Who You Are

May the will of our Divine Creator within shine without, to light your path, to guide you in all you do.

Release all falsehoods held and taught by man.  Listen to the guidance of our Creator, placed deep in your own being.  Be still and know that guidance is there.

Do not hasten to answer wrongly.  Be patient.

Always revere life, all life.

Always be thankful for everything, for there is a lesson in everything.

Show love to all living beings…everything that is alive.

Do right by all…Honor the lifeforce of all.  Respect all.

Don’t harbor regrets, just make different choices next time.

Realize that you are a child of our Divine Creator, and as such, you are an “ambassador” to this world.  Act like it!
Always represent our Creator with
Honor and Respect
Love and Patience
Gratitude and Thanksgiving
Dignity and Peace

Realize that some of your brothers and sisters have not yet awakened to their own reality, so be kind.  Be that “Ambassador…”

And always remember…
Our Creator loves you with a love that is never-failing, non-compromising, non-limited.  A love that is totally unconditional.  Remember to show this love to all who cross your path, and all who don’t.

Be at peace knowing who you REALLY are!

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