Spring, just around the corner…


For many of us, especially those in the Midwest and the Northern parts of the country, Spring will be MORE than welcomed.  While the snow is quite beautiful, we would like to see the life come forth from the earth.

Spring is looked at as a time to do a little cleaning…It is just as important to clean our body’s as it is to clean our homes…after all, the body is the temple of the soul!  For those who have never done any internal cleansing at all, I have read that a colon cleanse should be done first…many folks into alternative health say disease starts in an unhealthy colon!

There are several on the market.  A good colon cleanser will contain psyllium, as psyllium is a good soluble fiber that helps to cleanse the colon walls, among other things.  I am sure, by now, we have all heard the story of John Wayne’s colon!  Should someone be in need of a great source for body cleanses, you should check out the book Cleansing or Surgery by Paul and Rachel Revere (yes…Paul and Rachel Revere!) at their website.  One thing you MUST remember is that if you are taking a lot of fiber, you must drink a lot of extra water!

I have done the Kidney and Gallbladder cleanses and can tell you they are amazing…the Gallbladder Cleanse really did save me from surgery!  Someday, I will tell that story, as it is much more spiritual than anything else!!!

The book is very small, but packed with information.  It includes several other cleanses, as well, including the Lemonade diet, which is a master cleanse, and a urinary tract cleanse.  There are also testimonials on the website.  As with all alternative therapies, if you are taking any medications or have any existing medical conditions, be sure to talk with your doctor before pursuing the treatment.  I also encourage everyone to do your own research…don’t just “go with” someone else’s advice unless you know and trust them.

Just a little tip as we sneak up on Spring…Enjoy the beautiful season to come!


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By suggesting reading and alternative therapies, we are not attempting to diagnose or treat any illness. Our suggestions are merely that, based on personal experience and research and should, in no way, be a substitute for medical advice.
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