to, and learn to use, that Eternal Help,
Thank You for Your guidance and strength in our time of need.
Blessed be to all living beings on this planet…
Let Your Will be done…


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