Nearer the One

As I open my eyes,
once again,
I see all the possibilities
that lay before me,
and realize,
they have been there all along.

The glare of what I thought was blinding me
fades ever so slowly,
and the scales drop from my eyes.

There it is!
That’s what I have been searching for!
Why didn’t I recognize it before?
Was I afraid?
Did I not think it was possible?
What was I thinking…or was I thinking at all?

Maybe, before,
they were never really my own thoughts.
Maybe I was clinging to the familiar,
even though it didn’t serve me,
even though it suppressed me.

It is now my time,
as old thoughts are tossed aside,
and I make my way, for the first time,
through the muck and the mire
that has accumulated,
My goal lies clearly ahead…

I can sense it,
I know what I am to do.
Putting my faith in the only One
That has ever made me whole,
I move forward,
to my Destiny…


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