What a B-E-A-UTIFUL day!

Today is just beautiful!  There is almost no clue it snowed just a couple of days ago.  BUT, what is even more amazing is what you can feel deep in our being, especially as we approach Spring!  Excitement at seeing the wondrous plant life emerge from their deep slumber…smelling the heavenly aroma of different scents that can awaken our senses…intimately interacting with the earth again…tasting the magnificent things we can grow, with Earth’s help…Truly witnessing creation before our very eyes!

Was we, ourselves, arouse from our Winter hibernation of sorts, just think of all the things to do ahead of you…It’s enough to make one positively giddy!

If you are too busy…well, you need to make time to enjoy some time out side this Spring.  Swimming, hiking, bicycling, gardening, softball, baseball, walking or simply sitting out on your porch and taking in the beauty.  And, there are multitudes of things to do, so there really is something for everyone!

Take time to smell the flowers is not just some clever saying designed to make us feel good…It is telling us to slow down and take some time to enjoy life…after all, a life spent wishing you had done so-in-so is not a life lived!

Be blessed, and remember to spread your blessings!


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