Your Life Begins Anew…NOW!

Are you tired?  Depressed? Feeling poorly?  Mentally unclear?  Generally dissatisfied with what is going on in your life?  Let’s take an opportunity to do a little “Soul Searching,” shall we?

There are many things going on in today’s society.  There are many things that society expects us to accept.  There are many things that friends, parents, teachers, government, religions and others expect us to accept.  One thing is clear, though.  If you pay attention to your own self, you will KNOW what does not serve you.  You will KNOW what does not jive with your own spirit…and you will KNOW what does.  That being said, sometimes we DO know what is affecting us, yet we are afraid to rid ourselves of the familiar.

What does our “true self” tell us?  The first step is to take in all you really KNOW about your situation.  Next, decide what you can and cannot “live without.”  Then start “cleaning house.”  This is an ongoing process.  Things are already there, but things always “come up.”  Is someone in your life holding you back or down?  Why?  Is their “opinion” more important than your own…about you?  Is something holding you back?  Emotions, perhaps?  Are you scared of making mistakes?  Scared of being alone?

Most of us are happy with the status quo because, even though we don’t like it, we are comfortable there.  So, while we gripe about it, we are not willing to change it and experience something better…the unknown.  BUT, by accepting the status quo, we also do not grow, personally or spiritually.

It comes down to this…It’s all about choices.  The answer lies in the question, “What am I willing to accept?”  Are you willing to accept the status quo?  Are you ok with the feeling that something in your life is not as it should be?  Are you happy in your sadness, your misery?  Do you like not feeling well?  OR…do you sense there is something more out there?  Something that WOULD make you happy…IN this life?  Are you willing to reach for it?

Let’s try a neat experiment…getting “in tune” with our true selves!  Spiritually, what is expected of us?  That one is very simple…To love and show love.  Pretty easy!  By actually showing love for ourselves,  and each other, instead of searching out something to dislike, we can transform ourselves!  It doesn’t really matter what someone else thinks of you.  The only true thought is what you think of yourself!  The world is full of people who have embraced something false…and those people will try to put you down for their own gain.  You cannot let them hinder who your really are.  You cannot let them dictate to you who you can become.  You cannot “give them charge” of you life.  And it is NEVER to late for you to take charge of your own life…NEVER to late!

So…starting today, who do you want to be in YOUR life?  What do you want to do?  Starting today, be the best you YOU can be…The choices are all up to…YOU!


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  1. livingitlight
    Apr 01, 2011 @ 10:22:44

    Thank you! Just the right word at the right time.


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