Let’s “Plug In”

It has been my experience from all the research I have done and all the “playing around” that our human bodies are most definitely electric.  I can sense energy surge and rescind.  I can feel the energy in an electrical storm…and during sessions where more than one of us is using Reiki, the power is unbelievable and my body craves it.

Many would tell us that we are “possessed” or evil or satanic for believing in such energy.  It’s not possible.  Many also believe what Jesus did in the Bible was a form of energy medicine, and yet when you talk about it in the main stream, people look at you like you are wacky…Yet, Jesus said of all the miracles and things he did that we would be able to do that and more, if only we believed.

I spent much of my younger life in church, as most from the Bible Belt do.  I learned a lot, including that if the church doesn’t understand something, they suppress it or call it evil…of the devil…

The bible also tells us that we are all brothers and sisters and that, in the end, we will be one people.  We know the Universe is alive and it, also, is electric.  What is static electricity?  Just one example, I know, but what about the “radiation” from the sun?  What about the moon’s effect on the tides?  There is power in our Universe.

The Field, by Lynn McTaggart, tells use there is an energy field all around us.  In fact, scientists still have no true idea where our memories are kept.  Also, another thing that we know works is prayer, a positively charge series of thoughts sent out into the universe to “find” and help the one we are praying for.  You also know that you do not have to even be in the same place as the person you are sending the positive energy.  Those of us who practice positive thought, or prayer, know the power of it.  BUT…what is the current it follows?  It would have to be the “Field” around us…The Universe!

So, how do we “use it?”  My suggestion is for us to simply quit denying what many of “feel” and just plug in!  As a very wise Native American man said…think it, say it, do it…It’s basically the same thing as what is in “The Secret.”  Just remember, you do get back what you sow…so…do what you do in peace, harmony and love…Just think what we could accomplish if all of us came together for the better of all mankind in peace, harmony and love!

Only you can answer that…So…What do you want to accomplish?  Have true faith in who you are and…Think about it, say it and then get busy!


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