Blessings in small packages…

It’s snowing again, here in the Midwest…after a few days of pleasant weather, it is snowing again.  I thought I had  just about had it with the snow…don’t get me wrong, it is beautiful and peaceful, but…

It turns out that because of the snow, I will be able to catch up on some work that I have needed to get done, but couldn’t find the time.  “How does snow do that for you?”, you might ask.  I don’t have run errands, so I can “concentrate on the task at hand.”

SO…the next time something comes up that seems to be an annoyance, try finding the blessing in it!  Oh, and, don’t forget to send you positive thoughts, prayers and energy to Japan and her people!  They are going to need all they can get!

May YOUR day be filled with many unexpected blessings!


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