What is Love…

I am one of the fortunate ones who’s parents are truly a “match made in heaven.”  Growing up, I don’t think I saw my parents fight one time.  I remember maybe once, my mother did get a little irritated with my dad, but that was it.  My dad literally adores my mother and my mother loves my dad with every fiber of her being.  My mom and dad are truly the perfect couple!  They enjoy spending time together, they have very similar interests and they are very supportive of the other in all that they do.  From that relationship and what my dad taught us in Sunday School, I have learn a lot about what love is…and what it isn’t.

First of all, love is patient. kind, never boastful, doesn’t envy…Yep, nearly straight from the Bible!  Doesn’t make it any less true.  Sometimes, one takes a while to mature and have patience, though, I have learned…but it is a good guideline!  As for kindness, there is no leeway…just kindness…no need to be ugly or angry or rude…just kind!  Love doesn’t have to be boastful.  When you love, truly, people know it without question.  And…if you envy, is that love?  Of course not!

Lets just look at it this way…If some one loves you, they will not do things to harm you, they will not ask, or expect, you to do things against your nature, will or ways, they will not take advantage of you in any way and they will not treat you with disrespect.  They will not ask you to change and they will not intentionally do anything that will harm you in any way…period!

I had a long drawn-out conversation with a Christian friend of mine about Our Creator and love…I argued the point that Our Creator was the epitome of Love.  Our Creator was not an angry, wrathful, jealous God.  He argued that God was indeed wrathful and jealous and would smite you for being a sinner quickly.   He was certain there was no where in the bible that described love as I saw it…Well, there actually IS!  I Corinthians 13!

By now, I am sure you are asking yourself, “What the heck does this chick believe and is she crazy?  The bible says all over it that God is wrathful and jealous!”  Let me just put it right out there for you…I believe the bible has many good lessons in it…but I do not believe the bible is the ONLY book with such lessons and I surely do NOT believe Our Creator gave us the Ten Commandments and then described himself as an angry, wrathful, jealous God!

Well…as a parent, as is Our Creator, I cannot believe that we were created with free will, but considered by the very Creator that gave us free will “sinners” for “choosing wrong.”   I gave my children some free will, and while they might make a decision that I might make quite a bit differently, if I let them choose, how can I consider them horrible for choosing differently than me?  Is that to say they haven’t made mistakes in their choices?  Sure, but then so have I!  I’m not perfect…except in the eyes of Our Creator…

As for sin, I do not believe we are born sinners.  People have said all my life that we were born of original sin…Really?  Wasn’t it part of the Creation Story that we should go forth and multiply?  Hardly a sin to procreate!!!  While we are at it, if you want to consider wrong decisions a “sin,” then maybe at some point we become sinners, but I don’t by that.  I believe we have simply made mistakes…and Our Creator still loves us…and, generally speaking, we can learn from our mistakes and if we get another chance, we can make a better decision.  From where I come, that is called getting an education, though, not sinning!

Getting back to love…The Bible tells us that love covers all, believes all, and endures all…that love never fails…It also tells us that love is the greatest thing there is…Jesus taught that if we love our neighbor as our self and we love God with all our heart, all the other Commandments will fall right into place.

Soooo…have we, as a people, lost sight of what love truly is?  There is so much ill will and poor treatment towards others that we HAVE to believe we actually HAVE lost sight of not only WHAT love is but Who we really are!

Let’s just set the record straight right now…We have been created by the greatest force that, even in our wildest dreams, we cannot imagine.  And a part of that Divinity dwells inside of each and every one of us.  So, now, who are we?  We are the children of Our Blessed Creator and so we ARE love…and, by extension, if we are to try to follow Our Creator’s example, we will love unconditionally…


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  1. RoughWaterJohn
    Apr 08, 2011 @ 20:51:49

    This is without a doubt, one of my all time favorite posts I’ve discovered on a blog…. any blog. Thank you for your wonderful words and thoughts. I’m going to be reading and rereading this one for awhile.

    You said “I argued the point that Our Creator was the epitome of Love. Our Creator was not an angry, wrathful, jealous God. ”

    Exactly. Really… Exactly. Look at what has been given, look at the love in your heart, see the freedom you have been given, freedom to believe, or not, that is your choice. The men who ‘wrote’ the bible may have shown him to be an angry or wrathful God, but that was people writing what they felt God was or should be. Forgetting the words, see what wonder, joy and beauty have been given us, to do with or ignore as we please.

    I am thankful for every breath I take, and ask for nothing more.

    Thank you my friend, for your words. My parents were madly in love with each other also, and that loved flowed into all of their children. I am who I am, because of who they were.


  2. onesacredsoul
    Apr 08, 2011 @ 22:26:58

    Thanks so much! I am who I am because of my parents, as well, but also because of the unending love I feel from Our Creator…Personally, I find it awful that there are those who preach or say that the Creator who gives us life and such beauty all around us could be wrathful and jealous…I questioned it, even being taught that for such a long time, but since I have matured, left the main stream church and explored other teachings, there really is no basis for that kind belief! Thanks, again!


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